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Friday, September 30, 2011

LOL---someone posted this on Lisa McCubbin's Amazon Author Page

did you use Vincent Palamaras research in your book?
See latest post

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john tracz says:
did you use Vincent Palamaras research in your book?

A year later TO THE DATE...and the silence is deafening :O)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

ANOTHER reader isn't fooled

2.0 out of 5 stars Not Enough Objectivity, September 27, 2011
By Donald G. Zeiter (St. Louis, MO USA) - See all my reviews
(REAL NAME) This review is from: The Kennedy Detail: JFK's Secret Service Agents Break Their Silence (Hardcover)
The most glaring thing about this book is how the agents practically worshiped at the feet of JFK and his wife. Reading this book you get the impression that they had the most romantic marriage and were hopelessly devoted to each other as they were the only people on earth good enough for each other.

The reality, as we all know now with decades of hindsight, is that their marriage was hardly deserving of Camelot. Yet reading this book you would never know JFK had eyes for any other woman. The book talks about his 'off the record' trips but Blaine must be leaving out a lot of details everyone is aware of today and hopefully the SS agents were fully aware of at the time. If Blaine and the other agents were as clueless about JFK's liaisons as portrayed in this book they were the worst personal security agents ever.

If the agents knew of JFK's liaisons, the worship shown in this book seems strange. Blaine is described as a happy family man as are the other married agents so why were they so in awe of someone they knew slept around on his wife? It's a strange disconnect. If this book had come out in 1964 it couldn't have been more worshipful of the President and First Lady.

Of course, the shooting in Dallas is the main reason to read this book. The men protecting the president should have a different take on what happened than journalists investigating after the fact. Fortunately, the actions of the agents are detailed as are the gory and bloody descriptions of what happened after the shots hit JFK.

Reading this book and knowing what happened in Dallas it is a wonder it didn't happened sooner as the security of the president in these motorcades was practically non-existent. An 'off the record' trip to New York is described where the president is being driven through traffic like any other motorist with no police protection. 30 mile long motorcades where they slowed down among heavy crowds and tall office buildings made it impossible to stop even a half-hearted killer. Ironically, when the book talks about groups or people expected to be a threat they are described as right wing or conservatives. But of course Oswald was a lefty and Communist sympathizer.

Had the book toned down the hero worship of Kennedy and presented him as a normal human being that cannot walk on water while healing sick kids and puppies it would have been a better read. But for giving some inside details about what happened in Dallas and not adding to the stupid conspiracy theories I give it two stars.

Monday, September 26, 2011

I was right: most of the 5-star reviews for Blaine's book ARE plants!

For what it's worth (not that there is anything wrong with this, per se, but it IS a matter of ethics):

Nathan Hale and countless other "reviewers" of Blaine's book are Facebook friends of his, as I just discovered. I wrote a detailed blog a few months back chronicling my suspicions, as many of the too-glowing "reviews" originated with people from Blaine's home state of Colorado, reviewed ONLY his book (no other products), and/ or were admitted friends and associates of either himself or his associates. Facebook provided the confirmation LOL :O)

Here's the latest fraud:

If you only read x1 book about JFK... Make it this one., September 25, 2011
By Rancho relaxo - See all my reviewsAmazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: The Kennedy Detail: JFK's Secret Service Agents Break Their Silence (Hardcover)
Compelling and well written, this book makes the 'conspiracy theorists' look pitiful and deluded [dream on]. The fact that the 'conspiracy theory' JFK notion is so huge, seems in many peoples mind to imbue it with credibility [no, there are plenty of facts, NOT found in Blaine's book, that make people believe/ know there was a conspiracy]. Sorry, but fact's have credibility, emotional pandering to widesread paranoia does not [hahaha]. I wanted to know more about JFK and the assasination, and not have to put up with annoying theories that rely on the weakest evidence [hmmm---like the actual words from the AGENTS THEMSELVES via letters and calls from Vince Palamara that pre-date this book? Were they all lying to Vince?], I read this book and was glad I did [we're all happy for you...]. Furthermore, upon having read it I feel sure that JFK himself would rather the story be told by his most trusted aides [the same ones that let him get killed???]rather than some half baked 'author' trying to make a name for himself in history in rather the same way as Oswald himself was [this is a lame jab at me haha]. The fact Clint Hill, Mrs Kennedys trusted agent, put his name to this book speaks for itself [it only "speaks" to the fact that he's best friends with Blaine and he was angered by my 22-page letter that also angered Blaine].

