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Sunday, February 28, 2021

1991-2021 (and beyond)

1991-2021 (and beyond)

6/29/91 Fredonia, NY Third Decade conference (first article/first conference/ first presentation/first video/mentioned in Anthony Frewin's 1993 book):

(general conference news article; 7/3/91 Jamestown Post-Journal article about my research; local Buffalo NY news affiliate filmed a little of my presentation!)

[11/22/91- film Jerrol Custer with Harry Livingstone and Tom Wilson for High Treason 2]

1991-1999ish/2002: print journals


[February 1992- interview with Steve Barber in Shelby, Ohio with Harry Livingstone for Killing The Truth]

(also February 1992: High Treason 2 came out-the first JFK assassination book to mention me!)

3/21/92 Louisville, KY American Popular Culture Conference (George Michael Evica also presented). Good for the time but recorded far away with one stationary camera.


June 1993 Fredonia, NY second Third Decade conference- my paper included but I was not present

Fall 1993 City Paper


10/21/95 Washington, D.C. COPA conference:


July 1996 Fredonia, NY [third] Fourth Decade conference- my paper included but I was not present

10/19/96 Washington, D.C. COPA conference:


11/22/97 Dallas, TX JFK Lancer conference- good for the time but sporadic technical difficulties

[filmed Aubrey Rike, Beverly Oliver and Sherri Angel]


January 1998 Post-Gazette article and photo (online ever since)

(February 1998: obtained the internet for home usage after using it sporadically elsewhere 1996-1997)

(March 1998: filmed Jerrol Custer with William Law for Law's book In The Eye of History)


November 2003: The Men Who Killed Kennedy (VHS/DVD)-aired 4 times to huge ratings and DVD sales. Big on You Tube, as well. Aired 2019-2020 on NEWSMAX TV. Included in my 2007 and 2010 presentations


3/22/07 Slippery Rock University presentation (also a DVDr). Shown on BPTV in 2007. On You Tube, as well.


11/8/2010 C-SPAN with Gerald Blaine and Clint Hill (also a DVD). Aired 2010-2011; also on You Tube:

11/9/2010 BPTV presentation (also a DVDr). Aired November 2010-February 2011. Also on You Tube:


May 2012 mention during Clint Hill's C-SPAN appearance (also a DVD). Also on You Tube. Aired 2012-2013.



WLOS-TV Ashevile, NC via Skype 11/18/63 re: Greer [etc.]

JFK: The Final Hours DVD (program credits)



11/20/14 Skype (audio) presentation for Judyth Baker’s conference:

 “The Failures of the Secret Service”

Via pre-recorded Skype [they only aired the last 15 minutes; also shown via live stream]



Australia conference via pre-recorded Skype/ You Tube 11/21-11/22/15



3/22/16 1-hour Skype (audio/video) interview with Brent Holland-posted to You Tube 3/27/16:

DALLAS CONFERENCE presentation 11/20/16

12/6/16 1-hour Skype (audio/video) interview (including Jerry Dealey) with Brent Holland-posted to You Tube (posted 12/12/16):

The Man Behind The Suit (DVD; also on You Tube)- program credits

A Coup in Camelot (DVD/Blu Ray; also on Amazon Prime)



CANTERBURY UK CONFERENCE via phone + Power Point 4/29/17



JFK documentary that will include Dr. Cyril Wecht, Josiah Thompson, Doug Horne, Dr. David Mantik, etc. (FILMED 6/16/18 + 5/19/19) 

11/21-11/24/19 JFK assassination conference (best presentation to date):



Presentation at Trine Day conference 11/21/20 via ZOOM (later, DVD and You Tube):



Filming for Channel 5 UK documentary (Astronaut Films LTD [Ian Hunt, Will Francombe, Lucy Wallace, Chenon Finleyson-Pugh]) 1/18/2021 (Cambria Hotel, Pittsburgh, PA) [Dr. Cyril Wecht was filmed earlier in the day]

Friday, January 1, 2021


Honest Answers about the Murder of President John F. Kennedy: A New Look at the JFK Assassination Paperback – March 19, 2021

