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Monday, November 26, 2007

"A spokesman for the Secret Service in Washington said that officials
"would not have any comment whatsoever about Mr. Bolden's statements."

"The book, "The Echo from Dealey Plaza," will be published by Random
House in March. Bolden says he hopes it will clear his name and

"A person should never give up a fight for justice," he said, "because
if you give up a fight for justice and truth, you don't deserve

"Finally, a PBS documentary shown in the South this past week related
to news coverage of the Kennedy assassination caught the attention of
many viewers. The documentary showed the full local television
coverage of Kennedy's arrival in Dallas and departure as he started
his fateful ride in the motorcade.

Many viewers noted that just as the presidential limo was leaving the
airport, the two Secret Service agents who were to ride on the back of
Kennedy's car were, at the very last second, removed from their posts.
One agent was clearly agitated for being removed from his position,
one that would have been right behind President Kennedy and which
possibly could have saved his life.As it turns out, this aspect of the
assassination has also been examined and the sequence was actually
posted on YouTube years back. Apparently the issue in this instance is
that the top Secret Service officials said Kennedy ordered that the
agents stay off the car, while Kennedy's aides say it wasn't so and
that he never interfered with his Secret Service protection. "

One of many countless e-mails from Mr. Abraham Bolden to myself:


I hope that you noticed that I mentioned you and your research in part
1 of my interview on abc news yesterday [AT 29:30 ONWARD--VMP].


The first clip is over 30 minutes long...the second is over 25
minutes. I agree with Abe 100%: Oswald was definitely involved (along
with, perhaps unknowningly to LHO, others)...and the Secret Service
were horribly negligent...and there were prior threats to JFK's life.

Mr. Bolden is slated to appear on "Oprah" (!!!!!) and he has already
appeared--sometimes several times---on CNN, ABC, FOX, etc. His book is
coming out via a division of RANDOM HOUSE :

I helped Abe with his book (as he helped me big time: many phone
interviews, letters, and e-mails since 1993!)...I MAY be in the
audience for the Oprah show (with a brief camera question to me!)...

see also:,2933,312580,00.html

Vince Palamara

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Secret Service reads "just about everything"...Vince Palamara
From "The Secret Service: The Hidden History of an Enigmatic Agency" (2005 expanded edition) by Philip Melanson, page 353 (I am in this book on several pages, including the Bibliography):

"...the Service reads just about everything about itself, though it won't admit it publicly or through the Freedom of Information Act."

Jerry Kivett, a Secret Service agent in the fateful Dallas motorcade, wrote to me (Vince Palamara): “I have already read some of your thoughts and conclusions on the internet and did not necessarily agree with them, but then everyone is entitled to their own opinion.” [E-mail to author from Kivett, 2/4/06]

Tony Sherman, a Secret Service agent who served on the WHD from 9/61 to 10/63 (and later was interviewed for both Seymour Hersh's "The Dark Side Of Camelot" and the accompanying ABC special with Peter Jennings)wrote to me: "“May I suggest that you get a copy of THE SECRET SERVICE: THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF AN ENIGMATIC AGENCY by Professor Phillip Melanson, PhD. This book is by far the best, most professional “study” of the USSS I have ever read. I believe it will give you other answers to your questions.” What Sherman apparently did not know or remember was that the author’s work was included in Melanson’s book!
[Letter to author from Sherman, 2/19/04]

Larry Newman, a Secret Service agent who served on the WHD from 10/61 to 10/63 (and later, like Sherman, was interviewed for both Seymour Hersh's "The Dark Side Of Camelot" and the accompanying ABC special with Peter Jennings) had seen me on “The Men Who Killed Kennedy” in November 2003 and thought I was some “20 year old kid” (actually, 36 at the time!). He also mentioned my letter he received and chose not to answer back in 1997. [2/7/04 phone interview with Newman by the author]

Mark Harmon, a current Secret Service employee, contacted the author due to my Amazon.Com review of the 2004 National Geographic DVD "Inside The U.S. Secret Service" [2005 e-mails from Harmon to author]:

Mike Maddaloni, a Secret Service agent who served on PPD under Carter and Reagan (and who later authored two books) also contacted the author due to one of my Amazon.Com reviews, this time for the 2005 book by a former colleague of his, former Secret Service agent (ASAIC of PPD, Reagan era) Joe Petro, entitled "Standing Next To History" [2006 e-mails from Maddaloni to author]:

Maddaloni also included MY review of his book at his website:
Wow! What a page turner.