Hey, Jer---lame lame lame :O) Oh, and prepare for legendary best-selling author Mark Lane's major book on the assassination "The Last Word": he uses MY materials and will further debunk your book. Better have all your troops ready...perhaps have your attorney write Lane a letter like you did to me: he's an attorney, too, and would appreciate a good laugh like I did, as well :O)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Notes (related to "The Kennedy Detail") in the outstanding book "Rawhide Down" by Del Quentin Wilber

Page 29: " was important that the the members of his Secret Service detail and even take their orders when necessary."

Page 42: "Better training might have prevented some of the terrible tragedies that haunted the agency. For instance, the driver of President Kennedy's limousine [Secret Service Agent William R. Greer] didn't recognize the sound of gunfire after [the] first shot. When Kennedy was hit by the second bullet, the driver slowed down as he glanced over his shoulder to see what was happening behind him. A few seconds later, with the agent having taken no evasive action and the limousine still lumbering straight down the street, the third, fatal bullet struck Kennedy in the head." On page 243 (Notes section), Wilber writes: "Many Secret Service agents expressed this sentiment in interviews [Wilber interviewed 25 former agents, including Jerry Parr, Robert Powis, Robert DeProspero, and John Simpson]." Wilber quotes from William Manchester's book "The Death of a President" [pages 155-156], "Even more tragic was the perplexity of Roy Kellerman, the ranking agent in Dallas, and Bill Greer, who was under Kellerman's supervision. Kellerman and Greer were in a position to take swift evasive action, and for five terrible seconds they were immobilized."

Page 130: "As a young military aide, [Secretary of State Alexander] Haig had helped plan Kennedy's funeral, and he'd long suspected the Soviet Union or Cuba of playing a role in the killing."

Friday, September 23, 2011

Secret Service Agent Dan Emmett

Gainesville native helped protect 3 presidents while in Secret Service
Emmett was on duty during 9/11 attacks

By Brandee A. Thomas

POSTED: September 11, 2011 1:30 a.m.