Thousands of books and articles have been written about the murder of JFK, many of which are large in volume and short on facts. Quite often, these works try to reinvent the wheel, attempting to cover every single area of the assassination, as well as many tangential and unessential points, as well. The reader is often left exhausted and confused. The sheer volume of pages, conflicting facts, and theories leaves one unsatisfied and, quite frankly, not sure exactly what did happen on 11/22/63. This book seeks to separate the wheat from the chaff. It is 55-plus years later: it is time for real, honest answers in an easy-to-read and understand format. Proof of a conspiracy; no theories; to-the-point; a perspective on the assassination for the millennial age and beyond. Based on years—decades—of primary source research and having read countless books on the subject.

"I am impressed with your research, accuracy, and willingness to 'tell it like it is.'"
Robert DeProspero, Secret Service agent 1965-1986 and head of President Reagan's Detail late 1981-early 1985; subject of the DVD The Man Behind The Suit

"I continue to be impressed with your research." -
 Lynn MeredithSecret Service agent assigned to JFK's children

You are, unquestionably, the main authority on the Secret Service with regard to the assassination." -Vincent Bugliosibest-selling author of Helter Skelter and numerous other books

"Vince Palamara is a Secret Service expert."
The History Channel (2003) and Newsmax TV (2019)

"No one has studied the actions of the Secret Service and the assassination more than Vince Palamara." Actor Peter Coyote in the DVD/Blu Ray A Coup In Camelot

"Your ground breaking and persistent work has made you the foremost authority on the role of the Secret Service during that day in November. Your work is meticulous and accurate. You are mentioned several times in my last book on the assassination called Last Word." -
Mark Lane, best-selling author of Rush to Judgment and several other books
"Vince Palamara is the foremost authority on the Secret Service in the 60s. He is a personal friend of mine and a very good researcher."-Abraham Bolden, former JFK era Secret Service agent
"Vincent Palamara conducted extensive interviews with former Secret Service personnel."-Final Report of the Assassination Records Review Board (1998), pages xvii & 138, presented to President Clinton

"You know a heck of a lot about the Secret Service, maybe even more than I!"- JFK Secret Service agent Joseph Paolella

A tremendous benefit for those with a short attention span in the soundbite/social media/meme society we live in today(especially for millennials but geared for all ages). Actual proof of conspiracy in the death of President Kennedy! Proof of a conspiracy; no theories; to-the-point; a perspective on the assassination for the millennial age and beyond. Based on years--decades--of primary source research and having read countless books on the subject. An essential guide through generations of mind-numbing information to get to the heart of the matter: honest answers and a frank appraisal of the state of the case.

Favorable comments about Palamara's work in both the October 2014 issue of Vanity Fair and in the 8/28/2000 edition of Publisher's Weekly

From the Author

1.Hard evidence of conspiracy in the death of JFK-not just theories.

2.Easy to read and to the point- not filled with hundreds of pages of padding and extraneous materials.

3.Summarizes and updates everyone on the state of the case in the 21rst century with the benefit of hindsight and years of primary research.

From the Inside Flap

An all-in-one work that encompasses the case for conspiracy without missing anything of importance and offering no distractions. A straight-to-the-point work that grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go. A book that has the tremendous benefit of both decades of hindsight as well as the countless document releases courtesy of the ARRB, not to mention much primary research by the author.

From the Back Cover

I have interviewed and corresponded with the vast majority of President Kennedy's Secret Service agents (including Clint Hill and Gerald Blaine...and long before their books came out), as well as quite a few Parkland Hospital doctors and nurses, Bethesda Naval Hospital personnel, motorcade occupants, White House aides, and prominent authors/researchers on the case. 

About the Author

Vince Palamara is the leading civilian Secret Service authority and the author of the books Survivor's Guilt: The Secret Service & The Failure to Protect President Kennedy (2013), JFK: From Parkland to Bethesda- The Ultimate Kennedy Assassination Compendium (2015), The Not So Secret Service- Agency Tales from FDR to the Kennedy Assassination to the Reagan Era (2017), and Who's Who in the Secret Service: History's Most Renowned Agents (2018). He has appeared on the History Channel, C-SPAN, and numerous newspapers and journals.