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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

"the 63 thing"?!

"the '63 thing"?!?!? Wow---this is thick in irony: a reporter calls former Secret Service agent Roy Kellerman (who failed miserably on 11/22/63) to get his thoughts on the quick reactions of the agents who saved President Reagan on 3/30/81. The reporter's comments about how Kellerman put his "personal harm aside" would be comic if not for being such a tragic event.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

In response to Denis M.'s criticism of Roger Craig

Jim DiEugenio wrote:

Roger Craig was correct about there being an Oswald lookalike coming down the embankment. This was corroborated by both photos and witness testimony. 

He was correct in the initial arrangement of the shells, as is corroborated by Alyea and an interview with Mooney by Mary Ferrell in 1975. 

The Argentine Mauser is stamped with the 7.65 calibre on top, as proven by David Josephs. 

There were differences between what was in printed testimony and what was originally said before the Commission. (See Barry Ernest's book about Adams.) 


Yes. Craig's original statements (the reports based on them) are very good and hold up well.  

I would stick with the Babushka Lady, Denis. I went over your page several times and I failed to see how Craig was making up stories. Quite frankly, several of your photos are misidentified (not Craig). It sounds like you have a specific bone to pick with Roger and anyone who goes against the Dallas Police, Sheriff, or FBI point of view. In addition, I am not convinced at all by several of your arguments/ time 'synchronization' with regard to photos.
Also (as one of literally millions of examples): Hall of Fame baseball legend Roberto Clemente was often called both negro AND Latin; not an error to refer to someone as one or the other.


Not Craig. Note the color of the pants...and it just doesn't look like him and, ultimately, it cannot be proven that it was him anyway:

You wrote "Murray 1-19 allegedly shows Craig (which I doubt) at 12:40 PM looking at the station wagon seen in the previous photo. "

A good thing you doubt it--it's not him. In fact, it looks like James Tague.


Using a horrific-quality clip, you state at 1:17 that "a man looking like Roger Craig"...uh, it's not. An infinitely better quality clip of this exact film was used in The Men Who Killed Kennedy (I just saw it last night. I think it was in The Witnesses; one of the early ones) and the man is a reporter with a pen and pad to boot:


The rest of your page baffles me--unlike with the Babushka Lady, your Roger Craig page seems to (very) begrudgingly corroborate Roger, THEN you seize on a small discrepancy or what someone ELSE said about Roger, etc.

-you depicts several photos/ film excerpts acknowledging it is ROGER CRAIG; 

-"he was very credible in the first days following the assassination.

Indeed. This sort of reminds me of Peter Whitmey's blood lust in trying to debunk Jean Hill, who did undoubtedly exaggerate some things. However, at the end of the day, many of the essential details of her story/ statements ARE corroborated by what she said via the media/ television/reports (shot from knoll, etc.);

-My conclusion is that Craig did see a man looking like Oswald getting into a car.


Three citizens had similar stories: Marvin Robinson, Roy Cooper and Richard Carr. 

Craig’s story was reported on NBC later that afternoon and Chief Jesse Curry was also asked about it.

-Craig admits he does not know foreign rifles---But the other officers on the scene did. 

-The only rifle found on the 6th floor was this Carcano. No photo of a Mauser was ever seen because none exists. Yes, but, by that logic, you are calling the other beloved members of the DPD/ law enforcement XXXXX, too, not "just" Craig. It doesn't put Craig in an exclusive club all by himself. Others identified a Mauser.

For the rest, see Jim's comments, above.

If anything, your page strengthens my feelings about Roger-thanks! :)

Wednesday, December 11, 2019


CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE (See also my first book Survivor's Guilt and especially the entire chapter devoted to this subject in THE NOT-SO-SECRET SERVICE)

First, some precedent- FDR era:

Truman era:

Ike era:

Syndicated news story Summer 1963. Interestingly, many articles did not carry the highlighted information:

Milwaukee May 1962:
New York trip 1963:
Paris trip 1961
Caracas Dec 1961:
Chief Inspector Michael Torina, WHO WROTE THE SECRET SERVICE MANUAL, and Chief James Rowley (pictured) contributed to this 1962 book:

TAMPA, FL 11/18/63. Motorcycle officer Russell Groover confirmed to me that all multi-story buildings on the 28-MILE LONG MOTORCADE, the LONGEST DOMESTIC MOTORCADE JFK EVER UNDERTOOK (second only to the foreign trip to Berlin), were guarded by heavily armed officers. This Secret Service survey report was written by Frank Yeager and GERALD BLAINE OF KENNEDY DETAIL infamy! Author Larry Sabato, based on my tip (he acknowledges me in his book), contacted Blaine and called him out on this. Baine lamely stated that they didn't have the manpower in Dallas----a far shorter motorcade (only 10 miles)---to do what they did four days earlier in Tampa:
11/22/63 Fort Worth (JFK Historian Mark Henderson from Australia):

Former Secret Service Chief U.E. Baughman, author of the 1962 book SECRET SERVICE CHIEF, came clean in early December 1963...I guess this is why he wasn't called before the Warren Commission:

Chicago 3/23/63:

