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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Great review of "JFK: 3 Shots That Changed America DVD"

"This is a great DVD. It has two parts, The first part is the best and it's an hour by hour timeline of the events commencing on the morning of Nov. 22, and finishes on Nov 24 with the national funeral and Oswald's murder. It starts with what the president would have exactly seen that day - a car enters Dealy Plaza filming the road ahead while dreamlike music plays. The stark slow motion B/W footage makes it even more dreamy. We see Jackie make a grand entrance at the breakfast of chamber of commerce the morning of November 22nd, knowing it will be her last as first lady, wearing her now famous pink suit and hat. After the president makes his speech, we watch him leave for the airport that will take him to Love Field while the speaker prays for his blessing and the decisions he is faced with. Very eerie and disturbing knowing what will happen in a scant hour and a bit. In fact I find the whole breakfast disturbing, particularly The Texas Schoolboys choir singing 'The eyes of texas are upon you'. JFK watches them and the camera stays on him until the words "The eyes of Texas are upon you all the live long day, The eyes of texas are upon you You cannot get away". And, he didnt get out alive.

Just prior to arrival of the president we see footage of the presidential limo on the tarmac. Pretty eerie again I must say. We see a cheerful woman on the tarmac with a sketch (I assume she did herself) of the president and first lady. Then Airforce One touches down at Love Field to a rousing reception. I watch this hoping that something will happen differently - The Limo will leave Love Field with the bubble top attatched, the motorcade will take a different route, the SS agents will hurl themselves on the back on the limo and shield him or take the bullets, or the car will go down Elm St. and nothing will happen...The sad indictment for America, indeed the world, is JFK's legacy is not about any of his political decisions, it's about deciding which direction his brain matter flew. " smiddyboy


Christopher/ Palamara/ Bolden exchange

Christopher/ Palamara/ Bolden exchange

From Bolden: The Movie ( Cantara Christopher:

After being warned off by the Atchity people, it has now become my full intention to p#ss off these makers of The Kennedy Detail, the movie based on the book of the same name that libeled my friend Abe Bolden. Which is why I'm publishing this curious photo [here- on Facebook]. It shows director Stephen Gyllenhaal, producer Ken Atchity, Atchity's main squeeze and VP Chi Li Wong--AND the still-living members of that sorry Secret Service protective detail who, through their arrogance and incompetence, allowed President John F. Kennedy to be shot to death in Dallas that November day in 1963.

Vince Palamara:
Cantara: Lisa McCubbin, who told a colleague of mine it was "bad news" that my book is coming out this Fall, sent me an e-mail yesterday warning me to take down some images on my blog-sound familiar? ;)

Abraham Bolden:
Thank you Cantara: Now everyone can see how and why my book sales were sabotaged and some producers have backed out of movie deals based upon my book. I have faith that you can get it done. Fearless resolve is the key. The secret service is doing everything possible to restore its reputation with the coming of the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. You can bet that anyone who expresses any opinion contrary to the conclusion of the Warren Commission that “Oswald did it” will be challenged by a massive covert government propaganda machine that controls the mass media.

Lance Gross to Play Secret Service Agent in NBC Pilot

*African American actor Lance Gross, who just picked up an NAACP Image Award for his role in "Tyler Perry’s House Of Payne,...

Judge certifies black Secret Service agents in discrimination case

Judge certifies black Secret Service agents in discrimination case


By Brendan O'Brien

Feb 27 (Reuters) - A federal judge has certified a class of black U.S. Secret Service agents who have accused the Department of Homeland Security of racial discrimination over promotions.

Judge Richard Roberts of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on Monday ruled the agents have met the requirements for class certification in their suit against the department, which oversees the Secret Service.

The lawsuit, brought by eight current and former agents on behalf of African-American agents who were denied promotion, accuses the department under Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano of violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The plaintiffs claim the Secret Service Special Agent Merit Promotion Program, an evaluation system used to determine promotions, had been skewed against African-Americans from 1995 to 2005.

The department did not respond to a request for comment.

In a court filing in January 2012, the department said African-American secret service agents score similarly in the evaluation system to non-African-Americans and were selected for promotion at similar rates.

The department also said that African-American secret service agents received promotions earlier in their careers than non-African-Americans.

"This evidence conclusively refutes plaintiffs' overarching claim that the Secret Service has refused to eliminate racism from the fabric of its promotion process," it said in the court document.

In his ruling on Monday, the judge also denied a defense motion to exclude the testimony of Charles Mann, who testified during an earlier hearing that the system has a statistically significant adverse impact on African-American agents.

The plaintiffs, who originally filed suit in May 2000, moved for class certification three times before but were denied because they did not meet the required criteria.

Attorneys for the both the plaintiffs and the defendant could not be reached for comment.

The case is Reginald Moore v. Janet Napolitano, No. 00-953.

For the plaintiffs: John Peter Relman, Megan Cacace and Jennifer Klar of Relman, Dane & Colfax, and Thomas Widor, Erica Knievel and Desmond Hogan of Hogan Lovells.

For the defendant: Edith Shine, Peter Pfaffenroth and Marina Utgoff Braswell of the U.S. Attorney's office.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Charlie Drago and I make peace: answering the call, the challenge :O)

Charlie Drago: "As you know, in good conscience we have put our recent differences behind us, Vince. And in the spirit of our detente, I'd like to ask you, cordially, publicly and respectfully, to answer the following questions within the next 24 hours:

1. To the be
st of your knowledge, did Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone and not as part of a conspiracy to assassinate JFK, kill the president?

2. To the best of your knowledge, did Lee Harvey Oswald -- whether or not he acted alone -- aim a firearm at and discharge it with the hope of hitting JFK in Dallas, Texas at approximately 12:30 PM local time on November 22, 1963?

3. To the best of your knowledge, were any Secret Service agents, regardless of rank, complicit in a conspiracy to kill JFK in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963?

I sincerely thank you for your attention to these matters.


Charlie Drago"

Vince Palamara: "Thanks, Charles! To answer your questions above in order: 1. No ; 2. No- Barry Ernest's book has me convinced that, whatever role Oswald played that day, he was on the second floor lunchroom when JFK was killed!; 3. Yes, unfortunately. 1-3 are based on MY book, Ernest's book, Horne's books, and Douglass' book, primarily (but not exclusively). I told ya, Charlie- it is as if my 2007 "brain fart" never happened! Peace, Vince"

Charles Drago: "Thank you, Vince, for your prompt, respectful, and direct answers."

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


1961, Puerto Rico and Venezuela; 1963, Ireland and Germany- JFK was protected very well before the Texas trip: agents on/ near the rear of the limo, partial or full bubbletop, SAIC Behn or ASAIC Boring on the trips, motorcycles plenty and in proper formation, police AND/ OR military lining street and FACING crowd, underpasses guarded with no spectators allowed, fast speed of cars, press and photographers in a flatbed truck in FRONT of limo, good intelligence and response to local threats, etc. JFK didn't give a rat's behind  if the top was on or off the limo---he rode with it on a fair amount of time and, in fact, seemed to prefer the PARTIAL top: just the front and rear on the car with the middle open for air and to periodically stand. His bad back would prevent him from seeing the agents on the rear of the limo and HE DIDN'T CARE- he never ordered them off! Blaine has messed up history by BLAMING THE book, COMING OUT FALL 2013 WORLDWIDE, will crucify him and his "pals". A lot of the Amazon reviews for Blaine's book make me want to puke- many are obviously planted/ friendly reviews, too: from his home state, former agents, etc. Blaine during his book tour: "THERE WAS NOTHING THE SECRET SERVICE COULD HAVE DONE TO PREVENT THE ASSASSINATION"...and people like Chris Matthews bought it!

Monday, February 25, 2013


Robert E. Lilley, WHD agent with JFK from election night until Oct. 1963 (ARROW): transferred to Boston Office - When the author told this former agent what Mr. Behn said in September 1992, that Kennedy never said a thing about having the agents removed from the limousine (thus repudiating his own report), Lilley responded:  "Oh, I'm sure he [JFK] didn't [order agents off his car, agreeing with Behn].  He was very cooperative with us once he became President.  He was extremely cooperative.  Basically, 'whatever you guys want is the way it will be'."  In interviews and correspondence on four separate occasions, Lilley reiterated this view. Lilley also refuted the Bishop and Manchester accounts, adding that, as an example, on a trip with JFK in Caracas, Venezuela, he and "Roy Kellerman rode on the back of the limousine all the way to the Presidential palace" at speeds reaching "50 miles per hour."  Furthermore, Lilley did the advance work for JFK’s trip to Naples, Italy in the summer of 1963: again, agents rode on the rear of the limousine.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rex Scouten, an Overseer of Presidential Households, Dies at 88

