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Friday, February 28, 2014

R.I.P. Secret Service Agent John D. "Jack" Ready

Secret Service Agent John D. "Jack" Ready passed away Monday 2/24/14. Ready rode on the follow-up car on 11/22/63 and was one of the 9 agents who drank the night before. Ready went on to guard the Watergate tapes and Henry Kissinger (I kid you not)- from my blog:

(born 8/12/27; assigned to Secret Service Spring 1961: assigned to WHD, with temporary assignments at Hyannis port and Palm Beach; WHD: 1961-1968; 1968-1978: San Diego office, V.P. Agnew Detail, Dr. Kissinger Detail, Watergate & White House tapes; 1978, ASAIC, Nixon Protective Division) interviewed by HSCA [3/1/78]; contacted by author of “Mortal Error” 1992: refused to discuss matter; p. 226 of Darwin Horn’s book).

I spoke to Ready in June 2005- see my book. From what I gathered, he was guilt ridden and greatly disturbed by the movie "In The Line of Fire", wherein the Altgens photo depicting Ready was superimposed with a photo of actor Clint Eastwood. The backdrop of this movie- Eastwood's (Horrigan's) guilt over 11/22/63- bothered Ready to no end. He was one of a few agents who did NOT participate in Blaine's propaganda.

Jack entered on duty with the U. S. Secret Service at the Richmond, VA Field Office on October 31, 1960.  He was reassigned to the White House Detail on May 7, 1961 where he served in a variety of positions until transfer to the Vice Presidential Protective Division on January 21, 1969.  After promotion to ATSAIC on the VPPD, he was reassigned to the Protective Support Division where helped plan and execute the classified trips of Dr. Henry Kissinger to the People’s Republic of China resulting in the establishment of relations with the United States in 1972.  Jack was later reassigned to Liaison Division as the ASAIC in 1975, the Nixon Protective Division in 1977, the Office of Protective Operations in 1979 and Forgery Division in 1980 where he retired on October 31, 1981.

Prior to his career in the Secret Service, Jack served in the U. S. Navy at the end of World War II and also saw service on board the USS Macon during the Korean War.  He was employed by the U. S. Post Office while completing his Bachelor Degree.

Jack was preceded in death by his wife, Paula last April 2013 and is survived by his daughter, Jane Louise Ready.

R.I.P. Secret Service Agent Frank Hancock

Frank McRay Hancock "Big Daddy" PINEVILLE - Frank McRay Hancock, 79, of Pineville and formerly of Clayton, passed away peacefully in his sleep on Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014. He was born in Portsmouth, Va. on Oct. 3, 1934. He is preceded in death by his parents, Ernest Vernon Hancock and Carolyn Booth Hancock; and his brother, Vernon Hancock. He is survived by his wife, Hanne Mortensen Hancock, their four children, and 11 grandchildren: Yane Wentzky and husband Rick (Tasha, Erik, Hanne and Tori); Kelly Hancock (Caroline and Thomas); Helen Lazarus and husband Mark (Christina, Jordan and Jacob); and Yohanne Granelli and husband Chris (McRay and Becket). Frank grew up on the family farm in Scotland Neck, NC. He graduated from East Carolina Teachers College in 1958. Frank spent 27 years as a Special Agent in the United States Secret Service, travelling extensively around the world with U.S. Presidents, Vice Presidents, and foreign dignitaries and meeting people from all walks of life. Frank was a member of the Association of Former Agents, U.S. Secret Service and a die-hard ECU Pirates fan. An expert marksman, he enjoyed collecting guns, shooting, and reloading ammunition. An intellectual and gifted conversationalist, Frank loved to share his life's stories, passions, and worldviews. "Big Daddy" was a gentle soul with a vivacious sense of humor. Always a charmer with the ladies, he quietly enjoyed being doted upon and fussed over. He loved a "stiff, two-finger" drink, history, and airplanes. Big Daddy was admired and loved deeply by his family and he will be greatly missed. The family wishes to thank the warm and loving members and staff of The Ivey's Memory Wellness Day Center. Frank looked forward to every visit and enjoyed spending time with all of you. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that memorial donations be made to The Ivey, a memory day care center, 6030 Park South Drive, Charlotte, NC 28210. Condolences may be made at A private memorial for family was held on Saturday. --------

Frank Hancock was a member of the Washington Field Office when he helped guard President Kennedy’s limousine right after the Kennedy assassination 11/22/63 along with two future Special Agent In Charges of the White House Detail!:
DICK KEISER (9:00 P.M. TO 12 MID) [Later, became SAIC of WHD, Nixon- Carter];
DON BRETT (9:00 P.M. TO 12 MID);
GILBERT J. PARASCHOS (11/23: 12:01 A.M. TO 8:00 A.M.);
MARTIN J. KENNEDY (11/23: 12:01 A.M. TO 8:00 A.M.);
FRANK HANCOCK (11/23: 8:00 A.M. TO 12 NOON);CLAUDE E. DAVIS, JR (11/23: 8:00 A.M. TO 5:00 P.M.) [originally from
Charlotte, N.C. office; temporarily assigned to Dallas office 12/23/63
tp 2/2/64 (41 days)];
VICTOR J. GONZALEZ (11/23: 12:00 P.M. TO 5:00 P.M.);
JOHN R. SIMPSON (11/23: 4:00 P.M. TO 5:00 P.M.) [Later, SAIC of WHD,
Carter era; Director of Secret Service, 1981 to 1992]


