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Wednesday, March 17, 2021



I don’t care what book you read- they all have errors. Either spelling/typos, grammar, or factual errors, they exist, to a greater or less degree, in every book I have ever read, perhaps especially in non-fiction books. When you have a lengthy book dealing with so many facts, allegations and sources, inevitably something slips thru that is in error to some degree or another that either you or your editor miss, even in spite of multiple checks and so forth. There are also myriad unforeseen circumstances.

With that said, here is a list of the ones I have caught that should be corrected in future editions. If I find any more I will add them:

Page 6: inconsequential, but my 1995 COPA photo is dark. This was a grainy color video photo that became dark when printed in black and white;

Page 20, footnote 103: wish—should be which

Pages 20-21: THREE of the four never before published (the last one I have seen before)

Pages 24 and 344: While I did first hear of this Dr. Horsley from Matt Douthit, it actually originated from the 2013 book We We There (I don’t own the book, so Matt was MY source)

Page 26: the first photo of Winston Lawson from 2003 does not, in actual fact, depict him demonstrating the JFK head wound. The 2013 photo does, while the footnote depicts him stating that the back of Kennedy’s head was gone. I have the 2013 video on my You Tube channel, while I literally saw with my own eyes the Virginian-Pilot article mentioned in the footnote (and which is also referenced in my first and second books). Long story short: someone sent me the screen shot from Lawson’s lengthy 2003 Sixth Floor interview (as shown on C-SPAN) and, since I already knew of what he conveyed in 2010 and 2013, I assumed that the screen shot merely was yet another depiction of the former agent demonstrating the location of the JFK head wound. Researcher/author Will O’Halloran brought to my attention on 3/17/21 that, in actual fact, Lawson was merely scratching his head! Good news: the publisher has stated that he will eliminate the first 2003 image. I suppose the lesson to be learned: even if it looks legit, unless you yourself see or hear it, don’t make the mistake of assuming a still image conveys what you think it does.

Secret Service agent Winston Lawson: JFK head wound – YouTube

Do you remember where you were? He does: With JFK – The Virginian-Pilot (

Secret Service agent Winston Lawson- too fast of a shooting sequence – YouTube

Page 32: Elmer (for Elmer Moore) [first name omitted, but added soon after]

Page 36: Evalea Glanges technically a medical student then, not a nurse

Page 132: relatively inconsequential (both dates soon after the assassination), but which is it: 11/27/63 or 12/2/63? When now-retired researcher Bill Adams forwarded me this information (text only; not the actual doc) in an e-mail back in 1999 (that is referenced in my first book, page 306), he included the detail that the calls were received on 11/27/63, based off what he described as “FBI report dated 11/27/63” and the text is shorter and appears to be a summary of this more detailed two-page document. It could very well be that the calls were received on 11/27/63 and the date of the report (or both reports) was 12/2/63. In any event, I received the date 11/27/63 from Adams [as a side note, I have been unable to find Bill Adams since I lost touch with him about 20 years ago]

Page 143: “…NORTH Vietnamese Army (NVA)…” Should be “…SOUTH Vietnamese Army (SVA)…”

[as Deb Galentine says: “That’s a very important distinction. The NVA fought like tigers. The SVA just were not that into it. Diem controlled the SVA, not the NVA. We were “training” the SVA, as much as we could without Diem’s commitment to taking over the war.”]

Page 153: the “ominous statement” part of the Robinson entry (the tail end) has been debunked by Matt Douthit. I got this not only from author Doug Horne of the ARRB (in his referenced book) but also from respected researcher and Lifton aide Wallace Milam (from his COPA 1994 appearance) and at least one other medical researcher (Dr. Gary Aguilar, I think), so I thought it could be trusted. It turns out “the time the people moved [etc.]” statement is just an innocent thought, although, in abbreviated form, it appears alarming.

Page 261: Reporter Robert Clark of ABC was also there on 11/22/63 (albeit in a car traveling through the area) and on 6/4/68…but he was an officially-assigned famous reporter, not a “regular” person, let alone a suspicious one with ties to the Mafia and David Ferrie!

Near bottom of page 312: whew should be when

Page 383: Marie Tippit died 3/2/21

Page 384: Bill Duncan died 3/14/21

In the “nitpicking” category-

Chapter 9 (pages 293-365/ 202 entries):

#37 Royce Skelton: While he seems to be describing TWO missed shots and a possible fourth shot, he does not state they came from the front; still valuable, though

NOTE: I was also told by one reader that the newspaper articles are mostly illegible on the kindle version, as opposed to the clarity on the paperback version. This could be the model of the kindle, but it is duly noted.


Deb responds: "I believe info about Ruth’s trip is in Douglass’ “JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters.” The road-trip Ruth took to visit her sister in 9/1963 is common knowledge; I believe it’s a part of Ruth’s WC testimony or HSCA testimony because it pertained to her dropping off Marina, et al, at LHO’s place in LA. Ruth’s sister’s name was Sylvia Hoke & her employment with CIA is a matter of record. I do not recall saying that Ruth visited her sister at CIA headquarters. She may have. But Ruth stayed with her sister in VA, according to Ruth. IOW, Ruth visited her sister who worked at CIA headquarters. Whether or not Ruth traipsed across the seal on the floor of CIA headquarters is unknown. Here is documentation of Ruth’s sisters’ CIA employment.

Ruth’s sisters’ full name was “Sylvia Hyde Hoke.” I don’t know if she is still living. Ruth’s father also had intelligence connections.

Ruth still admits to visiting her sister in Sept. 1963. This is from a Village Voice article July 29, 2020. Seems Ruth is still pumping her cover story. 


Jim DiEugenio added:

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