"Not On The Level" is a page turner. I am very impressed with this well-written, entertaining, and thought-provoking book by former Secret Service agent Mike Maddaloni. Uncle Tony and Uncle Sal will be burned into your brain, while Joe De Falco's narration pulls it all together. Get this book asap!

Vince Palmara- Pittsburgh, PA
Leading authority on Secret Service History and Secret Service consultant to " The History Channel".

[Mike misspells my last name ;-)]

James Mastrovito, who retired in 2004 after a career of some fifty years in law enforcement and intelligence, as an employee of the FBI and the Secret Service (playing a role in the HSCA and ARRB investigations) and as an independent contractor with the CIA, includes my lengthy comments/ articles at his Blog:

Also (unsolicited connections):

Walt Martineau, the son of former Secret Service agent Maurice Martineau [interviewed 9/21/93 and 6/7/96 by the author, as well as receiving a letter dated 11/23/97], contacted the author via e-mail in 2004;

A close neighbor of the late SAIC of the WHD during the JFK/ LBJ era, Jerry Behn (Interviewed 3 times by the author on 9/27/92; also: Jean Brownell Behn-wife 11/18/95; 11/28/97-letter; Sandra Kane-daughter of Behn 8/8/95; Behn passed away 4/21/93), contacted the author via e-mail in 2000, requesting anonymity;

Reid McNally, the grandson of former Secret Service agent--and, later, chief of WHCA---George J. McNally (a Texas trip veteran), contacted the author via e-mail in 2006;

John Letteer, the nephew of former Secret Service agent Roy Letteer, contacted the author via Debra Conway of JFK Lancer/ e-mail, then on to myself via e-mail, in 2007 regarding my book;

A close relative of Mike Reilly, the SAIC of FDR's WHD, contacted the author via e-mail in 2005;

Ned Hall III, the son of the late former agent---and Texas trip veteran---Ned Hall II, contacted the author via e-mail in 2007;

Peter Schweizer, the husband (and 'co-writer') of co-author Rochelle Schweizer for former Secret Service agent John Barletta's book "Riding With Reagan", added the author to his "Interesting People" list at Amazon.Com (due to my 5-star review of his wife's--and Barletta's---book):

See bottom of:

see also:

Jerry Bechtle Junior, the son of former Secret Service agent Jerry Bechtle, Sr. [The author previously received a letter from Bechtle, Sr. dated 12/17/97], contacted the author via e-mail on 6/29/01 (and, later, during 11/03, at the time of the author's appearance on "The Men Who Killed Kennedy"). Postscript: Bechtle, Sr. took the liberty of forwarding my letter to him on to Assistant Director of Public Affairs H. Terrence “Terry” Samway. Not surprisingly, Samway wrote back: "In regard to your question concerning the protection of President Kennedy, the Secret Service does not consider it appropriate to comment on issues of this nature. Thank you for your interest"[letter to author 1/16/98] Finally, the author wrote to the United States Secret Service, as well as phoning and e-mailing Secret Service Archivist Mike Sampson in 2004-2005, but never received a reply...although I DID notice that letters I received from former Secret Service agents (i.e. Winston Lawson)--and even Secret Service books I received via Amazon.Com---had been previously opened before I received them (Patriotic Act?)!

ARRB FINAL REPORT (Given to President Clinton, Newt Gingrich, and Trent Lott; Secret Service intimately involved in): "Vincent Palamara: Interviews with Secret Service Personnel

Vincent Palamara conducted extensive interviews with former Secret Service personnel. Palamara donated three audio cassettes of these interviews to the JFK Collection."