Rex Scouten, an Overseer of Presidential Households, Dies at 88

Rex Scouten, a former household staff director at the White House and onetime Secret Service agent who worked for 10 presidents, from Harry S. Truman to Bill Clinton — and never accepted any of the offers he received to publish a memoir about his 50 years in the service of presidential privacy — died on Wednesday in Fairfax, Va. He was 88.
His death was confirmed by his daughter Carol Scouten.
Mr. Scouten served from 1969 to 1986 as the White House’s chief usher — in effect, the general manager of the hundreds of butlers, cooks, servers, housekeepers, carpenters, landscapers and others who conduct the business of the household, from the daily routines of the presidential family to state dinners.
From 1986 until his retirement in 1997, he was the White House curator for art and furniture acquisitions. He was a Secret Service agent at the White House from 1949 until 1960 under Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Friends had tried for years to get him to write a book, said Maria Downs, a White House social secretary during Gerald R. Ford’s administration and a longtime friend. “But it was anathema to him,” she said. “That was something press secretaries did, perhaps. Not the chief usher.”
Mr. Scouten was one of Truman’s bodyguards during the president’s unannounced 1951 trip to Wake Island to see Gen. Douglas MacArthur — the visit that preceded Truman’s decision to fire the general for insubordination. He was with Vice President Richard M. Nixon throughout Eisenhower’s presidency, accompanying Nixon on scores of international missions, including the 1959 trip to Moscow during which Nixon and Nikita S. Khrushchev engaged in their impromptu “kitchen debates” about the relative merits of Communism and capitalism.
Mr. Scouten was an assistant usher when news arrived that President John F. Kennedy had been shot. He later helped Jacqueline Kennedy with travel arrangements for the hundreds of family members and dignitaries coming to the funeral.
Mr. Scouten’s daughter said that after he retired, he received regular inquiries from literary agents and publishers interested in his memoirs. “But,” she said, “the way he saw it, he had worked in somebody’s house.”
Other people’s memoirs, and White House histories, offer glimpses of the world Mr. Scouten inhabited. In various books, he was described as holding up paintings that Mrs. Kennedy was considering hanging or soothing staff members left in tears by President Lyndon B. Johnson’s periodic tirades.
Betty Ford told a story about Mr. Scouten to Helen Thomas, the longtime White House correspondent, who published it in her 2003 memoir, “Thanks for the Memories, Mr. President.”
Shortly after Nixon’s resignation in 1974, Mrs. Ford told Mr. Scouten how White House staffers seemed to run away or avoid responding when she said hello, making her feel “terribly uncomfortable.” Mr. Scouten, after explaining that the Nixons had preferred that the servants keep out of sight, let the staff know that the Fords felt differently. Soon the Fords were trading golf scores with the butlers.
Rex Wayne Scouten was born on Sept. 16, 1924, in Dover, Mich., the only child of William and Bernice Scouten. His father was a farmer and rural route mail carrier. After serving in the Army during World War II, Mr. Scouten graduated from Michigan State University and joined the Secret Service. He was assigned to the White House after a brief stint in Detroit.
Besides his daughter Carol, survivors include his wife, Dorothy, and another daughter, Carla.
After giving a videotaped lecture on White House interior decoration in 2004 at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, Calif., Mr. Scouten was asked if the television series “The West Wing” accurately depicted life there. Mr. Scouten replied that he had never seen the show.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

From a prominent fan


  • Dear Vince,
    I just came upon your blog about the contents of your upcoming book, "Survivor's Guilt" and from what I've read so far I find it utterly captivating. I'm thankful that someone is finally peeling back the layers of lies and misinformation to get to the truth. I thought I'd share this YouTube musical/visual presentation reflecting on the lasting effects of JFK's assassination almost 50 years ago. I co-wrote the song "Childhood's End" and assisted in the video production. By the way, there is no sensationalism in this production and it has nothing to do with conspiracy theories. It's simply a look back at that dark day in our history almost a half a century ago and its far-reaching effects on our nation and the world.
    I've been a lyricist/songwriter all my life, having the good fortune of working with a number of talented and gifted artists over the past 30+ years. The songwriting credit I'm most proud of is providing the words for "Shadowland", a song co-written with Graham Nash and Joe Vitale that appeared on Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young's first reunion album, "American Dream", certified platinum in 1989.

    I was hoping you might connect with this song and visual production in some way. Unfortunately, these days many young people today aren't fully aware of the lasting effect President Kennedy's assassination has had on our country and the world over the past fifty years. As the saying goes, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". I think it's critical for our future that this moment from our nation's history is never swept under the carpet of the changing times. We owe that much to our children, our children's children and the future generations that are here long after we are gone..
    Kind regards,
    Rick Ryan

    Wednesday, February 20, 2013

    President's Visit to Miami, FL 11/18/63

    December 30, 1963

    Mr. James J. Rowley

    Chief, U.S. Secret Service,

    Washington, D.C.


    RE: .President's Visit to Miami, Florida on
    November 18, 1963, to address the Inter-American Press Association

    Reference is made to Final Survey Report dated December 11, 1963, submitted by Special Agent L. F. de Freese (Office 1-16), relating to the captioned visit of the President to Miami, Florida.

    Submitted as an appendix to the referenced report is the following information relating to Protective Research.


    Upon receipt of official notice of the President's scheduled visit to the Miami, Florida, on November 18, 1963, a representative of the Miami office personally met with official representatives of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Miami, as well as the Central Intelligence Agency, and discussed with them those areas of intelligence pertinent to the general security survey, and established liaison for the free flow of intelligence information of interest to the United States Secret Service.

    Official contact was also established with intelligence units of local police departments, as well as with source of confidential information integrated within the Cuban community of Miami, Florida.

    On November 5, 1963, Mr. Richard E. Yager, Public Service Coordinator, The Miami Herald, Miami, Florida, made available to this office a list of members of the Inter American Press Association expected to attend the scheduled function, including the head table and near-head table guests, as well as the IAPA delegates, associates, observers, and invited guests. A copy of the above list was forwarded to the Protective Research Section.

    Through Mr. Charles A. Bogdahn, General Manager of the Americana Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida, a list containing 61 names of permanent employees of the Americana Hotel, as well as a list containing 20 names of extra employees furnished by the Hotel Employees Union Local 255, all of whom were expected to have access to areas in the proximity of the President, were furnished to this office for appropriate clearance. All of the permanent employees of the Americana Hotel were found to have police clearance. (See attached list). From the list of names submitted by the Hotel Employees Union Local 255, Joseph Sestock and Jose Triana were found to have police records and they were removed from the list. They were replaced by Jack Schamis and Leon Freedman, who were subsequently cleared.

    From a confidential source, whose reliability is unknown, information was received indicating that two dissidents, unidentified members of Cuban Brigade 2506 were planning to embarrass the President by demanding that the flag of Brigade 2506, which was presented to the President at the Orange Bowl, be returned to them by the President. (The above information was subsequently confirmed by 3-11-14).

    The last unknown information regarding the flag of Brigade 2506 is that it was returned by President Kennedy several months ago by donating it to the Cuban Officers at Fort Benning, Georgia, for the Officers Club.

    Investigation disclosed that the dissident Brigade 2506 member planning to demand the return of the flag was Carlos Miranda (LNU), commonly known as "El Soldado Miranda" (Soldier Miranda). Miranda allegedly was being directed by Dr. Felipe Rivero, 1602 Micanopy Avenue, Bay Heights, Miami, Florida and was receiving instructions from Dr. Rivero in learning, in English, the exact speech which Miranda should use in demanding the return of the flag.

    Conferences were held with Juan Jose Peruyero Rodriguez, President; Andres Aurelio Bassols Pozo, Vice-Director of Organization; and Rodolfo Corondo Quintana, Director of Foreign Relations, officers of Brigade 2506, relative to the purported intentions of Carlos Miranda and they advised that Miranda was not authorized to represent Brigade 2506 in any capacity and that they would utilize the services of approximately 900 members of the Brigade to locate Miranda and prevent him from representing himself as a spokesman for the Brigade.

    Repeated efforts to contact Dr. Felipe Rivero for interview were unsuccessful. Continued efforts by sources of this service, as well as CAS and members of Brigade 2506 failed to disclose the whereabouts of Carlos Miranda, and it was later disclosed that Miranda had remained in hiding. Members of Brigade 2506 were present during the President's speech at Miami International Airport, as well as outside the Americana Hotel at Miami Beach, and Miranda was not known to have made an appearance during the President's visit.

    From a confidential source of this Service, a publisher of anti-Castro propaganda, it was learned that Diaz Lanz, a Cuban political extremist and former Brigade 2506 member, might attempt to approach the President Kennedy verbally at a Cuban rally in New York on November 3, 1963. The latter could not be verified.

    Diaz Lanz was subsequently identified as Pedro Luis Diaz-Lanz, born in Cuba on November 8, 1926, a pilot, who currently resides at 120 SW 71 st. Ave., Miami, Fla. His Immigration Service number is A 10 176 250.

    Through Mr. Charles Yeager, Intelligence Officer, Immigration and Naturalization Service, Miami, Florida, arrangements were made to have Diaz-Lanz report for interview by that agency during the time the President was in Miami. Mr. Charles Yager subsequently confirmed that when Diaz-Lanz was requested to report to their office for interview on November 18, 1963, he informed them that he was leaving for New York City on the morning of November 18, 1963, the same date of the President's scheduled arrival at Miami, Florida.

    On the evening of November 17, 1963, Dr. Emilio Nunez Portuondo was a guest speaker at a Cuban rally held in Bayfront Park, Miami, Florida, in honor of Jose Ignacio Rivero now an exile in Miami, and the former owner and publisher of Diario La Marina in Havana, Cuba. The above rally was attended by approximately 6,000 to 8,000 Cubans. The above rally was covered by this Service in an effort to determine whether there would be any adverse reaction pursuant to the pending visit of the President on the following day.

