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Monday, November 25, 2019

I won a prestigious award after my very well-received presentation at the JFK assassination conference 11/22/19

The award I won after my well-received presentation; quite an honor (CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE):

11/21-11/24/19 JFK assassination conference photos and videos

11/21-11/24/19 JFK assassination conference photos and videos
It was great seeing renowned author Jim DiEugenio (I am mentioned in his latest book). Jim said something like "Vince, you wanted my photo before Oliver's; thanks!" :)
I shook Oliver Stone's hand and patted him on the back, telling him I was a big fan of his. Jim DiEugenio introduced us.
Oliver Stone:
Oliver Stone:
Jim Gochenour, the gentleman who witnessed first-hand Secret Service agent Elmer Moore making disparaging remarks about JFK and admitted he badgered Dr. Perry into changing his testimony. He testified before both the Church Committee and the HSCA. I previously spoke to him on the phone before meeting him for the first time here! Here we are with author R. Andrew Kiel, as well (I am in his book).
Eyewitness Mary Ann Moorman (a Facebook friend) at the Dealey Plaza remembrance ceremony with JVB.
Dr. Cyril Wecht speaking at the ceremony. He spoke at both conferences. He may be 88 but he was super sharp in his speeches; amazing.

Author Gary Shaw (we also met the next day. We spoke on the phone before; he is a fan, as I am of him):
Researcher Pat Speer--great guy!:
Eyewitness Buell Wesley Frazier, who befriended Oswald at the TSBD and who gave LHO a ride to work on 11/22/63:
Dr. David Mantik. I am mentioned in his book and his daughter Meredith filmed me in 2018 and 2019 for an upcoming documentary:
Trine Day publisher Kris Millegan displaying my four books, as well as other author's books:
Robert Groden and his new bride. Great people!
The award I won after my well-received presentation; quite an honor:
Just a mere sample of 11/22-11/23/19 Dealey Plaza photos I took (out of hundreds):


On 12/2/2019 at 3:21 AM, Pat Speer said:
Dr. Wecht did the same presentation at the CAPA conference. As i recall he said Jack Ruby could not have been killed via a cancer cell injection.

As far as the Judyth conference...I suspect few would have a problem with the conference if Judyth was just one of a number of presenters. But, to my understanding, this isn't true. It's HER conference, with everyone else treated as her supporting cast. That's the way it was presented to the community the first few years, anyhow. If things have changed, Vince, let us know. 

Pat, there were approximately 150 people at the Trine Day/"Judyth" conference, while I heard from a couple people that there was about that many at CAPA. I didn't take a poll but, from what people told me directly, they thought of this conference mostly as "Trine Day's conference" with a smattering of merely "a JFK assassination conference" and "Judyth's conference" (a couple said "Judyth and Kris' conference."). Her name and face were NOT on the banner or conference program and, compared to 2016, she barely spoke at all between speakers. Kris was far more outspoken, conspicuous and out front than her; not even close. No photos of Judyth hung on the walls or anything- very low key.

Again, perhaps that is why most people in discussions thought of this as a Trine Day conference. The following Trine Day authors spoke at the conference (apart from Kris and Judyth): Mal Hyman, Hubert Clark (also one of JFK's pallbearers), Vince Palamara (me), Edward Haslam, Christopher Fulton, John Delane Williams, Dick Russell, and Barbara Honegger. In addition, Robert Groden, Dr. Cyril Wecht, Gary Shaw, Ed Tatro, Dr. James Campbell, Roger Craig Junior, Marshal Evans, Grover Proctor, and several others.