(postscript: Incredibly, according to Chapter 8 of the ARRB’s Final Report from 1998:“Congress passed the JFK Act of 1992. One month later, the Secret Service began its compliance efforts. However, in January 1995, the Secret Service destroyed presidential protection survey reports for some of President Kennedy's trips in the fall of 1963. The Review Board learned of the destruction approximately one week after the Secret Service destroyed them, when the Board was drafting its request for additional information. The Board believed that the Secret Service files on the President's travel in the weeks preceding his murder would be relevant [emphasis added].” As the ARRB's Doug Horne wrote in a memo dated 4/16/96: "The "final decision" to approve the Texas trip made "late Tuesday night" indicates that decision came on September 24, 1963...the Secret Service Protective Survey Reports…which were destroyed in 1995 commence with trip files starting on this same date: September 24, 1963 [emphasis added].")

January 1995 was just after the author's research, appearance in various books and journals, and various contacts with former agents really took off...

Finally, solicited connections via e-mail/ internet [note: this list does not include all author interviews/ contacts/ attempted contacts, only those of interest to this post]:

The author wrote to the AFAUSSS, The Association of Former Agents of the United States Secret Service, the USSS, and former agent Earl Devaney (Inspector General for the Department of the Interior)in July 2007 but did not receive a response

[Note: the author previously spoke to Hamilton Brown, the former Exec. Sec. of the AFAUSSS, on 9/30/92 (telling me to "cease and desist" from contacting any more of his associates!), as well as receiving letters from the current Exec. Sec. of the AFAUSSS, Don Stebbins, on 2/27/04 & 6/6/05, respectively]. The AFAUSSS has a directory, a members-only newsletter entitled "The Pipeline", the aforementioned website, and holds annual conferences across the country.

J. Walter Coughlin 1/15/04, 2/21/04: letters (including sending Coughlin his Texas A & M University Library oral history dated 4/19/86 that he did not have or was even aware of!) ; 2/22/04, 2/23/04, 2/24/04, 2/25/04, 2/26/04, 2/27/04, 2/28/04, 2/29/04, 3/1/04, 3/10/04, 12/2/04, 1/20/05, 4/25/05, 4/26/05, 4/27/05, 4/28/05, 4/28/05, 5/3/05, 5/4/05, 5/5/05, 5/6/05, 5/7/05, 7/8/05, 7/9/05, 7/11/05, 7/15/05, various in 2006: e-mails

Winston Lawson, the lead advance agent for JFK's doomed trip to Dallas, wrote the author: “I understand from my friend [fellow former agent and Texas trip veteran] Walt Coughlin that you wondered why Glen Bennett from PRS was on the trip [note: The author did not tell Coughlin, who lives in Texas, about the author’s contact with Lawson, who lives in Virginia, regarding this or any other question]" [1/20/04 letter from Lawson to the author].

Joseph Paolella, former JFK era Secret Service agent: 7/22/99-email;

A. Dale Wunderlich, former JFK era Secret Service agent (inc. working for PRS): 10/9/99-email;

Ronald M. Pontius, former JFK era Secret Service agent: Oct. 2000 e-mail;

Ken Wiesman, former JFK era Secret Service agent: Oct. 2000 e-mail;

Frank G. Stoner, former JFK era Secret Service agent (including being a PRS Liaison Officer): 1/10/04, 1/21/04, 2/15/04, 2/28/04: letters (w/ pictures+book+report); 1/17/04, 1/18/04: calls; 1/18/04, 1/19/04, 1/21/04, 2/12/04, 2/14/04, 2/15/04, 2/17/04, 2/25/04, 2/26/04, 2/27/04, 2/28/04, 3/1/04, 12/2/04 (from wife Elaine): e-mails;

Gerald W. O’Rourke, former JFK era Secret Service agent: 1/15/04 letter+2/11/04; 6/16/05, 6/17/05, 6/18/05, 7/23/05: e-mails;

Darwin David Horn Sr., former JFK era Secret Service agent: 1/30/04, 2/14/04, 2/20/04, 2/22/04, 2/23/04, 2/24/04, 2/25/04, 2/26/04, 2/27/04, 2/28/04, 3/1/04, 3/2/04, 3/3/04, 3/8/04, 3/19/04, 3/26/04, 4/25/05, 4/27/05, 5/4/05: e-mails; 2/21/04: letter (+inscribed book);