    During his speech, Dr. Portuondo bitterly attacked the United States, stating, among other comments, that the blood of the people who have been shot at the "wall" will remain forever as a black mark for this hemisphere and "that the cry of pain of all those who suffered in Cuba will be heard from the mountains of America to the Andes, and will be recorded in history as proof that once America was cowardly". It was observed that Pedro Luis Diaz-Lanz was seated among the guest speakers at the above rally. Diaz-Lanz was not observed in any areas the President visited on November 18, 1963.

    From a confidential source of this office, information was received that Orlando Bosch, head of the Movimiento Insurecional de Recuperacion Revolucionaria (MRR), was planning to picket the President by using widows of Cuban fighters dressed in black. The above information was confirmed in a telephone call received from the Chief's Office on November 14, 1963, wherein was stated that "Orlando Bosch Avila, Chief of Movimiento Insurreccional de Recuperacion Revolucionaria, is planning to picket President Kennedy on 18th November. Pickers plan to use widows of Cuban resistance fighters dressed in black and carrying placards." (Message NBR 6225)

    Orlando Bosch Avila, born in Cuba on August 18, 1926, entered Miami, Florida, on July 28, 1960, and is assigned Immigration Service No. A 11 881 810. He is currently employed as a pediatrician for the Dade County Public Health Service, and resides at 2121 SW 11th Street, Miami, Florida.

    Orlando Bosch Avila was personally interviewed at his residence relative to the information received and he denied the allegations. Bosch was informed that he would be held personally responsible for any adverse incident which might result due to their planned demonstrations. He gave his assurance there would be no picketing or other demonstrations by his organization. No representation by the MIRR was observed during the President's visit.

    In the Miami Herald on November 14, 1963, a brief article appeared under the Latin Section indicating that a group of Cuban refugees would demonstrate at the American Hotel when the President arrived to address the Inter-American Press Association.

    The information alleged in the newspaper article was traced to Manuel Artime's Revolutionary Recovery Movement (MRR), formerly Civilian Head of Brigade 2506. Personal interview of Sixto R. Mesa, Financial Secretary of MRR, failed to confirm the newspaper article. Mr. Mesa gave his assurance that no demonstrations or other representation had been authorized by his organization and none would occur.

    From an unidentified source information was received that widows of deceased Cubans, and wives of Cuban political prisoners, would hold a rally at Bayfront Park, Miami, Florida, during the President's visit on November 16, 1963, where one would be selected to sacrifice herself by burning in protest of President's policies toward Cuba.

    The above information was subsequently confirmed through information received from 3-11-14, which indicated that a telephone campaign was being carried out by unknown persons who have requested that Cuban women proceed to the Miami Friendship Torch on the afternoon of 18 November where certain Cuban widows plan to set themselves afire in protest to the inactivity of the Kennedy Administration in the Cuban case.

    The persons planning the above demonstration remained unidentified, and the alleged demonstration was not held .

    From the Intelligence Unit of the Miami Police Department, information was received that Enrique Maca, Jr., as well as Roberto Torres Fernandez, Antonio Franco, Rene Gutierrez Quintanilla, and Raul Artiles, all dissident members of Brigade 2506, were planning to recruit Cubans to demonstrate during the President's visit. The above information was subsequently confirmed by 3-11-14, who reported that Enrique Llaca, Jr. is behind the move to harass the President at all possible points on his local itinerary by having Cubans show up dressed in mourning for the "broken promises of the Orange Bowl." Maca allegedly was engaged in a house to house campaign in an effort to recruit volunteer demonstrators.

    Enrique Llaca, Jr. and Rene Gutierrez Quintanilla were summoned into the intelligence Unit of the Miami Police Department and they were admonished to refrain from any hostile demonstrations.

    Official members of Brigade 2506 were re-interviewed relative to Enrique Llaca, Jr. and his dissident group and they advised that Llaca was not authorized to use the name of Brigade 2506 in any manner, and added that the Brigade members would utilize their own resources to admonish and prevent Llaca from adverse demonstrations during the President's visit. Llaca or any of his group were not observed at any of the sites the President visited during his stay in Miami, Florida.

    A typewritten Postal Card, dated and postmarked at Miami Beach, Florida, November 16, 1963, addressed to the Chief of Police, Miami, Florida, was received by that department and subsequently surrendered to the Intelligence Unit of the Metropolitan Police Department for investigation. The post card reads: "The Cuban Commandoes have the BOMBS ready for killing JFK and Mayor KING HIGH either at the AIRPORT or at the Convention Hall. A Catholic PADRE is going to give instructions at the Cuban Womens Broadcast at 8:45 tonight by "RELOJ RADIO" and then all are invited to dance at Bayfront Park Auditorium and take along a BOTTLE of wine, Wiskey, ETC., to decide who will throw the bombs. At King High because he did sign the Ord. About taxi drivers being only American Citizens and sending refugees away, ETC. Mary".

    On November 19, 1963, the Criminal Intelligence Section, Public Safety Department, Miami, Florida, reported the studies of the typewriting on the card reveal that the typewriting was executed on a Royal Typewriter, pica type, with serial numbers near the 4,000,000 series. On November 22, 1963, the same Department reported that the card was written on a Royal Typewriter manufactured between 1:47 and 1:49. Nothing further has been developed leading to the identity of the person writing the card.

    During the week prior to the President's scheduled visit to Miami on November 18, 1963, the Spanish language radio commentators over Radios ________________ Miami, as well as the Spanish language reporter over Channel______Miami, began exhorting the Cuban people to demonstrate during the President's visit by carrying ___or by wearing black dress or armbands as a sign of mourning; others asked that an attitude of silence and mourning be adopted to show disgust for unfulfilled promises.

    As reports of contemplated adverse demonstrations began to increase, received from sources of this Service, as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency, arrangements were made for a conference with representatives of CAB and this Service in order to avail this office with the assets as their disposal.

    On November 15, 1963, a conference was held in this office with representatives of 3-11-14. They advised they would utilize all of their assets in the areas to be visited by the President, as well as for surveillance of Enrique Maca and his group and Pedro Luis Diaz-Lanz.

    The 3-11-14 representatives also advised that they would use their resources to reverse the trend to demonstrate as suggested by the Spanish language radio commentators.

    On November 16, 1963, Mr. G. Harvey Summ, Acting Director Office of the Coordinator of Cuban Affairs, Miami, Florida, advised that he had contacted Arthur G. Gilbert, Federal Communications Commission, Miami, Florida and requested him to admonish the responsible authorities of Spanish language radio in Miami to restrict their Spanish language radio in Miami to restrict their Spanish language commentators from making irresponsible comments or suggestions to the Cuban people during their broadcasts. The above was subsequently discussed further with Mr. Gilbert by a representative of this Service.

    On November 17, 1963, 3-11-14 reported that responsible Cuban exile organizations in Miami have urged their compatriots to refrain from unruly demonstrations when President Kennedy arrived on November 18. They further reported that Radio ____, Miami called on refugees to turn out to applaud the President, saying that although there have been differences in opinion, now is the time to demonstrate unity for democracy. Radio Station WFAB on a commentary by Manolo Del Canal, stated that he is opposed to hostile demonstrations against the President, and does not exhort the exile in that direction.

    3-11-14 further reported that the exile community is calm, and massive demonstration was unlikely.

    In reversing the trend to demonstrate, as previously contemplated by the exiled Cubans, the significance of the change is attributed to the efforts expounded by 3-11-14. It had been previously estimated that approximately 20,000 Cubans would make an appearance at the Miami International Airport at the President's arrival. An unofficial estimate of approximately 3,000 persons, including Cubans, were present at the President's arrival at Miami International Airport.

    No hostile demonstrations by Cubans, either as individual groups or representatives of organizations, were held during the President's visit to Miami on November 1st, 1963.

    Enclosed for PRS is photograph of Pedro Luis Diaz-Lanz, as well as lists of hotel employees of the Americana Hotel.


    Very truly yours,

    John A. Marshall

    Special Agent in Charge

    Ernest I. Aragon

    Special Agent



    White House Detail Washington, D.C.

    December 11, 1963


    RE: President's visit to Miami, Florida, on

    November 18, 1963, to address the Inter-American Press Association

    Mr. James J. Rowley

    Chief, U.S. Secret Service

    Washington, D.C.



    This survey was conducted by Sas L. F. de Freese and J. Walter Coughlin, White House Detail, and SA Talmadge Bailey, Miami, at Miami and Miami Beach, Florida, from November 11 through November 18, 1963.

    Approximately 3000 persons attended a rally on the President's arrival at Miami International Airport, and approximately 1200 delegates to the Inter-American Press Association convention attended the dinner at the Americana Hotel where the President spoke.


    5:10 p.m. USAF #26000 arrived concourse #$1, delta apron, Miami International Airport.

    5:15 p.m. The President deplaned and "Ruffles and Flourishes" and "Hail to the Chief" were rendered. The President was greeted by Mr. Lee Hills, Editor in Chief, Miami Herald, and Mr. Romulo O'Farrell, President of IAPA.

    The President was then escorted to the speakers' stand by State Senators Cliff Herrell and George Hollahan. Appropriate dress was business suit.

    5:20 p.m. Congressman Fascell introduced other U.S. Congressmen and Senators on the speakers' stand, including Congressman Pepper.

    5:22 p.m. Congressman Pepper introduced Governor Bryant, who introduced the President. The President spoke for approximately 10 minutes.

    5:30 p.m. President left speakers' stand and, after shaking hands with many in the general public area and guests in the VIP section, boarded helicopter.

    5:35 p.m. Helicopter departed airport.