R.I.P. JAMES TAGUE WHO PASSED AWAY TODAY. We were both proud Trine Day authors (best selling books of 2013 for them). Now all the wounded men of the Kennedy assassination are gone...
James Tague, one of the key eyewitnesses to the JFK assassination passed away today. Mr. Tague was struck by a piece of curb from a shot that missed the motorcade. It was because of him that the Warren Commission was forced to create the single bullet theory to fit the lone assassin theory. Mr. Tague always believed a conspiracy killed JFK. He told the Warren Commission that a shot or shots had come from the grassy knoll. RIP my friend.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

De Gaulle- properly protected. JFK- not

I've been listening to The Day of the Jackal on audiobook and this passage surprised me "The Jackal was perfectly aware that in 1963 General De Gaulle was not only the President of France; he was also the most closely and skillfully guarded figure in the western world. To assassinate him, as was later proved, was considerably more difficult than to kill President John F. Kennedy of the United States. Although the English killer did not know it, French security experts who had through American courtesy been given an opportunity to study the precautions taken to guard the life of President Kennedy had returned somewhat disdainful of those precautions as exercised by the American Secret Service. The French experts’ rejection of the American methods was later justified when in November 1963 John Kennedy was killed in Dallas by a half-crazed and security-slack amateur while Charles De Gaulle lived on…"

Tyler Newcomb: "My Dad had a quote from some French publication that when De Gaulle first heard the news from Dallas remarked "The Police did it" meaning his security because De Gaulle's own security had been penetrated by the OAS once or twice from what I remember."

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bill Greer

Thanks to Malcolm Ward for the following:

The 50th anniversary of the murder of President John F Kennedy has raised the profile of the man who was driving the presidential car on the day that President Kennedy was shot in Dallas, Texas.  That man was William Robert Greer and he was born on 22 September 1909 on a farm at Drumbanaway, Stewartstown, county Tyrone. 
At the age of 19 Greer sailed from Belfast to Quebec on the Cunard ship Andania, as a third-class passenger, on 25 May 1929.  A further record exists of a William Greer crossing into America at Vanceboro, Maine, not long after that date.
For more than a decade he worked as a servant and a chauffeur to wealthy families
After serving in the US Navy during the 2nd World War, William Greer joined the American Secret Service in 1945 and joined the White House staff in November 1950.  He was a bodyguard to President Truman and President Eisenhower and was then chosen to drive Kennedy through Dallas on 22 November 1963.
In Ulster the family were Presbyterians but in America Greer became a Methodist and some conspiracy theorists have used this Ulster Protestant background to support their theory that Kennedy was the victim of an anti-Catholic plot involving Greer!
William Greer spent most of his life in America but never forgot his Ulster homeland.  On several occasions he travelled back to visit family and friends in Stewartstown and Belfast and in the 1970s he visited his parents' grave in Ballyclog churchyard.

The NewsLetter (22 November 2013) has provided some additional information on William Greer. He was baptised at Ballyclog Presbyterian Church and educated at Ballymaguire Primary School. Greer was initiated into the Orange Order on 7 July 1927 and was a member of Drumbonaway LOL 214. His father Richard Greer was the treasurer of the lodge. William became a committee member in the lodge but two years later he decided to emigrate. He sailed from Belfast to Quebec on the Cunard ship Andania as a third-class passenger on 25 May 1929. William Greer died in 1985 and was buried in North Carolina. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Vince Palamara

Vince Palamara the leading civilian Secret Service authority. "Survivor's Guilt" took over 20 years to research and write and has garnered much favorable reaction. Palamara has appeared in over 80 other author's books, radio, television, newspapers, at national conferences, and many online resources.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

CIA Charles Cabell- brother of Mayor of Dallas Earle Cabell

Praise from author Lance Moore

“My first reading of Vince Palamara’s JFK book, SURVIVOR’S GUILT, was quick, more for pleasure.  Now I’m in my second reading—more slow and studied—and I’d like to add: Palamara’s only fault (from a pro-conspiracy viewpoint) is that he is too understated!  He could be shouting from rooftops: “Here’s the proof of a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy!!” You cannot read his mountain of interviews and other documented facts and walk away believing the government was telling us the truth. Contradictions, outright lies, a hundred things he documents…  much of it uniquely his own research, yet consistent with and confirming/ complementary to what many of us have asserted with other evidence: JFK was killed by our own government AND they continue to lie to cover it up. Two Vinces: Vince Bugliosi, all hype, bluster and fallacious assumptions; Vince Palamara, all Dragnet: “Just the facts, ma’am.”  I’ll take Mr. Palamara!
~Dr. Lance Moore, author of “Killing JFK: 50 Years, 50 Lies”