Pittsburgh, PA October 1962:

Official Getty Images caption: McKeesport High School marching band lining up preparing to march, with sharpshooters on roof tops and billboard for Union Clothing Co., during President Kennedy campaign stop, McKeesport, Pennsylvania, October 13, 1962. (Photo by Charles 'Teenie' Harris/Teenie Harris Archive/Carnegie Museum of Art/Getty Images)

Another New York trip:
Nashville Agent Paul Doster, a former JFK White House Detail agent, told the "Nashville Banner" back on 5/18/63:
"a complete check of the entire motorcade route" was done.  Also, Doster noted that "Other [police] officers were assigned atop the municipal terminal and other buildings along the route. These men took their posts at 8 a.m. and
remained at their rooftop stations until the president and his party
UPDATE: The 2013 book from the Nashville Tennessean JFK IN NASHVILLE provides the corroboration/ text in question and more:

Pueblo, CO 1962:

Washington, D.C. May 1961---police guard rooftops, line the streets and face the crowds with their military counterparts. Flatbed truck also visible.
Billings, MT September 1963:
Duluth, MN 9/25/63:
Ireland June 1963:
Miami, FL 11/18/63:
Germany June 1963:
Seattle, WA November 1961:

Alabama 1963:

Washington, D.C. 1962---JFK uses the old Ike bubble top limousine as police are on rooftops and lining the street.

After the fact excuses (that still demonstrate that guarding buildings and rooftops was performed):

I Was A Middle-Aged JFK Lone-Nutter (Briefly) By Vince Nitwit (me)

I Was A Middle-Aged JFK Lone-Nutter (Briefly) By Vince Nitwit (me)

Yes, you read that right: for one brief, non-shining moment in 2007, I was swayed (groomed?) by Vince Bugliosi, one of my then-idols for his many non-JFK books: I am posting this (and the above modified meme) because someone recently "found out" that I had once changed my mind. Well, I still believed there were multiple conspiracies to kill Kennedy...I was swayed into thinking Oswald beat them all to the punch via Bugliosi's book. And, when I received a personal letter from him before I was even finished reading his massive tome, I was sold. Life is all the context of the times---I was then recently divorced (since happily remarried), somewhat down on my luck (I never thought I would publish a book, let alone four), and was burned out on the case. My hero from the OJ and Manson murder books--Vincent Bugliosi--asked me for a blurb for the paperback version of his book (he told me it would be out in mid-late 2007). By the time the blurb came out, I came to my senses and denounced what I conveyed to him...but the damage was done. Too late; the blurb appeared in not only Four Days In November (May 2008). To my chagrin, it ALSO appeared in Parkland in 2013! Yikes!I know Pat Speer said he once changed (I think he said as much on this forum). Deb Galentine, a pro-conspiracy researcher I also greatly respect, told me she also briefly changed her mind. I know a couple people who will never admit it, but they were swayed by POSNER's book when they first read it (before the many scathing reviews came out). Heck, even in the movie "JFK", Jim Garrison/ Kevin Costner even says at one point "Maybe Oswald is who everyone says he is and I am just being dumb about it."My point is this: I am very open-minded (perhaps to a fault) and, since I am in somewhat of a unique situation (my research does not stand or fall based on Oswald acting alone or not), it was easy to be star struck by one of my heroes who was requesting a blurb for his forthcoming paperback book. The stars lined up in the wrong way; the imperfect storm, so to speak.I rarely get any flack over this now, although I know Walt Brown, Charles Drago and a couple others held it against me and probably still do. Oh, well: I own my mistakes.I just wanted to vent here for the record so any stragglers out there are not in the dark.Vince Palamara

Monday, December 9, 2019

"The Deputy Interviews: The True Story of J.F.K. Assassination Witness and Former Dallas Deputy Sheriff Roger Dean Craig."

I HIGHLY recommend this fabulous book by Steve Cameron called "The Deputy Interviews: The True Story of J.F.K. Assassination Witness and Former Dallas Deputy Sheriff Roger Dean Craig." I have reads hundreds of books on or related to the assassination of President Kennedy and this one is up there with the best! Very well written, entertaining, and INFORMATIVE; not the same ole same ole. You can obtain the book by writing directly to Steve Cameron on Facebook.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

"My father felt very extremely guilty because he had planned the route of the Dallas trip"

"My father felt very extremely guilty because he had planned the route of the Dallas trip," Jeff Lawson said.

The only Secret Service agents still alive from the Dallas motorcade:
Clint Hill and Paul Landis.
Texas trip agents still alive:
Walt Coughlin (San Antonio), Ron Pontius (Houston), Jim Goodenough (VP LBJ Detail/ Houston), William Duncan (Fort Worth), James F. "Mike" Howard (Fort Worth), Gerald Blaine (Fort Worth), Ken Giannoules (Fort Worth), Gerald O'Rourke (Fort Worth), Michael Shannon (VP LBJ Detail/ Fort Worth), Robert Burke (Austin), Frank Yeager (Austin), Donald Bendickson (VP LBJ Detail/ Austin), Gerald Bechtle (VP LBJ Detail/ Austin)