    5:45 p.m. Helicopter arrived heliport, Haulover Beach Park.

    5:48 p.m. President departed helicopter by automobile. [ photo of route ]

    5:50 p.m. President arrived Americana Hotel, was greeted by Mr. Charles Bogdahn, General Manager, and Mr. Alvin LeFaivre, Vice-President of the hotel, and was escorted to his suite.

    6:40 p.m. President departed suite and proceeded via elevator to Suite 1169-1170-1171-and 1172 to greet selected local Democrats.

    6:50 p.m. President proceeded via elevator to lobby floor, was greeted by officers of IAPA, including Mr. Hills and Mr. O'Farrell, and escorted to reception for head table guests near main ballroom.

    7:10 p.m. President proceeded via elevator to lobby floor, was greeted by officers of IAPA, including Mr. Hills and Mr. O'Farrell, and escorted to reception for head table guests near main ballroom.

    7:10 p.m. President proceeded to head table and, following invocation by Rev. Robert W. Shaw, dinner was served. Approximately dress for head table guests was black tie.

    8:30 p.m. The President, after being introduced by Mr. O'Farrell, spoke for 28 minutes.

    9:00 p.m. The President departed the hotel via automobile.

    9:02 p.m. President arrived helicopter.

    9:04 p.m. Airborne in helicopter.

    9:13 p.m. Arrived Miami International Airport.

    9:20 p.m. USAF #26000 airborne.


    Miami International Airport to Haulover Beach Heliport and Return:

    Via Helicopter Flight Time – 10 minutes

    Helicopter to Americana Hotel: South on Collins Avenue to employees entrance to hotel

    Distance –1 mile Travel Time –2 minutes


    Miami International Airport

    This is a recently completed and improved airport serving both overseas and domestic flights of major airlines, the runways of which are capable of receiving any type of aircraft flying today. Arrangements were made to restrict air traffic on the East-West runway used by USAF #1 during its arrival and departure. Maj. Charles Nedbal, representing the U.S. Air Force, assisted in Arranging aircraft security at the airport.

    The terminal building, 7/8 mile along and semi-circular in shape, utilizes protruding concourses to service arriving and departing aircraft. The area east of Delta Airlines concourse #1, southern most of the concourses, was used for arrival ceremonies. A diagram of this airport is attached.

    Uniformed officers of the Dade County Metropolitan Sheriff's Office were stationed in waiting rooms overlooking the restricted and public areas, and on the roof of this concourse commanding an excellent view of the entire area. Entrance to the restricted area through the concourse and through a gate at the east side of the apron was controlled by uniformed officers. Officers were also placed around three tanks containing aviation fuel approximately 200 yards east of the public area. A permanent fence also separated the public from the tank area.

    A temporary chain link fence, supported by tubular scaffolding and aircraft tow trucks, was constructed across the apron to separate the public and restricted areas. Uniformed officers were stationed every 10 feet along the fence. In addition, plainclothes Spanish-speaking officers were placed in the public are near the speakers' stand.

    Individuals invited to sit on the speakers' stand, with others invited to stand in a VIP area near the speakers' stand, were assembled in the concourse, issued identification tags, and were escorted to their proper places in a body.

    Uniformed police, plainclothes officers, and agents of this Service were posted near the ramp to USAF #1, around the speakers' stand, press and VIP areas, and at helicopter #1.

    Americana Hotel

    The Towers section of the Americana Hotel was completed in 1959 of concrete block and reinforced concrete. The first five floors contain enclosed auto parking areas. Atop this are seven floors of 22 sleeping rooms each. The presidential suite (see diagram) was on the top floor overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The suite immediately beneath President's was secured and used for the Democratic party reception. The presidential suite was inspected by agents of this Service and Metropolitan bomb squad detectives and was secured prior to his arrival.

    One bank of two Otis elevators serves the Towers section. These elevators were inspected by qualified servicemen prior to the President's arrival. Normally self-service, for this occasion they were controlled manually by operators cleared by this Service.

    Entrance to the Banquet Room, head table reception room. Democratic reception suite, employees entrance area, and routes of travel in the hotel were controlled by agents of this Service, with plainclothes and uniformed officers of cooperating police agencies. A Coast Guard patrol boat cruised the beach area adjacent to the hotel.

    Lists of dinner guests and head table reception guests were screened, and hotel employees necessary to function in the vicinity of the President were cleared by SA Aragon, Miami.

    These lists, as well as identification tags (see attachment), were used by agents in admitting guests to their specific area.

    Officers of the Bal Harbour Fire Department inspected areas of the hotel that the President visited and were positioned strategically throughout the hotel.

    The attic area above the Banquet Room, as well as the basement areas below, were inspected and secured by local police officers.

    Haulover Beach Heliport [ see photo ]

    This heliport, located adjacent to Collins Avenue, one mile north of the Americana Hotel, was approved safe for landing by Capt. Bruce Colbert, USMC. Uniformed officers of the Metropolitan Dade County Police, with agents of this Service, provided security. A roped area immediately north of the landing area was provided for the public. A fire truck with foam equipment and an ambulance was stationed at the helicopter for use if necessary.

    Motor Route [ see photo ]

    Uniformed officers of cooperating police departments controlled all intersections along this route, and a police boat cruised the waters under and near the only bridge along the route. Six motorcycle police were utilized as an escort, a Florida Highway Patrol car was used as lead car, and two motorcycles followed to prevent traffic from overtaking the motorcade.

    In the event weather conditions had prevented use of helicopters, arrangements had been made to motor from the airport to the hotel and return. This route was not publicized.


    Miami International Airport

    1. Ramp. USAF #1

    SA de Freese

    1 Metro. Detective

    2 Uniformed Off

    2. Front of speakers' stand.

    SA Aragon

    2 Metro. Detectives

    2 Uniformed Offs.

    3. Front of speakers' stand.

    SA Blaine

    4. Rear steps - speakers' stand.

    SA Bailey, 1 Det.

    2 Uniformed Offs.

    5. West steps - speakers' stand.

    SA McIntyre

    1 Metro. Detective

    1 Uniformed Off.

    6. Press area

    SA Bennett

    1 Metro. Detective

    6 Uniformed Offs.

    7. Press area.

    SA Kollar

    8. VIP area.

    ATSAIC Roberts

    2 Metro. Detectives

    4 Uniformed Offs.

    Americana Hotel

    1. Point where presidential limousine stops.

    SA Coughlin

    1 Metro. Detective

    2 Uniformed Offs.

    2. Elevator landing - basement.

    Curry (3-11)

    2 Uniformed Offs.

    3. 12th floor elevator landing - suite entrance S

    A Lawton

    1 Metro. Detective

    4. Lobby floor elevator landing.

    SA Lawton

    2 Metro. Detectives

    5. Entrance to Medallion Room (check-point)

    SA Jamison

    1 Metro. Detective

    1 Uniformed Off.

    6. Entrance to head table reception room

    (check-point) SA Zboril

    7. Seated - ballroom.

    ATSAIC Roberts

    8. Seated - ballroom

    SA Blaine

    9. East end head table

    SA Zboril

    1 Metro. Detective

    10. West end head table

    SA Bennett

    1 Metro. Detective

    11. Departure ramp.

    SA McIntyre

    1 Metro. Detective

    2 Uniformed Offs.

    12. Hotel lobby.

    SA Aragon

    2 Metro. Detectives

    5 Uniformed Offs.

    13. Hotel lobby.

    SA Kollar


    1. Heliport.

    SA Howell

    2 Metro. Detectives

    15 Uniformed Offs.

    In addition to the above assignments for Special Agents of this Service, officers and plainclothes detectives of the Metropolitan Department of Public Safety, Miami, Bal Harbour, Surfside, Miami Beach, Hialeah, and Coral Gables Police Departments, Florida Highway Patrol, were positioned as needed throughout areas the President visited.

    Representatives of the Metro-Dade County and Bal Harbour Fire Departments were utilized as necessary at Miami International Airport, the heliport, and Americana Hotel.


    Sas Zboril and Lawton arrived aboard the press charter, were furnished transportation directly to the hotel, and were posted by SA Coughlin. ATSAIC Roberts, McIntyre (Sas), Bennett, Kollar, and Blaine were posted at the airport. Following the President's departure from the airport, these agents proceeded to the hotel with Sas Bailey and Aragon and were posted.

    SAS Greer and Rybka, arriving on USAF #1, rode helicopter #1, Sas Sulliman, Berger, and Morey rode helicopter #2 and worked the follow-up car from the helicopter to the hotel and return. SA Jones, following the President's departure from the airport, was transported by SA Bailey to the hotel and was posted. SA O'Leary, with the President's luggage, came directly from Palm Beach to the Americana Hotel by automobile.

    Sas Jones, O'Leary, and Lawton departed the hotel at 8:00 p.m. with SA Bailey and proceeded to the airport to effect departure security.

    ATSAIC Roberts, with Sas Blaine, Zboril, McIntyre, Bennett, and Kollar departed the hotel at 10:00 p.m. with Sas Aragon and Jamison and proceeded to the airport for departure aboard the press charter.

    ASAIC Boring, arriving on USAF #1, rode helicopter #1 and remained with the President on all movements.

    All Special Agents wore their permanent lapel bars.

    Security arrangements were supervised by ASAIC Boring and Sas de Freese, Coughlin, and Bailey.

    Hotel employees necessary to function in secured areas wore orange ball lapel clips. All plainclothes police officers wore silver ball lapel clips.