Gerald S. Blaine, former JFK era Secret Service agent: 2/7/04, 6/10/05; 6/12/05, 6/13/05, 7/9/05, 7/11/05: e-mails;

Robert R. “Bob” Snow, former JFK era Secret Service agent, Headquarters/ Public Affairs, and technical consultant to many Hollywood movies (i.e. "In The Line Of Fire"): 3/9/04-letter; 3/12/04, 12/2/04, 12/8/04, 12/9/04, 12/10/04, 12/20/04, 4/28/05: e-mails;

Paul S. Rundle, former JFK era Secret Service agent: 3/6/04-e-mail;

George D. Rogers (Assistant Director, Office of Government & Public Affairs) 6/14/05, 7/15/05: e-mails;

Annie Stromberg re: Paul Landis (WHD: First Lady Detail) 4/6/99 e-mail [Also: phoned Landis twice on 2/7/04: 2 unreturned messages; not inc. 2 unanswered letters]

Howell “Hal” Purvis, an LBJ era Secret Service agent: 2006 e-mails;

Tom Heuerman (Secret Service, 1969-1971: Minnesota, Chicago, and temporary WHD assignment protecting Nixon around the world; also protected former V.P. Humphrey) 2/12/04-e-mail

William Carter, a JFK/ LBJ era agent who took part in the post-assassination investigation (i.e. Marina Oswald) and the author of a book ("Get Carter"), April 2007 e-mail

John Barletta, a former agent best known for his Reagan era protective service (and the author of the book "Riding With Reagan"), July/ Aug. 2007 e-mails

Monday, July 23, 2007

Vince Bugliosi letter **TO*** Vince Palamara ;)
Vince Bugliosi letter to Vince Palamara dated 7/14/07:

"I want you to know that I am very impressed with your research abilities and the enormous amount of work you put into your investigation of the Secret Service regarding the assassination. You are, unquestionably, the main authority on the Secret Service with regard to the assassination. I agree with you that they did not do a good job protecting the president (e.g. see p. 1443 of my book)..."

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Vince Palamara, Vince Bugliosi
"Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F.
Kennedy" (2007) by Vincent Bugliosi:

Six pages (inc. the Bibliography) in Talbot's fine book and (book #42-- in) in Bugliosi's new massive tome (at 15 pages, inc. the Bibliography). Vince was suprisingly pretty nice to me---oh, don't get me wrong: he DOES criticize me, but he was far kinder than I could have ever imagined (esp. compared to Groden et al); only Aguilar and Tink seem to have fared better in the
"conspiracy crowd," so to speak. I guess because the bottom line is this: OSWALD OR NO OSWALD, CONSPIRACY OR NO
CONSPIRACY, THE SECRET SERVICE FAILED AND JFK WAS KILLED...which is why ***my*** work holds up, either way. But, like I said, despite my troubled feelings, I am still on your side and I haven't converted!!!

pages XV [page 3, endnotes disc] "One should not confuse the literally thousands of conspiracy buffs---who, it must be said, here and there have come up with worthwhile information overlooked by the authorities, but who desperately want there to be a conspiracy and are allergic to anthing that points away from one---with the much smaller number of assassination researchers, serious students of the assassination whose primary agenda (though many are fervently hoping to find a conspiracy) is to ferret out the truth." Among names such as Paul Hoch, Josiah Thompson, Drs. Aguilar & Mantik, and Walt Brown: Vince Palamara.

page146 [source notes disc]: 3 references, including my work in "Murder In Dealey Plaza", my book, and my Sept 1997 "Fourth Decade" article

page 347 [endnotes disc]: Quotes from my Greer article in MIDP re: book Murder From Within

page 403 footnote: credits my letter to Dr. Donald Seldin (see also the index, page 1599)

page 404: nicely credits my original research on Dr. William Zedelitz (see also the final page in his book, page 1612 index)

page 408: credits my letter to Dr. Ronald Coy Jones

page 691 [endnotes disc]: re: my interview with Marty Underwood

page 711 [endnotes disc] "no index or even page numbers: In 2005, Vincent Palamara put out a revised edition of his book with page numbers and changed the title to Survivor's Guilt: The Secret Service and the Failure to Protect the President."