There are people who are overwhelmed by tragedies. No matter how hard they try, they can’t seem to rise above the misery of it all.
Dan Emmett isn’t one of those people. From the assassination of President John F. Kennedy to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, those tragic situations are the ones that brought his purpose into focus.
And each of those key dates ultimately led him to his career in the Secret Service.
Nov. 22, 1963
"I was 8 years old when President Kennedy was assassinated. I recall it very well," said Emmett, a Gainesville native.
"I was coming out of school, walking down the sidewalk and someone said the president had been shot and was dead. I didn’t believe them at first. I thought it was something a kid made up."
After watching news coverage with his family, Emmett realized it wasn’t a playground rumor. The president was dead.
While television reports broke the news to Emmett, it was a newspaper article showing Secret Service Agent Clint Hill sprawled on the back of the Kennedy limousine that really got Emmett’s attention. In the photo, Hill is seen attempting to shield the president and first lady with his body.
"When I saw the photograph, I asked my father why (the agent) was doing that. Dad explained to me that it was the Secret Service agent’s job to get between an assassin and the president and to take a bullet, if necessary," Emmett said.
"When I saw that photograph, it made quite an impression. I thought, ‘Gosh, that sounds like a really
important and really dangerous job. That’s exactly what I want to do some day.’"
His sentiments back then as an Enota Elementary School student weren’t a fleeting childhood fantasy.
"Throughout my young life different ambitions came and went as they do with young people, but that ambition always came back," Emmett said.
March 30, 1981
After graduating from what is now North Georgia College & State University, Emmett joined the U.S. Marine Corps. He served from 1977 to 1981 and reached the rank of captain.
With less than a year left to fulfill his military commitments, it was another president’s encounter with a shooter that reminded Emmett of his childhood goal.
"When (former President Ronald Reagan) was shot in March of 1981, that’s when I made the firm decision to become a Secret Service agent," Emmett said.
"That shooting brought that goal back to the front of my mind. I was always a very adventurous child and young person, that’s why I joined the Marine Corps. Being an infantry officer, which I was, was a very hazardous profession."
Aside from feeding his adventurous spirit, Emmett says he saw becoming a Secret Service agent as a continuation of his service to his country.
"My father was a World War II veteran. Providing service to country was instilled in me almost from birth," Emmett said.
"It was a natural progression from Marine Corps to Secret Service. It was the patriotic thing to do."
After being accepted into the Secret Service training program, Emmett worked up the ranks of service to presidential detail.
"I remember my first day (on presidential detail in 1989) very well. I reported to the west wing of the White House, which is where the Secret Service command post was located," Emmett said.
"My first day, I worked the 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. shift. I remember it was a very hectic day. Very little of the procedure is written down. Almost everything someone shows you how to do it and then you have to remember it.
"It was a hectic day, but I was very happy that I was there. I was happy that I finally made it to what I wanted to do with my career: provide direct, arms-length protection to the president."
In his 21-year career as a Secret Service agent, Emmett provided direct protection to three sitting presidents: George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.
"Secret Service agents are totally apolitical. We don’t care who is in the White House. We provide everyone with the exact same level of protection," Emmett said.
"In terms of the ones I enjoyed working with the most, it was probably (Clinton). He was the most personable of the three that I worked directly for.
"He was very outgoing and a people person. Whereas (both presidents Bush) kept things more on a business level, (Clinton) enjoyed engaging in conversations with the agents when the situation allowed."
Of all his duties over the years, the now retired agent says one of his most enjoyable was Clinton’s morning jogs.
"That’s what I would call real protection. We would run through downtown Washington in the middle of morning rush hour. No one had been swept for explosives or weapons, it was just the man on the street. Anyone could’ve been there," Emmett said.
"He did not like to run at secure facilities like the military bases around Washington. He wanted to go out and run with the public. You would have morning joggers who would see him, come over and ask if they could run with him for a while.
"He usually would agree. It made us cringe because we had no idea who this person was, but we were running within two steps of him, keeping a very close eye on that person."
Sept. 11, 2001
In 1994, Emmett settled into his role as instructor at the U.S. Secret Service Academy.
Initially, he was only planning to stay for a few years before retiring. He ultimately enjoyed teaching so much he decided to stay on and scrapped plans for retirement.
If it wasn’t for the events that occurred on 9/11, he could possibly still be teaching.
"I was busy teaching a class when someone said an airplane had flown into one of the World Trade Center towers. I’m a private pilot, so I know things about flying and I knew that the East Coast was experiencing good weather that day, so that just didn’t sound right," Emmett said.
"It didn’t sound like an accident to me. About a half hour later, another instructor came by and said another plane had flown into the other World Trade tower. At that point, I knew we were definitely under attack."
Immediately following the terrorist attacks, Emmett says things changed quickly at the academy.
"We changed from a five-day training week to six days. The instructors never got to go home," Emmett said.
"We were constantly shoveling new agents through the pipeline."
The attacks also changed something inside of Emmett.
"At that point, I decided I needed to go back to the presidential detail as soon as I could," Emmett said.
"Had it not been for 9/11, I probably would’ve retired from service directly from the training academy."
After completing his final year on presidential detail in 2004, Emmett joined the Central Intelligence Agency, a move he also says was inspired by 9/11.
"The CIA offered me a really good job in the counterterrorism center. That allowed me to be right where I wanted to be," Emmett said.
"In the Secret Service, you’re always on the defense, trying to stop an attack. But at the (CIA), you’re on the offense. Had it not been for 9/11, I never would’ve gone into the (CIA). Sept. 11 changed everything."
Emmett now resides in Alabama, but visits his Gainesville family monthly. He recently finished a book about his career in the Secret Service. It is tentatively titled "Worthy of Trust and Confidence" and should be released by the beginning of next year.
"‘Worthy of trust and confidence’ is the Secret Service motto. People always ask me if we agents take an oath promising to take a bullet (for the people under our protection)," Emmett said.
"There’s no such oath. Secret Service agents do not want to take a bullet for anyone. We’re not martyrs looking to die. It’s just understood that you may be called upon to place your life in jeopardy, so that the office of the presidency can survive.
"Taking a bullet is not something you want to do, but something you would do if the situation presented itself."