    In the event a motorcade had become necessary from the airport to the hotel, all agents arriving aboard the press charter would have been furnished transportation and gone directly to the hotel to be posted by SA Coughlin. Follow-up would remain the same with SA Jones being furnished transportation in the motorcade.


    All cars used for the motorcade were furnished by the Ford Motor Company through the cooperation of Mr. James Golden, area representative. Cars used were those already assigned to Palm Beach. The presidential car, a Mercury convertible on arrival, and a Continental hardtop on departure, was driven by SA Greer. The Secret Service follow-up car, a Ford convertible, was driven by SA Rybka.

    Wire service car was furnished by Bell Telephone Company. Vehicles used by the press were arranged for by Mr. Ed. Jones, press coordinator.


    SAIC Bouck, Protective Research Section, was notified of the President's intentions to visit Florida on November 8, 1963, who said that he would keep the Miami office advised of any PRS activity in the area. SA Aragon was in touch with PRS, Washington D.C., and will submit a separate report regarding the Miami Cuban Situation. SA Bailey, Miami, will submit reports of PRS significance under file #3-11-601.0 (ROHINSKI), and #3-11-5573-5 (DERBER).


    The following communications arrangements were made for the visit of the President to Miami on the 18th day of November, 1963. White House switchboard was installed in the Americana Hotel with direct facilities to Washington and other points to be visited by the President. Local White House lines were installed to the Miami Airport, the helicopter pad, and the Americana Hotel. Alternate routing and equipment were provided. Radio communications facilities for continuous motorcade contact were installed. Secure teletype communications from Miami Beach and courier service were located in the Americana Hotel.


    All press activities were under the direction of Assistant Press Secretary Kilduff, coordinating with Mr. Ed. Jones, local press representative. Press areas were established at the airport, hotel arrival area, and in the Banquet Room.

    The President's speech was taped for television release at a later hour, with live closed-circuit telecast to the hotel press room, locate in the Caribbean Room.


    Cooperating in this survey were:

    Mr. Lee Hills, Executive Editor, Miami Herald

    Mr. Edward Eicher, Sales Manager, Americana Hotel

    Mr. E. V. W. Jones, Press Coordinator, IAPA

    Mr. J. Skip Shepard (representing Congressman Fascell)

    Mr. William Jibb (representing Senator Smathers)

    Mr. Milton Herlong, Delta Airlines, Station Manager

    Chief W. T. Norton, Dade County Port Authority

    Maj. Floyd Alsbury, Dade County Sheriff's Office

    Sgt. Charles Black, Dade County Sheriff's Office

    Capt. F. S. Napier, Miami Police Department

    Chief Rocky Pomerance, Miami Beach Police Department

    Chief D. C. Kenneth, Miami Beach Fire Department

    Chief D. C. Wayne Thurman, North Miami Police Department

    Chief G. W. Owens, Bal Harbour Police Department

    Chief Richard E. Creelman, Bal Harbour Fire Department

    Chief Wiley Barefoot, Surfside Police Department

    Sheriff Jesse Barkett, Metropolitan Dade County Sheriff's Office

    Capt. J. K. Sox, (Airport), Metropolitan Dade County Sheriff's Office

    Acting Chief Walter E. Foden, Bay Harbour Islands Police Department

    Chief William E. Kimbrough, Coral Gables Police Department

    Cooperating in the over-all security measures were:

    White House Detail Agents. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

    Miami Agents. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

    * Uniformed Patrolmen. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 155

    * Detectives. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30

    * Firemen. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12


    * Uniformed and plainclothes officers listed above were enlisted from the city of Miami, city of Miami Beach, city of North Miami, Bal Harbour Village, town of Surfside, Metropolitan Dade County Sheriff's Office, Bar Harbour Islands, and city of Coral Gables.

    Attached to this report are the following:

    1. Local Press Credentials

    2. Head Table Identification

    Dinner Admission Ticket

    3. Airport and Democratic Reception Identification

    4. 12th Floor Plan, Americana Towers

    5. Miami International Airport, Arrival Area

    6. Ground Floor, Americana Hotel

    7. Automobile Assignments

    8. Helicopter Assignments

    Very truly yours,

    L. F. Freese

    Special Agent


    Gerald A. Behn

    Special Agent in Charge

    Attachments (8)

    2 ccs Miami


    Heliport to Hotel

    Lead Car

    SA de Freese

    Dr. Burkley

    Presidential Limousine

    The President

    Senator Smathers

    Mr. Boring

    Mr. Greer - driving

    SS Follow-Up Car

    Sas Rybka - driving





    Wire Service

    Mr. Salinger

    Car #1

    Mr. O'Donnell

    Congressman Pepper

    Congressman Fascell

    Car #2

    Mr. Powers

    Congressman Gibbons

    Mayor High

    Car #3

    Governor Bryant

    Mr. Kynes

    General Mcbugh

    Car #4

    Mrs. Lincoln

    Miss Camp

    Mr. Baltimore

    Mr. Jibb

    Car #5

    Congressman McDonald

    Congressman Green

    Mr. Vessels

    AMMENDED-My response to AND APOLOGY to Charles Drago+ Don Jeffries comes to my rescue

    Ok, Charlie: enough already; geez. I f*cked up, ok? This was 6 years ago in early 2007 when I wasn’t thinking clearly and was easily swayed, as a) I was burnt out on the case and b) was seriously thinking of chucking it all for good at that time- I was young and vulnerable and, at that juncture, had basically had enough. NOT that this is an excuse, per se…but it is what it is, whether you, they, or anyone else likes it or not.

    I was—and still am—a huge admirer of Vincent Bugliosi for his books, especially those relating to OJ Simpson and the Charles Manson case, to name but a couple. Did I truly, in my heart of hearts, make a body-and-soul “conversion” at that time? No…it bothered me then and it bothers me still that I could have been “had”, so to speak. I DID try to have it both ways at the time because I did (in 2007), and still do (2013), truly believe that there were multiple (plural) forces at work to kill JFK…just that---yik: I hated to say this then (as I even told Vince B on the phone several times) and I STILL DO---Bugliosi had me convinced, at the time (2007), that Oswald beat them---those aforementioned multiple conspiracies--- to the punch (remember, AT THE TIME: not now). Say what you want about Bugliosi’s book, but, as even Dr David Mantik conceded, it is the best Oswald-acted-alone book ever written, (many) warts and all.

    If I am “guilty” of anything, it is being too open-minded (some may say gullible and too trusting, too): I am not wedded to a particular theory. As far as the huge ego thing, I am actually really humble in person, no matter what bravado I spew online: after all, I work for a living and am far from rich. If having an ego is a crime, many of us would be locked up. That said, I am a very giving person, making much of my research available to people for nothing for many years, as well as gladly helping countless people out. I am a giver, not a taker.

    Fast forward 6 months later, STILL in 2007:I began to have serious “buyer’s regret” over my new stance on the case- I wasn’t thinking clearly at the time, having been a combination of “starstruck” about Vince B and jaded on the case. Even though I am on record since at least the October 1995 COPA conference (on video and on You Tube: check it out) as stating that “Oswald or no Oswald, conspiracy or no conspiracy, my work still holds up”, I want to state for the record:

    I do believe there was a conspiracy and Oswald, if he acted at all, did not act alone. If you doubt my sincerity or do not care, so be it…again, it is what it is.

    What ultimately “set me straight” ---tantamount to a virtual slap in the face (which I am sure Charlie would love to deliver in person!)----were the outstanding books by Douglas Horne [ all 5] (who actually takes me to task IN his one volume about my temporary reversal!) and Jim Douglass: see my Amazon reviews for the world to see.

    Fast forward to 2013:

    It would appear the only person not satisfied with my apology and contrition is Charles Drago. What can I say except I am sorry, it was a mistake, I am human, no one is perfect, and I am on record---many times---as stating these feelings and my rationale for my reversal at the time (i.e. my Amazon review of Horne’s books). If you are that insecure that another person’s temporary reversal alarms you, perhaps you need a bit of counseling and mentoring. I personally could care less, Charlie, what your beliefs are---it’s a free country and you are entitled to your opinion.

    My book is very Pro Conspiracy friendly and it NOT in the LHO/ lone-nutter camp; just the opposite (it was written as if my temporary reversal of mind NEVER even happened, a very telling sign that, again, I had trouble with my own temporary reversal of opinion on the case, as no revision of thought exists therein. You may have trouble over the semantics of the word “failure”, but that has been part of the subtitle for many moons and I do not see the contradiction).

    So there you have it: right or wrong, whether you are “satisfied” or not, there is my explanation and my sincere apology (once again). If you don’t find me credible and don’t wish to deal with me, that is fine; I’ll live. All I can say is: it is your loss, not mine. Regardless of one’s (changing) conclusions, there is often much of value to offer from one’s PRIMARY research, whether direct or indirect. Again, I have a lot to offer and, as with someone’s political persuasion (or ethic background, religion, etc), I never thought there was a “litmus test” for helping other people.

    It is time to move on…ok, Charlie? You got your pound of flesh now. If you want to beat a dead horse and repeat your righteous indignation over and over and over again, ad nauseum, this is your forum: go for it. If my apology and explanation is not good enough for you, there is 0.0 I can do about that. To quote Kevin Costner in “JFK”: “It’s up to you.” Vince Palamara


    post script to the above

    Charlie, I think you are too caught up obsessing over semantics, pouring over the (hidden, or so you seem to think) "meaning" of every nuance and word I use.

