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Monday, January 18, 2016

Ochus Campbell said he saw Oswald "in a small storage room on the ground floor" as he rushed into the building


"In the book, I quoted from an article in the November 23, 1963 issue of the New York Herald Tribune where Ochus Campbell said he saw Oswald "in a small storage room on the ground floor" as he rushed into the building. Since I never actually saw a copy of the article—I just relied on reliable sources—I purchased a copy of the original newspaper and scanned the article below.

There's much research ...that suggests memory degrades over time and becomes less dependable. Some investigators state the rate of eyewitness memory decline is swift, dropping off sharply before leveling off the second day at a reduced rate of accuracy. And eyewitness memory becomes increasingly susceptible to contamination as time passes.

Again, this is a first day statement (written on November 22 and published the next day) that shows along with other first day statements that Oswald was on the FIRST FLOOR (by the entrance) when the police officer and his management entered the TSBD building.

First day statements by eyewitnesses are better than statements made later."

Saturday, January 9, 2016

JFK Death Threat Note From Nov. 1963 In Miami Revealed For 1st Time

JFK Death Threat Note From Nov. 1963 In Miami Revealed For 1st Time


MIAMI (CBSMiami) –

The young president faced threats on his life throughout his brief time in office before things came to a crescendo of terror in late November 1963 and South Florida played a crucial role in the days leading to Kennedy’s murder at the hands of Lee Harvey Oswald.
Just days before Kennedy’s life was ended as shots pierced the cold, November air in Dallas; he was in South Florida for what appeared to be a fairly routine presidential visit. The trip came at a time when there was growing concern over the safety of the young president.

Now, for the first-time in history, has the documents that reveal a bomb threat against JFK in Miami just days before his death. It’s a threat has confirmed that the local police knew about, but the FBI didn’t.
The story starts with a letter postmarked November 16, 1963. The letter was mailed from Miami Beach and addressed to the “Chief of Police of Miami.” The letter was from a group called the “Cuban Commandos” and threatened both President Kennedy’s life and that of then-Miami Mayor Robert King High.

The letter read (emphasis from the author):
“The Cuban Commandos have the BOMBS ready for killing JFK and Mayor KING HIGH either at the AIRPORT or at the Convention Hall.
A Catholic PADRE is going to give instruction at Cuban Womens Broadcast at (illegible time) tonight by “(illegible RADIO)” and then all are invited to Bayfront Park Auditorium and take along a BOTTLE of wine, wiskey (sic), Etc. to decide who will throw the bombs. At King High because he did sign the Ord. about (illegible) being only American Citizens and sending refugees away, Etc. Mary”
Kennedy was coming to South Florida on Monday, November 18, 1963.

Bob Hoelscher worked for the Miami-Dade Police Department for 50 years and was a counter-sniper and observer on the terrace deck of the airport hotel on November 18, 1963; the day Kennedy arrived in Miami. He guarded almost every VIP that came through Dade County from Kennedy to Clinton and started the tactical special weapons team, later known as SWAT, in 1970.

Hoelscher told that he knew of potential threats to the president ahead of his November visit.
“I was told that information had been developed that the Cubans might start a protest at an unknown location and they might make an attempt on the life of the President if there was sufficient distraction,” Hoelscher said. “I was told to keep this information to myself, watch the periphery and look for anything unusual.”
While Hoelscher and some others in the police department knew, it was strictly on a “need to know” basis.
“The information about the death threat was not shared with the rank and file out of fear that the media would find out,” Hoelscher said.
Still, the FBI didn’t have any knowledge of the specific threat in Miami.

“Doesn’t look like the FBI knew about it (the bomb threat),” said FBI historian Dr. John Fox. “I’m not finding anything involving the FBI for that date and that Presidential visit to Miami.”
The young Kennedy was in town to give a speech to the Inter-American Press Association. Kennedy would speak for 25 minutes before the group. Kennedy was brought by helicopter to Haulover Beach and then by motorcade, only blocks away, to the Americana Hotel, which later became the Sheraton Bal Harbour.
By utilizing a chopper, the Secret Service and local authorities were able to minimize Kennedy’s vulnerability.
“Using the helicopter had always been a part of the plan because an extensive motorcade is always a high hazard. There’s just too much geography involved (between Miami International Airport and Bal Harbour),” Hoelscher said. “There was talk at one point of having a decoy motorcade, but the resources just weren’t there.”
Kennedy had faced attempts on his life since before he even took the oath of office in 1961.
In 1960, Secret Service agents tracked a threat against Kennedy that nearly succeeded. Richard Pavlick came to West Palm Beach to the Kennedy compound with a Buick that the Secret Service said was filled with enough dynamite to “level a small mountain.”

