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Saturday, November 19, 2022

And that is a wrap, folks! :o)

Having just completed my conference presentation via remote (Zoom), I feel that I have said and done it all, especially in the last 10 years. 5 books: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-dbs/entity/author/B00GFZHJD0?_encoding=UTF8&node=283155&offset=0&pageSize=12&searchAlias=stripbooks&sort=author-sidecar-rank&page=1&langFilter=default#formatSelectorHeader; several documentaries (DVD/BLU RAY/STREAMING/TV); many conference appearances + Skype and radio shows (podcasts/You Tube). Even the presentation today, although well received (I feel I did very well), was basically the same as the last few years (my 2019 presentation will always be my very best):


My You Tube channel is thriving with over 1200 videos (although the well is dry there- I have uploaded and borrowed all I can): 


My Tik Tok channel is also thriving with close to 1000 videos:


I will always be interested but I have done all I can do, short of repeating myself over and over again LOL. 

I have a chapter in this just-released book:

For the 60th anniversary, a documentary I took part in filming during 2018-2019 will see the light of day: Dr. David Mantik's daughter Meredith's INVISIBLE WITNESS-

Also coming out is this somewhat high-profile lone nut drivel sure to mention me (he contacted me several times and the introductory blurb sounds like he takes exception to my general findings):

"The so-called “crime of the century”—the assassination of President John F. Kennedy—was almost preordained to happen. Like all presidents from decades before him, JFK played it loose with security—open cars, Secret Service agents at a distance, and a desire to be seen. Yet conspiracy buffs are certain the security setup on November 22, 1963 was unusual and suspicious. It wasn’t."


And we have yet ANOTHER book my Clint Hill:

Nevertheless, "they" won- history's verdict won't change and time is marching on. I suppose we should be "lucky" that we got an "alleged in there:

So many of the agents and sundry other people I have interviewed have passed away. 2023 WILL be 60 years later, after all.

The thought of repeating myself over and over again on the "chicken and peas" circuit bores me to tears, as does the notion of doing the same ole same ole on podcasts and the like.

All my online materials will, of course, remain active, as will my five books (the fifth and first ones still sell pretty well every week; even the second does fairly well. The third and fourth not so much). A COUP IN CAMELOT is available on DVD/BLU RAY and Amazon streaming/Prime TV, not to mention the above-mentioned INVISIBLE WITNESS will likely be available in similar formats. THE MEN WHO KILLED KENNEDY, huge ratings hit and big seller on VHS and DVD when it aired four times in 2003, has been shown on NEWSMAX TV several times in 2019 and 2020 (perhaps beyond) and can also be seen on You Tube (I am on part seven). My 2021 appearance on the UK documentary THE ASSASSINATION OF JFK was recently shown in the UK and (2022) in Australia:

But after years/decades of searching and researching, the well is dry: the JFK Library, Ebay, and other (online) sites have yielded all they have. Time has not been a friend to principal witnesses in this case. And, as awesome as the Oliver Stone 2 and 4 hour documentary JFK: THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS and JFK: DESTINY BETRAYED are, that is probably it for mainstream documentaries. Stones 1991 classic JFK will always be the best Kennedy assassination movie (warts and all) and Stone's 2021/2022 documentaries will always be the best overall documentaries (warts and all).

Many of the files have been released, although we are waiting for a final (?) batch of thousands more, yet I doubt anything of major importance will be written down in these records.

In short, the well is dry- I have done all I can do. I have said and done it all.


Vince Palamara


milkmancfd said...

Thank you!

Unknown said...

HI vince- thank you for all of your work. I saw a youtube from you about how clint hill "fibbed" about the secret service agents being called off the car---and supposedly the other agents called him out on it ---but yet the video of the agent looking very flustered and confused as the motorcade started at love field because he was motioned away from the limo proves it.

I was confused about that. I have always heard that they were told to not ride close or on the limo---so is that true? Thanks again!!

Vince Palamara said...

PRESIDENT KENNEDY never told them that; THAT is the point. Floyd Boring and his deputy, Emory Roberts, are the ones who specifically conveyed this order- KENNEDY never said this! Behn, Boring (!!), Blaine, Godfrey and a host of others told me this. The point is that security was stripped away at the worst possible time and was blamed on the deceased President (who never said this) after the fact.

Phil Edwards said...

Vince.....tremendous though it is, your work is far from finished. I suggest you look much closer at Greer and Kellerman. According to William Manchester's "Death of a President", both of these men were late replacements. There are many anomalies in their post-assassination statements. The Zapruder film - altered or not - shows how suspicious their behaviour was.

Unknown said...

LOVE IT---thank you so much for the great you tube videos and other information you post. I have subscribed, do a thumbs up and try to comment.

What is the verdict on James files? I have heard both---"he is very credible" and "he is a liar".

What about Roscoe white? I know there are those who believe him and those who don't trust him (Ricky).

Its interesting how the Paynes (or Paines) sp? are suspicious- and how everyone lived within eyesight of Oswald. In a city the size of Dallas even in 1963 that is more than coincidence. I was only about 8-9 when we went through Dallas in 1967 and I was amazed at how big it was. so how is it that all these people were literally neighbors?

I think that is what the big secret is---that oswald was involved w FBI/CIA, that the secret service was complicit, that LBJ was complicit and the people like the paines and others were complicit.

Clay shaw is another---its sad we will probably never know who the gunmen were---but it would be at least nice to have the remaining records. the govt has outdone themselves on this one.

Thanks again for the excellent work you do.