    And why do you care that I unfriended and blocked you on Facebook? You aren't acting like a friend and posting venom will not be tolerated on my site.

    To sum up:

    I made a mistake in judgement endorsing Bugliosi's book, I am sorry, I believe there was a conspiracy, and my book reflects that belief.


    (Charlie--"what do you mean: "reflect"??? huh???")

    Charlie, repeat this mantra over and over again: have t-shirts and bumper stickers made

    "I made a mistake in judgement endorsing Bugliosi's book, I am sorry, I believe there was a conspiracy, and my book reflects that belief."

    "I made a mistake in judgement endorsing Bugliosi's book, I am sorry, I believe there was a conspiracy, and my book reflects that belief."

    "I made a mistake in judgement endorsing Bugliosi's book, I am sorry, I believe there was a conspiracy, and my book reflects that belief."


    yes--2007 vintage, NOT now!!

    Methinks ole Charlie is deliberately trying to leave that impression with folks so people will turn on me and say "that SOB Palamara changed his frickin' mind AGAIN". I had to tell Dawn Meredith, for one, that those quotes were from 2007, NOT now.

    Ask yourself--why is old Charlie doing this?


    Originally Posted by Don Jeffries

    I was trying to be classy with my last post. Charles, since you won't have it any other way- your response to Vince's articulate and reasonable explanation (which he didn't owe you) was childish and profane. You want to convey the image of a towering intellect, and everyone here incomprehensibly bows down to you and enables your outrageous behavior. You come off like a pompous internet bully.

    I know you don't have the capacity for it, but try and re-read what you wrote. You sound like you're quoting a bad Western movie- "You gonna fuck with ME, boy?" THAT is your idea of an intellectually impressive reply? And once again, the reference to "heavy weapons." Are you planning to shoot Vince? You bring debate down to the playground level.

    Vince was exactly right- you are constantly playing semantic games, while inferring that you, and only you, comprehend absolute truth. If even one of your devoted sycophants slips up and, in your mind, uses the wrong word, they feel the full brunt of the Dragonian wrath. You are not a benevolent ruler, and demand total, unadulterated subservience from your followers.

    And yet you have the audacity to demand that Albert Doyle be banned, and resort to juvenile name calling. Just writing things like "Little Vinny" and "Miss Manners" alone discredits you in the eyes of mature and responsible people. Your fan base here may continue to ignore your tantrums, but I feel no obligation to do so. I've been studying this case for nearly forty years, and I don't need you to lecture me about any aspect of it. You overestimate your own influence and your base of knowledge. In fact, I'm not even sure how much you do know about this case, since you seem to spend most of your time here snidely putting others down and vaguely hinting at things only you know.



    I totally understand your ire and indignation re: my temporary reversal: G.M. Evica would have kicked my butt over that! Besides yourself and, to a certain extent, Dawn, I know Walt Brown is also mad at me. To be honest, I "get it": I would be weary of myself, as well, if i was in your shoes (in retrospect). That said, I promise to make you proud- a sinner can only atone for his sins going forward. The "good" news: the public at large (and even, surprisingly, the vast majority of the research community) does not seem to be aware of my brief 2007 flirtartion with Vince B, so to my book will go a LONG way toward atonement.

    I apologize for my sarcasm and juveline retorts---you are a good guy who is (rightfully) very passionate about the truth AND skeptical of any perceived "Benedict Arnolds" in our midst. I did let pride and ego get in my way---while I truly was quite vulnerable to be "had", it STILL takes a conscious decision TO be "had"...and my infatuation with Vince B was NOT good; a classic case of shooting myself in the foot...big time.

    All I (we) can do is go forward. The one truly good consolation: we are looking for converts as we preach to the choir--isn't it nice to know that a former member of the choir is now BACK to being a part of that choir?

    I have enjoyed my association with you and you speak and write eloquently. Again, I truly am sorry for my stupid, ill-advised (albeit temporary) reversal on the case back in 2007.

    Vince Palamara 2/20/13 :O)

    P.S. I "refriended" you on Facebook--let's try to get along. But, let me stress once again: upon reflection, I DO understand your anger with is justified. My book, for the whole world to see, will go a very long way (as have my actions and writings since late 2007) toward atonement.

    Saturday, February 16, 2013

    John Carman, USSS/ UD, endorses my work

    "Vince: You are on to some things. There are still many secrets being kept regarding the JFK assassination. I was USSS/ UD in 1974 and can tell you the cover ups are still ongoing. Contact me "OFF" YT and let's talk. The official response to ANY questions regarding JFK was "The Warren Report". at the USSS basic. Beltsville." John Carman, USSS/ UD

    Tuesday, February 12, 2013


    Eight simple words: 'Mr. Speaker, the president of the United States'

    By Dan Merica, CNN

    Tue February 12, 2013

    The man who introduced the president

    For 17 years, Bill Livingood introduced the president at the State of the Union address

    As House sergeant at arms, Livingood introduced every president from Clinton to Obama

    Paul Irving replaced Livingood when he retired last year

    Washington (CNN) -- The moment is iconic. The lights are bright. The House chamber is buzzing. Millions of Americans are waiting to hear the state of their union.

    And then the voice: "Mr. Speaker, the president of the United States."

    On Tuesday night, Paul Irving will introduce President Barack Obama before his State of the Union address.

    But for 17 years, it was Bill Livingood whose booming voice kicked off the event with those eight words.

    The crowd would applaud and the president would stride into the House chamber, shaking hands and greeting members of Congress from both sides, about to fulfill an important constitutional provision.

     Livingood, a soft-spoken 76-year-old who retired last year, called this part of the job "sort of not my ilk."

    Livingood never expected to introduce the president when he became House sergeant at arms in 1995. Before then, the duties of announcing the president, he said, fell to the House doorkeeper. But Livingood was tapped for the honor after then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich got rid of the doorkeeper job.

    "I started practicing," he said last week with a laugh. "And practiced and practiced and practiced and practiced. In my office, I practiced; at home, I practiced, in the car because I didn't want to get that wrong."

    Livingood had an office just off the House floor. "The first time I did it," he said, "I was concerned even though it was only eight words. So I wrote it in a piece of paper, and I kept it in my hand. The next year, I wrote it on a piece of paper, and I kept it in my pocket and from then on it was really relegated to my pocket."

    He started every State of the Union address until he stepped down last year, welcoming presidents from Bill Clinton to Obama. In total, he introduced the president 20 times, including in joint sessions of Congress.

    At a December 2011 event honoring his career, House Speaker John Boehner reflected on Livingood's 17 years of service in the chamber.

    "An example of class and humility, Bill has led us through the unthinkable," Boehner said. "Bill Livingood enters the books as a good law enforcement officer, a good criminal investigator, and above all, a good and decent man. Bill, we're sorry to see you go, but on behalf of the whole House, thank you for your service."

    House Minority Leader and former Speaker Nancy Pelosi also acknowledged him.

    "Announcing the president at the annual State of the Union address has made Bill Livingood known in the homes of many American families, and his service of nearly 17 years, and under four different speakers of the House, puts him in the history books," she said in a statement.

    Some of the best moments of those introductions, Livingood said, occurred when he had a chance to say hello to the leader of his nation.

    "Every one of them has just been unbelievable as far as being nice, and they talk to you," Livingood said. "I usually say I'm glad you're here Mr. President because to me it doesn't matter who is our president."

    Introducing the president is by far the most high-profile few seconds of the job, but it isn't the only duty. The sergeant at arms is the chief law enforcement officer for the House of Representatives, responsible for the overall security of the legislative body. He also is part of a three-person group that oversees the Capitol Police Board.

    Most of the job is behind the scenes. Livingood said he wasn't offended when people asked him what else he did on Capitol Hill. Instead, he said, he felt honored that introducing the president was so high profile.

    "I think for 17 years, we are used to seeing the sergeant at arms, or me, doing it, and I hope they felt as comfortable seeing me there as I felt being with them out there," Livingood said. "And it took me awhile to be comfortable ... but I really did become comfortable."

    Livingood was sergeant at arms during some difficult years that included the anthrax attacks on Capitol Hill offices. He also helped reform House security systems after the September 11 attacks.

    Before joining the House, Livingood had a decorated career in the Secret Service for 33 years. He was protecting one of Vice President Lyndon Johnson's daughters at the time of President John F. Kennedy's assassination and was a senior adviser to three directors at the Secret Service's Office of Training.

    When Livingood stepped down from the job in January 2012, Irving, another Secret Service veteran, replaced him. The two are close, and Livingood talks about Irving like a proud father.

    "I'm very proud of my replacement because he's outstanding and he's a good guy," Livingood said. "I've known him; he came from Secret Service."

    As for whether he would do it again, Livingood laughed and said his "time has passed."

    "It's time for someone else," he said. "But I really did enjoy it and that is -- I think of all the things that changed for me -- that is one thing that changed rather rapidly -- the enjoyment of it."

    Friday, February 8, 2013

    Robert L DeProspero on the radio 2/7/13: excellent!

    Robert L DeProspero on the radio 2/7/13: excellent!

    In the Kill Zone

    February 7, 2013

    Hosted by Dr. Connie Mariano

    (at the 31:45 mark onward)

    Dr. Connie Mariano to dedicate first segment to obesity in light of controversy with Governor Chris Christie. Protecting the leader of the free world is no easy task. Dr. Connie welcomes former United States Secret Service Agent Robert DeProspero, and New York Times bestselling author Brad Meltzer to talk about presidential security.