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Notes on/ review of "Get Carter" by former Secret Service Agent William Carter

Notes on/ review of "Get Carter" by former Secret Service Agent William Carter

"Get Carter" copyright 2006 Bill Carter

[NOTE: ITEMS IN BOLD DEBUNK BLAINE'S "THE KENNEDY DETAIL", four years before publication, by a fellow JFK/ LBJ agent!]

(includes an excerpt from correspondence I had WITH Bill Carter)

Bill Carter was a Secret Service Agent who, like Blaine, protected JFK & LBJ. Unlike Blaine, Carter also was sent to Dallas shortly after the assassination via Inspector Thomas Kelley re: the investigation. Unlike Blaine, Carter interviewed important TSBD witnesses and guarded the Oswald family, as well as accompanying Marina Oswald to her WC testimony. Finally, unlike Blaine, Carter interviewed both Jack Ruby & Earline, needless to say, he was infinitely more important to the Service---and the study of the JFK assassination---than Blaine ever was

(pages 9, 10, 20, 21, 32, 33, etc: Agent Roy Leteer)


(page 24: SAIC Gerald Behn)

page 25 Agent Dick Keiser "one of my best friends in the Secret Service" (see also page 52)

(page 25: Agent Clint Hill)

also page 25: first mentions the "friendship" issue (between the agents and the president) as an alleged matter of importance regarding JFK's security

(page 27: Agent Jim Plichta)

(page 28: Agents Jim Plichta, John Gorman, and Carroll Hamilton)

(page 32: Agent Win Lawson)

(page 33: Agents Lawson, Olsson, Grant, Ed Morey re: Little Rock trip with JFK October 1963)



page 36: Win Lawson became a good friend

page 40: the bubbletop "would have shattered or disrupted the trajectory of the bullet"---"I assume your theory on the bubbletop was that had it been on the car it was not bullet proof. True, however, I contend at the angle of the shot it would have altered the course of the bullet... I did the advance with Win Lawson in Little Rock 6 weeks prior to Dallas and I had complete confidence in him and considered him one of our best agents."---4/6/07 e-mail from Carter to Palamara [also: page 74- the bubbletop " would have been sufficient to alter the course of the bullets"]

page 41: "recommended Secret Service procedure, which stated that two agents from the follow-up car would ride on running boards on each side and to the rear of the presidential limo."

page 43: interviewed several important TSBD witnesses

[pages 273-274: memo from Behn to Rowley dated 12/9/63---after-the-fact, not signed or on Treasury Department stationary, but appears to be an extended (the ending) version of Behn's April 1964 report]

page 45: (from Clint Hill's report) "If the crowd is very heavy, but the automobile is running at a rather rapid speed, the agent rides on the left rear of the presidential automobile on a step specifically designed for that purpose" [see also page 281]

page 46: "I believe it was [JFK's] destiny to die that day in Dallas"---gee, that's good to hear from an agent-NOT!

page 47: believes no agents on/ near the rear of the limo played a major role in JFK's death!

page 53: "worked for the Warren Commission" in Dallas (!)

pages 53-54: accompanied Marina Oswald to her WC testimony+security of Oswald family [see also picture on page 104]

page 54: "...not only did I know about the supposed brainwashing [of Oswald's family], but I was one of the people responsible for it. You hear about alleged conspiracy theories, and it's odd to realize you were a part of the conspiracy."--!!!!

page 54: "the raw footage of the film shot by Abraham Zapruder"; when film show years later, "the portion that was so graphic had been cut out"--!!