page 998 footnote: I am one of the select few noted as one of the "new wave" of researchers and, when speaking of Fetzer, Bugliosi states that he "wisely gathered the best technical minds of the conspiracy community to write scholarly essays in the books that he edits"...and, as we know, I have TWO chapters in MIDP [plus favorable mentions in several of the other essays](and several sentences, here and there, in his other two books).

pages 1242-1243: mentions my work--- "Only one book I am aware of, Vince Palamara's "Third Alternative- Survivor's Guilt: The Secret Service & The JFK Murder", is devoted solely to the Secret Service's role in the case. From his EXHAUSTIVE
INVESTIGATION [my emphasis], Palamara ENDS UP FINDING THE SECRET SERVICE GUILTY OF INCOMPETENCE [my emphasis], not complicity in the murder. Although Palamara SEEMS HONEST AND INTELLIGENT [my emphasis--- thanks, Vince also-of-Italian-heritage-who-has-8-letters- in-his-last name lol], and his 1993 book IS REASONABLY WELL RESEACHED [my
emphasis---thanks, again; high praise, indeed]..."Vince B. goes on to say that my book was difficult to read and had no page
numbers [again, he recieved a 'special' 1998 'deluxe' edition, largely a compilation of articles (shoe-string budget and sacrificed
form for content)...still better than the even-slimmer 1993 version: yuk! (see page 711, above) ]. He lists some of my areas of contention and ends with "and so on"...all his criticisms are addressed and refuted, in detail, in my ***2005*** book. Also, among several former Secret Service agents who AGREE with my take on the bubbletop, another can now be added to the list:
William Carter ["I assume your theory on the bubbletop was that had it been on the car it was not bullet proof. True, however, I contend at the angle of the shot it would have altered the course of the bullet... I did the advance with Win Lawson in Little Rock 6 weeks prior to Dallas and I had complete confidence in him and considered him one of our best agents."---4/6/07 e-mail from Carter to Palamara] ALSO: disc, PAGE 22, Endnote 25 re: bubbletop---Vince B contradicts himself a little…

Vince B. then writes: "Palamara, moving almost exclusively in the world of conspiracy theorists...PROCEEDED REASONALY WELL IN HIS ASSASSINATION RESEARCH [my emphasis; again, thanks, Vince; I am a saint compared to what he thinks of Groden, Horne, Lifton et al LOL]..." then mentions SAIC of the Miami office John Marshall [former WHD agent, friend of Floyd Boring since PA State Trooper days!] STATEMENT TO THE HSCA THAT, FOR ALL HE KNEW, SOMEONE IN THE SECRET SERVICE COULD HAVE BEEN INVOLVED [AS I DULY NOTE IN MY WORK]!!!! Vince B.'s conclusion????---

"Could have, schmood have."---?!?!?!

So, needless to say, I am delighted with my treatment.

page 1276: (rightly) criticizes my lack of specific source for walkie- talkie statement, a hazard of the original, inferior 1993
Kinko's self- published Cliff Notes version (although Bugliosi had a SLIGHTLY better "deluxe"--for the time [1998]---version to work with, which he called Andy and purchased by request, much to my bemused delight back then lol)...THE SOURCE IS "CROSSFIRE", PAGE 250, since noted from 2000 onward [Bugliosi DOES note, on page 711 of his source note disc, that I came out with a page-numbered [!!!], updated version of my book-- with different title---in 2005];

page 1529 (Bibliography): lists my book

page1592 (index)-me

page 1603 (index)---one title of my book

page 1604 (index)---other title of my book


page 59 note: while buying the 'official' notion that JFK ordered the agents off the car [!], Bugliosi notes "the agent standing on the
RIGHT REAR [his emphasis] step would have blocked Oswald's sight on Kennedy's head," once again proving my point

His small Secret Service chapter (pages 1239-1247)--- page 1241:
offers the caveat "even if it could be shown that the Secret Service WAS [my emphasis] responsible for selection of
luncheon site and motorcade route," what would be their motive?---see my work

page 1443: good criticism of Secret Service by Vince B.