    Frank Badalson: just doesn't get it with regard to Blaine and The Kennedy Detail

    Frank Badalson: just doesn't get it with regard to Blaine and The Kennedy Detail

    This is Frank Badalson's 'review' of Blaine's propaganda that he has foolishly bought hook, line, and sinker. McCubbin and company seem proud of this puff piece- it is posted on both the Kennedy Detail blog and the movie blog, as well (not to mention Facebook). First of all, one HAS to see my detailed, critical, lengthy review:

    Badalson's review (with my comments in CAPS and inside []) below:

    "I began my research (1980) into the Assassination after the HSCA released its’ findings around 1979 I think it was. My Assassination library is extensive. By 1980 I had been in Law Enforcement 4 years [THERE IT IS: THE FELLOW LAW ENFORCEMENT BIAS]. I had an understanding of how investigations come together, how the physical evidence relates to the case, what is needed to complete an investigation and most of all the ability to separate true needed facts from what is interesting, but not really relevant (the last 7 words of the previous sentence resound through many books and theories perpetrated by dozens as “investigation” into the Assassination). Little did I know then that my research (which included a visit in 1994 to Dealey Plaza, The Book Depository, Oak Cliff, North Beckley St, 10th & Patton and The Texas Theater) would continue, albeit at different levels, for the next 33 years.

    Reading and research. Patience and time. I quickly found most written works focused on “what is interesting, but not really relevant”. The……what…… maybe a dozen or so different theories of what happened, who was involved, i.e. bums from a train car, sniper in the sewer, grassy knoll fence, overpass, Dal-Tex Bldg., Mafia, Agent Greer, Agent Hickey…etc. It seemed absolutely ridiculous that anyone could lend credibility to all these many “theories” [I AGREE---I DEAL WITH FACTS, NOT THEORIES: I PERSONALLY INTERVIEWED OVER 80 FORMER AGENTS, MANY FAMILY MEMBERS, AS WELL AS QUITE A FEW PARKLAND DOCTORS AND NURSES, BETHESDA AUTOPSY PERSONNEL, AND SUNDRY OTHER PRINCIPAL PARTIES.]

    Think about it……doesn't it seem profoundly ridiculous that every one of these dozen or so final analyses conducted by intelligent people (Note: most had no skill in legal investigations [QUITE A FEW DO]) have a different final word on what happened [YES, BUT ALOT OF "STRAW MEN" THERE---ALOT OF PEOPLE ON THE CONSPIRACY SIDE THINK THOSE THEORIES SUCK, TOO].

    There is but only one conclusion that is fact based if you do your own thorough, unbiased research. Researching this case will not be easy, it cannot be done in a few days. There is much material to sift through, much of it is interesting, but not really relevant. You must have the ability to determine what is needed in an investigation of this nature. Lacking that ability can easily take one off into an interesting, but not really relevant vein. There are many “veins” in this case. There is but one fact based conclusion to this homicide investigation. The Dallas Police apprehended the right person [SPOKEN LIKE A FELLOW LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON. YOU ARE DEAD WRONG. YOU NEED TO READ DOUG HORNE'S 5-VOLUME WORK "INSIDE THE ARRB": HE WAS THE MAJOR INVESTIGATOR FOR THE GOVERNMENT'S LOOK INTO THE CASE IN THE 1990'S, AS WELL AS JIM DOUGLASS' "JFK AND THE UNSPEAKABLE", NOT TO MENTION NJIM DIEUGENIO'S SUPERB "DESTRINY BETRAYED" (SECOND EDITION). FINALLY, MARK LANE'S "LAST WORD" IS VALUABLE, AS WELL. ALL ARE NEW BOOKS]

    During the course of my investigation/research the one thing that soon occurred to me was the lack of any in depth public book/story involving the Secret Service Agents from that day [MY BOOK IS COMING OUT IN THE FALL TO COUNTER BLAINE'S PROPAGANDA]. From a Law Enforcement perspective, I always thought I would like to have seen an in depth account of what they saw and experienced during that time. Sure there are some statements and investigative/research blurbs in The Warren report, Manchester's book, Bishops book, Roberts book and a few others. One tv interview with Clint Hill in 1975. All in all I wanted more, I knew there had to be more. I had my own ideas as to why there wasn’t more [IT TOOK MY 22-PAGE LETTER TO CLINT HILL IN JUNE OF 2005 TO UPSET HIM AND BLAINE ENOUGH TO START WRITING THEIR FIRST BOOK...AND THE REST IS HISTORY (REWRITTEN)].

    When I first heard about The Kennedy Detail I was personally excited and gratified that this was finally done [AGAIN, YOU CAN "THANK" ME HAHA]. However honestly, I did not know much about Jerry Blaine [CORRECT- YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE. HE WASN'T THERE IN DALLAS ON 11/22/63 AND HE HAS SHOT DOWN HIS OWN CREDIBILITY BY NOW DENYING HE WAS EVEN INTERVIEWED BY WILLIAM MANCHESTER!!!!!]. I quickly found that Clint Hill was involved and of course, I knew who he was [HOW COULD YOU MISS HIM?? HE HAS BEEN ON TV, VIDEO, AND DVD LIKE CRAZY SINCE THE MID 1990'S WITH MORE TO COME]. I went out, bought the book and began reading what I hoped would be the piece of research that I always desired to know. A piece of research that I felt was crucially needed. I finished the Book in four days. When I finished the Book, I knew exactly who Jerry Blaine was [SO DID I---I KNOW WHO BLAINE IS, TOO, AND I BETTER SAVE THAT THOUGHT FOR MYSELF...AHEM...].

    There are but a few historically significant books on the subject of the Assassination and this one is at the top of the list. This Book is a deeply personal experience from the men who lived it. They were there. I believe to really “get it”…..that is to say completely understand the meaning of this book number one you have to believe in the integrity of the writer and those involved [I DO NOT: SEE MY REVIEW]. The integrity of these men, all the Agents, is above reproach [IT MOST CERTAINLY IS NOT--HELLO: THEY FAILED MISERABLY ON 11/22/63 AND SEVERAL LIED AND COVERED UP THE TRUTH, INCLUDING FALSELY BLAMING JFK AFTER THE FACT; DESPICABLE]! These clearly were dedicated, honorable men that swore to an oath and upheld it [MOST WERE...]. We must understand that this oath meant something; it meant honor, integrity, honesty, sacrifice and respect for the position. This Book is a true and factual account. When this is blended with the true facts of this case the reader comes away with the feeling that the circle is complete. History is now complete and an accurate historical aspect is clearly and honestly laid out [BOY, ARE YOU GULLIBLE].

    I have read other reviews on this forum, I disagree with a few. I will not resort to name calling and cursing. This is a public forum. To resort to this level of expression is quite disrespectful and frankly uncalled for and extremely unprofessional…especially for self proclaimed experts [THAT WAS PROBABLY MEANT FOR ME. I AM IMPORTANT ENOUGH THAT BLAINE WROTE HIS BOOK BECAUSE OF ME, TALKS ABOUT ME FALSELY ON PAGES 359-360, DISCUSSED MY WORK ON C-SPAN WITH HILL (INCLUDING A VIDEO OF MYSELF), AND CLINT HILL EVEN TALKED ABOUT ME DURING A SECOND APPEARANCE. THIS IS SEPERATE FROM BLAINE HAVING HIS LAWYER SEND ME A COMICAL LETTER...]and writers. It serves to diminish and trivialize whatever it is you are trying to say. This form of expression along with its’ twisted interpretations of history become baseless, having succumbed to the interesting but not really relevant issue. The fact that President Kennedy used the Lincoln bubble top on many prior occasions DOES NOT prove anything with regard to Tampa and Dallas [YES, IT DOES---THE PARTIAL TOP WAS OFTEN USED AND BLAINE FIBS AND SAYS THE TOP WAS RARELY USED AND ONLY FOR INCLEMENT WEATHER!]. The fact that President Kennedy on many prior occasions allowed Agents to ride on or run beside the Presidential Limousine DOES NOT prove anything with regard to Tampa and Dallas [AGAIN, YES IT DOES. AND THIS DOES NOT ADDRESS THE FACT THAT MANY AGENTS AND WHITE HOUSE AIDES--WHO WERE THERE---SAID JFK DID NOT TELL THEM TO NOT RIDE ON THE REAR OF THE LIMO]. The Presidents’ mindset along with his assistants was different for Tampa and Dallas. He especially wanted to be seen and wanted Mrs. Kennedy (in Dallas) to be seen. His chief assistant O’Donnell made the call on the morning of the 22nd to leave the bubble top off because he knew that is what the President wanted. This information is not coming from me, those who wish to research this topic will find it in several factual sources. The Agents were requested to stay off the rear of the Presidential Limousine, this IS what the President wanted and he wanted it especially for this motorcade on the 22nd [TO QUOTE THE CHURCH LADY FROM SNL, "HOW CONVENIENT". SEE MY REVIEW FOR THE REAL STORY].