(page 54: agents Charlie Kunkel and Mike Howard)

(page 55: agents Kunkel, Howard+ Art Blake, Gary Seale, and Leon Gopadze re: Oswalds)

(page 56: agents James Leckey, Anthony Sherman, Lawrence Hess, and Talmadge Bailey re: investigation)

(page 61: agents Maurice Miller, Jerry Parr, Robert Jamison, and Ed Moore- also re: investigation)

page 61: interviewed Jack Ruby

page 70: interviewed Earline Roberts, Oswald's landlady- mentions the police car horn incident but doesn't note it's tremendous significance!

page 74: Carter does erroneously state, with no direct evidence (examples: claiming he heard it directly or in writing before the fact), the JFK-ordered-the-agents-off-the-limo-crap...Carter wasn't on the Dallas trip or, for that matter, the Tampa trip four days before and, if that wasn't enough, on the very same page, he erroneously states that BILL GREER drove President Nixon later--uhhh, Bill: Mr. Greer retired in 1966!

page 84: Win Lawson held in high esteem; both Hill & Lawson suffered enormously due to the assassination

page 85: "Senior agents were frequently in a position to know what was being discussed [re: JFK & White House policy]"

pages 87-88+94: Agent Bob Taylor, SAIC of Memphis office; later, SAIC of LBJ and Nixon

page 103: captions the Altgen's photo on Elm Street as allegedly depicting the agents in the follow-up car looking upward towards the TSBD as the source of the shots, but Paul Landis stated that at least one shot came from the front (and both himself and Ready appear to be looking sideways, perhaps to the rear, but NOT up, while agent Bennett stated he saw a bullet strike the president several inches down on the BACK. In addition, Agent Sam Kinney told me he believed there was a conspiracy, all three shots made their mark on JFK, and the right rear of JFK's head was blasted, thus ALSO confirming Agent Hill's WC testimong and report on the head shot matter [Hill also corroborates Bennett re: the placement of the BACK wound]. Finally, aides Dave Powers and Ken O'Donnell believed at least one shot came from the front, while ATSAIC Emory Roberts stated in his report that "no one seemed to know" WHERE the shots came from!!!)

[many chapters of NON-JFK material]

page 240: former agents Win Lawson and Toby Chandler were both on Dr. Billy Graham's security detail for many years (approx 1980's-early 2000's, perhaps longer]!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sweet message from Abe Bolden to myself and a fellow researcher :O)


I have been trying to contact former agent Paolella concerning this question. So far, he hasn't answered my inquiry. I'll keep working on it. Some of the agents who would have been there are still alive.

You might try to direct your inquiry to Vince Palamara, the foremost authority on the secret service in the 60's. If he can be of help, he will be glad to assist you. He is a personal friend of mine and a very good researcher. He can be reached at the above email address.

Abraham W. Bolden, Sr.

Fabulous, intimate portrait of a First Lady through her own words: a treasure!

71 of 73 people [so far!]found the following review helpful on Amazon:

Fabulous, intimate portrait of a First Lady through her own words: a treasure!, September 14, 2011
This review is from: Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy (Hardcover)
A preliminary review: this book is an outstanding contribution to our understanding of one of the greatest First Ladies in our nation's history (in my opinion, only Eleanor Roosevelt and Betty Ford are her rivals). Jacqueline Kennedy comes to life in these pages, brilliantly edited and commented by renowned presidential historian Michael Beschloss. After reading so many "tell all" Jackie books that claim to have the "inside word", it is refreshing to have Jackie herself provide the first person account, not some journalist with 'sources'. There are many treasures and insights to be found in these pages, told in an intimate, straightforward fashion. As someone who has read countless books pertaining to President and Mrs. Kennedy, I thought nothing could surprise me at this late juncture. I was wrong. Caroline Kennedy has done us all a great service in providing the actual audio recordings from her mother's conversations with JFK aide Arthur Schlesinger, nobly transcribed and commentated by Beschloss.

"Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy" is required reading for all Kennedy fanatics and students of the First Lady. Again, this is merely a humble preliminary review, but, from what I have read and seen so far, I am greatly impressed. Highly recommended.