Here is the conference banner: 

img_2279.jpgGary Shaw, Robert Groden, Steve Cameron and Roger Craig, Jr. (note the banner--no photos or mention of Judyth whatsoever):

Image may contain: 6 people



And here is the conference program:img_2278.jpg 

Buell Wesley Frazier attended:

78173754_10219202988201061_2780085373823352832_n.jpgMary Ann Moorman was an invited guest to the Dealey Plaza ceremony (she spoke to everyone there, as well. She was also interviewed by the Japan news team there for a documentary--they were filming at the conference, as well):

Image may contain: Mary Ann Moorman Krahmer, smiling, closeupImage may contain: Mary Ann Moorman Krahmer

A big example of someone who was at both CAPA and Trine Day's conferences- Beverly Oliver:

Image may contain: Beverly Oliver Massegee, closeup

A big example of someone who was at both CAPA and Trine Day's conferences-Dr. Cyril Wecht:

Image may contain: 1 person, hat and outdoor



Producer Randy Benson of THE SEARCHERS (JFK documentary) fame---who filmed the entire conference, SEPERATE from a Japanese film crew--- with photographer Pete Hymans:

Image may contain: Randy Benson and Pete Hymans, people smiling


Sunday, November 10, 2019

Secret Service agent Win Lawson: not the only Dallas advance agent

Secret Service agent Win Lawson: not the only Dallas advance agent

The other advance agent was Clint Hill's brother in law, David Grant, fresh from the Florida trip.

Secret Service agent Win Lawson: "If it had to happen, I am glad it happened to you."

Secret Service agent Win Lawson: "If it had to happen, I am glad it happened to you."

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Secret Service agent Winston Lawson has passed away 11/7/19

Secret Service agent Winston Lawson has passed away 11/7/19
I spoke to Lawson in 1992 and corresponded with him a few times in 2003. He was the lead advance agent for the Dallas trip (Clint Hill's brother in law, David Grant, was his assistant). Lawson told me that it never came to his attention that President Kennedy ever requested that the agents not ride on the rear of the limousine. Lawson was responsible for the limited number of motorcycles next to JFK's limousine.
With Lawson's passing, that leaves just Clint Hill and Paul Landis alive representing agents in the motorcade.
Agents Walt Coughlin, Ron Pontius, Gerald Blaine, Robert Burke, Bill Duncan and Ken Giannoules are still alive (they were on other parts of the Texas trip).

Winston G. Lawson, 91, of Virginia Beach died Thursday at Lake Taylor Transitional Hospital in Norfolk. He was born in western New York to Cecile Lawson (nee Post) and Merle Lawson. After graduating from high school in Buffalo he headed at age 16 to the University of Buffalo, graduating in 4 years with a History and Government degree. While at UB he met Barbara Barrett, who was the younger sister of his fraternity brother. They married in 1950. During the Korean War he served in Army Counterintelligence. After the war he used that experience to join the United States Secret Service where he served under 7 Presidents from Eisenhower to Reagan. Some of his favorite memories are from his time guarding Vice Presidents Humphrey and Agnew. After a long and distinguished career in which he rose to Acting Assistant Director he retired and went on to serve another 10 years with the intelligence community. Following that career he worked for Reverends Billy and Franklin Graham doing security around the world. In addition to his careers of service he volunteered for numerous organizations like Meals on Wheels, Francis Asbury United Methodist Church, Association of Former Agents of the United States Secret Service, Samaritans Purse, and others. He is survived by his wife of 69 years, Barbara; daughter, Andrea (Don); son, Jeff (Denise); brother, Merlin (Nina); grandchildren, Matthew, Reid, Rhianna, Riley, Matt S., Emma, and Brandon, and several beloved nieces and nephews.

Monday, November 4, 2019


Wow- NEWSMAX TV aired two of the three episodes of The Men Who Killed Kennedy from 2003 (including my episode The Smoking Guns plus The Love Affair) this past Saturday 11/2/19 AND they are airing them again this Thursday 11/7/19 (perhaps other times, as well). The episode The Guilty Men did not and will not air- this LBJ-did-it episode is the reason all the episodes were banned, despite the huge ratings and DVD sales (50,000-plus sold in 2003/2004!). my episode originally aired four times in November 2003 and never again…16 years later, it has returned. NOTE: I am only on for a few minutes. It was good for the time but my appearance on A Coup in Camelot (DVD/Blu Ray/ Amazon streaming) is longer, newer [2013/2016], and better. In any event, check it out!