    Pure fate took its course that day [YOU ALREADY SAID THAT...AND YOU ARE DEAD WRONG]. Just the way many American tragedies had before and after the 22nd. Every historical American tragedy can be armchair quarterbacked. Realistically, in life things just happen [WHY EVEN HAVE THE AGENTS? SOMETHING COULD JUST "HAPPEN". YEP, THAT ABSOLVES THEM...]. The most brilliant minds in America could not prevent pure fate from taking its course in history: the 3 astronauts in 67…….the Space Shuttle disasters in 86 and ’03. But for pure luck we did not lose President Reagan at the hands of Hinckley [PURE LUCK??? WHAT AN INSULT TO THE GOOD MEN WHO DID THEIR JOBS ON 3/30/81 !]. Imagine the books and finger pointing, and the conspiracy theories that would have arisen had He died that day. But for pure luck, we did not lose President Ford at the hands of a gun wielding Fromme [ANOTHER INDIRECT INSULT DIRECTED TOWARD THE GOOD MEN WHO PROTECTED FORD THOSE TWO DAYS IN 1975]. The unpredictable nature of the human being will surely be the source for American tragedies yet to come. They too will not be prevented [APPLES AND ORANGES...WE ARE DISCUSSING 11/22/63---WE KNOW NOT EVERYTHING CAN BE PREVENTED AND NOT EVERYTHING IS A CONSPIRACY. IN FACT, YOU CAN HAVE, FOR SAKE OF ARGUMENT, OSWALD ALL ALONE AND THE FACT REMAINS: THE AGENTS FAILED TO DO THEIR JOBS...AND, IN SOME RESPECTS, IT WAS WILLFUL MISCONDUCT].

    More importantly the American public must accept the fact that individuals, acting alone, the likes of Adam Lanza, James Holmes, Jared Lee Loughner (political assailant), John Hinckley (Reagan assailant), James Earl Ray and Lee Harvey Oswald will always be among us [CHRIST, WHAT AN APPLES AND ORANGES MIX OF PEOPLE!].

    Every American owes a deep sense of gratitude to Jerry Blaine, Clint Hill and all the Secret Service Agents that contributed to this historically significant book, they should be respected and admired [YES, "THANKS" FOR LETTING JFK GET KILLED AND FOR PROFITING FROM HIS DEATH. THANKS, JER. BLAINE, AREN'T YOU GLAD THERE ARE FELLOW LAW ENFORCEMENT PEOPLE LIKE THIS WHO WILL BELIEVE WHAT YOU SAY LIKE THE WORD OF GOD AND LINE YOUR POCKETS??? :o)].

    Pure fate reared its head that day in November [DEAD WRONG--YOU NEED AN EDUCATION]and gave all of us another American tragedy that CANNOT be blamed on anyone other than Lee Harvey Oswald.[DEAD WRONG ONCE AGAIN]

    This Book gets 5 Stars+, you better believe it; Thank you Jerry, Clint and Lisa for this needed chapter of American History [YEP, THANKS JER---WHEN CAN WE PAY FOR MORE OF YOUR PROPAGANDA?]"


    Wednesday, February 6, 2013

    Agent Bill Greer, the original blame-the-victim (JFK) stooge

    Page 146 of FBI Agent James Sibert's Deposition to AARB

    To give you an idea of what went on during

    the night of the autopsy, I was with Bill Greer

    quite a bit.And he kept saying, "If I'd only been

    moving faster."

    He said, 'But I'd try to speed it up."

    And 'The President, he'd say. 'Slow down.You're

    going too fast."     ----
    Sixty witnesses (ten police officers, seven Secret Service agents, thirty-eight spectators, two Presidential aides, one Senator, Governor Connally, and Jackie Kennedy) and the Zapruder film document Secret Service agent William R. Greer’s deceleration of the presidential limousine, as well as his two separate looks back at JFK during the assassination (Greer denied all of this to the War-ren Commission).16
    By decelerating from an already slow 11.2 mph, Greer greatly endangered the President’s life, and, as even Gerald Posner admitted, Greer contributed greatly to the success of the assassination. When we consider that Greer disobeyed a direct order from his superior, Roy Kellerman, to get out of line before the fatal shot struck the President’s head, it is hard to give Agent Greer the benefit of the doubt. As ASAIC Roy H. Kellerman said: "Greer then looked in the back of the car. Maybe he didn’t believe me."17 Clearly, Greer was responsible, at fault, and felt remorse. In short, Greer had survivor’s guilt.
    Presidential Aide Ken O’Donnell (rode in the follow-up car): “… If the Secret Service men in the front had reacted quicker to the first two shots at the Presi-dent’s car, if the driver had stepped on the gas before instead of after the fatal third shot was fired, would President Kennedy be alive today?” The aide also re-ported: “Greer had been remorseful all day, feeling that he could have saved President Kennedy’s life by swerving the car or speeding suddenly after the first shots.” Indeed, William E. Sale, an airman first class aircraft mechanic assigned to Carswell Air Force Base and who was stationed at Love Field before, during, and after the assassination, stated: “When the agent who was driving JFK’s car came back to Air Force One he was as white as a ghost and had to be helped back to the plane.”32

    Presidential aide Dave Powers (rode in the follow-up car): “… At that time we were traveling very slowly … At about the time of the third shot, the President’s car accelerated sharply.” On November 22, 1988, Powers was interviewed by CBS reporter Charles Kuralt. Powers remarked about the remorse Greer felt about not speeding up in time to save JFK’s life and agreed with Kuralt that, if Greer had sped up before the fatal head shot instead of afterwards, JFK might still be alive today. This is a very dramatic and compelling short interview. If that weren’t enough, as previously noted, the ARRB’s Tom Samoluk told the au-thor that, during the course of an interview he conducted in 1996 in which the Board was in the process of obtaining Powers’ film, Powers said that he agreed with the author’s take on the Secret Service!33
    First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy (rode in the Presidential limousine): "We could see a tunnel in front of us. Everything was really slow then … [immediately after shooting]. And just being down in the car with his head in my lap. And it just seemed an eternity … And finally I remember a voice behind me, or something, and then I remember the people in the front seat, or somebody, finally knew something was wrong, and a voice yelling, which must have been Mr. Hill, "Get to the hospital," or maybe it was Mr. Kellerman, in the front seat … We were really slowing turning the corner [Houston and Elm] … I remember a sensation of enormous speed, which must have been when we took off … those poor men in the front …."35
    Mary Gallagher reported in her book: "She mentioned one Secret Service man who had not acted during the crucial moment, and said bit-terly to me, ‘He might just as well have been Miss Shaw!’ ”36 Jackie also told Gallagher: “You should get yourself a good driver so that nothing ever happens to you.”37 Secret Service agent Marty Venker confirmed that the agent Jackie was referring to was Agent Greer: “If the agent had hit the gas before the third shot, she griped, Jack might still be alive.”38 Later, authors C. David Heymann and Edward Klein further corroborated that the agent Mrs. Kennedy was referring to was indeed Greer.39

    Manchester wrote: “[Mrs. Kennedy] had heard Kellerman on the radio and had wondered why it had taken the car so long to leave.”40 (For his part, former agent Walt Coughlin wrote the author on April 27, 2005: “Easy to criticize—Greer reacted his way—maybe someone else would have been worse [?].”)

    As stated before, Greer was responsible, at fault, and felt remorse. In short, Greer had survivor’s guilt.
    16 2 H 112–132 (Greer): see his entire testimony. Based on the author’s original 1991 article, "47 Witnesses: Delay on Elm Street" that appeared in The Third Decade
    , Jan-uary/March 1992, and which has since been cited in The Third Decade (Novem-ber 1992), The Fourth Decade (November 1993 and September 1997); Proceedings of the Second Research Conference of the Third Decade, June 18–20, 1993, pp. 128, 162; The Proceedings of the Research Conference of the Fourth Decade, July 19–21, 1996, p. 277; several websites, including "The Puzzle Palace"; James H. Fetzer, ed., Assas-sination Science (Chicago: Catfeet Press, 1998), p. 274; Bloody Treason (1997), Zapruder frame 313 photo section; November Patriots (1998), p. 465; the 1998 revised edition of High Treason, p. 551; The Dealey Plaza Echo, U.K. research journal, July 1999; James H. Fetzer, ed., Murder in Dealey Plaza (Chicago: Catfeet Press, 2000), pp. 119–128; Michael Benson, Encyclopedia of the JFK Assassination (New York: Checkmark Books, 2002), pp. 233, 327; James H. Fetzer, ed., The Great Zapruder Film Hoax” (Chicago: Catfeet Press, 2003), pp. xv, 27, 336; Melanson, The Secret Ser-vice … (2003), p. 74.

    17 Manchester, p. 160. ----
        32 As quoted in Marrs’ Crossfire, p. 248, based on a passage from Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye, p. 31. See also 7 H 450; Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye, p. 44; undated Sale letter provided to the author by Martin Shackelford.

    33 7 H 473–5. -- 35 5 H 179–181.

    36 Mary Barelli Gallagher, My Life With Jacqueline Kennedy (New York: David McKay, 1969), p. 342: Secret Service Agent Marty Venker (Rush, p. 25) and Jackie biographer C. David Heymann [A Woman Called Jackie (New York: Lyle Stuart, 1989), p. 401] confirm that this unnamed agent was indeed Greer. See also Edward Klein, Just Jackie: Her Private Years (Ballantine Books, 1999), pp. 58, 374.

    37 Gallagher, p. 351.

    38 Rush, p. 25.
    39 A Woman Called Jackie
    (New York: Lyle Stuart, 1989), p. 401; Edward Klein, Just Jackie: Her Private Years (Ballantine Books, 1999), pp. 58, 374.