Vince Palamara

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vince Palamara brand new White House, Treasury Bldg, & EOB videos 9/9/11

THE WHITE HOUSE & A ROOFTOP Secret Service Agent- Vince Palamara & The Kennedy Detail

THE WHITE HOUSE & Executive Office Building- Vince Palamara & The Kennedy Detail

THE WHITE HOUSE- Vince Palamara & The Kennedy Detail

THE WHITE HOUSE & A ROOFTOP Secret Service Agent- Vince Palamara

THE WHITE HOUSE & Executive Office Building- Vince Palamara & The Kennedy Detail

THE WHITE HOUSE- Vince Palamara & The Kennedy Detail

The Treasury Building- Vince Palamara & The Kennedy Detail

Kennedy bodyguard reflects on defending the White House

Kennedy bodyguard reflects on defending the White House
· Written by Andrew Wen

· Published Sep 13, 2011

Retired secret service agent Clint Hill, who ran and jumped onto President John F. Kennedy’s car when he was assassinated in 1963, spoke about his experience protecting and forging a friendship with former First Lady and American icon Jacqueline Kennedy, on Monday

Hill spoke to an audience of several hundred people about Jacqueline Kennedy’s life, character and the experience dealing with John F. Kennedy’s assassination at the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum.

At first, he said, he was dismayed to find out he was responsible for protecting the first lady and said he wanted nothing to do with it, because the only thing that first ladies did at the time was attend fashion shows. Kennedy, he found out, was quite the opposite— she had an adventurous streak.

“She thought that it would be wonderful if I learned to water-ski,” Hill said. “At first it was an absolute disaster, and I spent more time underwater than above.”

Kennedy was a great mother, Hill said. She demanded her children to treat every adult, including the secret service, with respect.

“She wanted the children to be brought up as normal children,” he said. “The agents were to treat them as one of their own. When they fell down you didn’t help them.”

Hill said Kennedy was a woman who had a strong set of beliefs and morals— during the Cuban Missile Crisis, she refused to go down to the bunkers.

“She said, ‘I’m not going to let that dictator determine my future.’ She was determined not to give into the threats made by the Soviets,” Hill said.

When the conversation shifted to J.F.K.’s assassination, Hill said he could not cope with it for a long time, often visiting the shooting spot until he realized he did everything he could have done.

He recalled a conversation he had with Jacqueline Kennedy on a plane ride after the president was pronounced dead.

“She was so much more concerned about my well-being and [that of] the other agents, she wanted to make sure that we were okay… she was more concerned about us than herself,” Hill said.

Hill spoke of Kennedy as a playful woman, fond of playing practical jokes and seeking out adventure. With some prompt from the audience, Hill revealed that she was also a closet chain-smoker.

“I was her enabler. I was the guy with the cigarettes and the lighter, so blame me,” he said, amid laughter from the audience.

Participants said the forum was eye-opening.

“It was fascinating. I was around during the assassination, so this really hit home,” said Marshall Levy, a Boston resident. “It brought back a lot of memories.”

Bill Mullen, also of Boston, said he is amazed by how much is still unknown about the Kennedys.

“It was great, especially the idea about what he said about responsibility. It’s amazing we still don’t know so much about the Kennedys,” he said. “She was as much of a celebrity as President Kennedy was.”

"Gerald Blaine incorrectly stated "

From an online book preview:

Marilyn Monroe: A Case for Murder - Page 82
Jay Margolis - 2011 - 456 pages - Google eBook - Preview

Secret Service agent Gerald Blaine incorrectly stated Marilyn and the President were only in each other's company two times. The first time they met he claimed was at the Lawford beach house in 1961 and the second time was at the ...

From an online encyclopedia:
Secret Service conspiracy
The Secret Service agents present during the assassination, including SAIC Roy Kellerman, ATSAIC Emory P. Roberts, and SA William Robert Greer all failed to prevent the assassination of the president--and some researchers maintain that they didn't even try. Roberts, supervisor of the follow up car, recalled agents rushing to the stricken president's aid. Kellerman, Kennedy's assigned bodyguard and aware that the president was hit, remained calmly seated during the shooting. Greer, driver of the presidential limo, slowed or stopped the vehicle during the shooting and looked back at JFK twice, ignoring a direct order from Kellerman to "get out of line". Greer later denied these actions during his testimony. [87] The uncharacteristic actions and inactions of these three agents exposed Kennedy to a potential crossfire at the precise moment of the attack. Conspiracy theorists argue that this systemic failure indicates criminal negligence or direct involvement in the plot.