Instead of being taken back to Miami International Airport by car, Kennedy was taken back to a waiting helicopter and flown to the airport to board Air Force One. The President’s plane was wheels up by 9:14 p.m. on November 18 on his way to Washington.
Kennedy had just three days to live. has also obtained two crime lab reports that indicate local police were actively investigating the bomb threat letter.
On Tuesday November 19, the Metropolitan Dade County Public Safety Department issued a lab report, case number 714987, which detailed the analysis of the bomb threat note. The memo was sent to Lt. L.J. VanBuskirk of the Criminal Intelligence Section of the Public Safety Department.

The note read:
“On November 18, 1963 Detective Ciacco of our Criminal Intelligence Section submitted to this office an anonymous typewritten card addressed to “The Chief of Police, Miami, Fla.” This card was submitted for documentation and study.”
“Studies of the typewriting on the card reveal that the type-writing was executed on a Royal Typewriter, pica type, with serial numbers near the 4,000,000 series.”

“The date of manufacture of such a machine would be before 1952.”

The note was signed by Vincent E. Severs, Criminalist, Crime Laboratory Bureau.
But again, the FBI has no record of ever being notified about the threat that was made against JFK for the November 1963 trip. reached out to the U.S. Secret Service to ask if they had any record of the bomb threat, but the Secret Service hasn’t responded as of press time.

Metro Dade Police’s investigation into the note continued as Kennedy traveled to Dallas, Texas a few days later. The same day Kennedy was driving in his motorcade in Dallas, November 1963, a Metro Dade Police memo was again issued with further test results conducted on the presidential death threat note.
According to the memo dated November 22, 1963, and again directed to Lt. L.J. VanBuskirk, Supervisor Criminal Intelligence, “Additional information reveals that the typewriter the card was written on was a Royal manufactured between 1947 and 1949. It is more likely it was manufactured in 1948.”

The second memo was sent from Charles Black, Agent, Criminal Intelligence.
But, at 1:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on November 22, the same day the second memo was issued; bullets fired by Lee Harvey Oswald ended the life of America’s 35th president and took much of an entire generation’s innocence with it

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Finished reading book #467 in my JFK assassination collection, "JFK: from Parkland to Bethesda, The Ultimate Kennedy Assassination Compendium" by Vince Palamara (my copy is inscribed by him). An excellent book! Unlike most books on the subject, this is a listing, mainly in chronological order, of the people, doctors, nurses, etc. who came into contact with JFK's body when it arrived at Parkland Hospital in Dallas through to his autopsy and the preparations for the funeral i...n Washington. But the book also provides many references to where the reader can get more detailed information about each of the subjects. The medical evidence in the assassination can seem like a daunting mountain of information almost impossible to make sense out of. But Vince has done the research community a huge service in providing this list along with some important quotes from the various individuals about what they saw on Nov. 22, 1963. In a murder case, the condition of the body can tell investigators much about how the victim was killed. In JFK's case, the official, lone-assassin theory should be indicated by small entry wounds in the rear of JFK's body with larger exit wounds in the front, since Lee Harvey Oswald was allegedly behind and above JFK during the shooting. What this book does is shatter that myth rather convincingly simply by the sheer number of witnesses who described the opposite--mainly a large wound in the right rear of JFK's head. I cannot overstate this. The number of witnesses describing this, as listed in Vince's book, is overwhelming! The book is an invaluable guide for anyone wishing to study the medical evidence and an excellent starting point for those wanting to look further. Well done, Vince!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Clint Hill (pictured here with LBJ) turns 84 today (1/4/32)

Clint Hill (pictured here with LBJ) turns 84 today (1/4/32)

Friday, January 1, 2016

Clint Hill is coming out with another book this year...

ZZZZZZZ! Can you say "cash grab"? What else is there to say after three books?!?! Many members of the Kennedy Detail who have passed on would be rolling in their graves if they knew Hill was up to this. In fact, Sam Kinney (deceased 7/21/97) told me that Hill was an agent that would never write a book and would" never sell out for any amount of money".

So much for that.



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