After the attack, Kellerman and Greer forcibly removed the president's body over the objection of officials at Parkland Hospital and maintained uninterrupted custody of the president's remains until the body was treated by a mortician, sealed in its burial casket, and placed under guard in the White House. Conspiracy theorists further argue that these actions constituted an illegal seizure of prima facie evidence and a coverup. Not a single Secret Service agent was called to account for the systemic failure on Elm Street, nor for the ensuing illegal seizure of evidence, which supporters of the theory say is indicative of a government coverup.[88]

In 1995, the Secret Service destroyed files pertaining to JFK's travels in the weeks preceding his murder, in direct contravention of the 1992 JFK Act, and while the AARB was drafting a request for them. [89]

1. ^ Report of The President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy [3]
2. ^ Survivor's Guilt, Palamara [4]
3. ^ AARB Final Report [5]

Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Greetings from Sarajevo"

Mr. Palamara,
Greetings from Sarajevo. I just want to say Thank you for all the hard work that you have done overs the years in getting down to the bottom of what happened to our 35th President 48 years ago. I have followed your work for a long time. Personally I never have nor ever will believe in the findings of the Warren Commission. Being 51 now (I was born in 1960 in Vallejo, CA) this assassination event to this day greatly disturbs me. Tremendously!!! I still remember both of my parents crying there eyes out as a 3 year old boy. And still our Government every 11/22/63 anniversary stills preaches that LHO did it and that's that! To me this is simply amazing. I've studied this case since about 1972 (when I was 12 years old) and the more I know about what happened that Friday afternoon the more it points to our government. That's my opinion. Take care and God bless you.

Terrence Lee Andrews
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dick Cheney...deja vu?

1.0 out of 5 stars Read most of it then threw it in the garbage, September 1, 2011
Vince "music/ Secret Service/Steelers fanatic" (Pittsburgh, PA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir (Hardcover)
Dick Cheney is a liar and a killer. What's more, his commitment to the unfinanced Iraq war and his unswerving devotion to cutting taxes for the rich and deregulating America's financial and commercial institutions helped put us where we are now. One clear illustration of Mr. Cheney's character was his role in the drama of CIA operative Valerie Plame and her husband, Joe Wilson. Heck, he even shoots his friend and gets away with it!

Cheney always presents himself as a solid, rugged Westerner, a son of Wyoming where the license plates have a cowboy on them. But when it came to fighting in the Vietnam War, for which he was a potential draftee, Mr. Cheney had "other priorities."

Then there was his role at war profiteer Halliburton. Need I say more?

In regard to rewriting history to suit his own purposes, Dick Cheney has alot in common with former JFK Secret Service agent Gerald Blaine of "The Kennedy Detail" infamy (who looks remarkably like Cheney these days), who, like Cheney's weopons-of-mass-destruction fraud, falsely claimed that President Kennedy ordered the agents off his limousine in Tampa, which had deep ramifications for the trip four days later to Dallas on 11/22/63, despite the fact that he himself denied that this was true to myself, joining many of his more senior colleagues on this score.

But, alas, Cheney (and Blaine) had history to rewrite and money to make. Avoid this book. I am ashamed of myself for lining his pockets.

Dick Cheney: despised by the Secret Service, September 1, 2011
Vince Palamara "SECRET SERVICE/JFK/STEELERS/M... (South Park/Bethel Park, PA) - See all my reviews

This review is from: In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir (Hardcover)
As someone who has interviewed many former secret Service agents, I am amazed at the large number who wax on about how much they liked President Bush's humor and, easy, down-to-Earth manner, yet, on the condition of anonymity, show utter contempt for his Vice President. What do they know that we don't?

In regard to rewriting history to suit his own purposes, Dick Cheney has alot in common with former JFK Secret Service agent Gerald Blaine of "The Kennedy Detail" infamy (who looks remarkably like Cheney these days), who, like Cheney's weopons-of-mass-destruction fraud, falsely claimed that President Kennedy ordered the agents off his limousine in Tampa, which had deep ramifications for the trip four days later to Dallas on 11/22/63, despite the fact that he himself denied that this was true to myself, joining many of his more senior colleagues on this score.

But, alas, Cheney (and Blaine) had history to rewrite and money to make.