Vince Palamara- author of "Survivor's Guilt"- SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN FOR MANY POSTINGS AND MORE!

Vince Palamara- author of "Survivor's Guilt"- SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN FOR MANY POSTINGS AND MORE!
Vince Palamara- author of "Survivor's Guilt: The Secret Service and the Failure to Protect President Kennedy"


"SURVIVOR'S GUILT: The Secret Service & The Failure To Protect President Kennedy" by Vince Palamara COMING OCTOBER 2013 ! THE PERFECT ANTIDOTE TO GERALD BLAINE'S PROPAGANDA-***CLICK ON THE PIC***


“The Kennedy Detail” repeats constantly an alleged Kennedy quote about "Ivy League charlatans" that the author tries to convince (brainwash?) the reader into taking what was simply an off-hand quote/joke by JFK and turn it into a proclamation of strict procedure protocol-an astute comment from a reader



President Kennedy's Secret Service White House Detail +

President Kennedy's Secret Service White House Detail +
President Kennedy's Secret Service White House Detail + various other important/ temp/ PRS agents, as compiled from the massive collection of the leading authority on the Secret Service, especially during the JFK era: Vince Palamara

Secret Service JFK

Secret Service JFK
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Secret Service JFK

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Major shake up in Secret Service

Major shake up in Secret Service

"The Secret Service has decided to remove four of its most senior officials while a fifth has decided to retire, the biggest management shake-up at the troubled agency since its director resigned in October after a string of security lapses, according to people familiar with internal discussions...The four assistant directors who were told to leave are: Dale Pupillo, who oversees protective operations; Paul Morrissey, who oversees the agency’s investigative mission; Jane Murphy, who leads the agency’s governmental and public affairs; and Mark Copanzzi, who oversees technology and the tools for mission support.
The retiring assistant director, Vic Erevia, who had been promoted in 2013 to be assistant director for protection after serving as head of Obama’s detail and then named assistant director for training in 2014, announced that he would retire this year in the wake of the panel’s findings"

VIC EREVIA, former SAIC of PPD for Obama and the man who replace current Acting Director Joe Clancy in that position:

My blog on Mr. Erevia I have had since 2011:



JANE MURPHY: see photo below



Wednesday, January 7, 2015

LBJ's regards for Floyd Boring

From a respected researcher who found this via Secret Service agent Floyd Boring's estate (Floyd died in 2008). The guy the researcher obtained it from said it was hanging in Boring's home office.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

A rebuttal to a lone-nutter's attempt at excuses for Secret Service failure on 11/22/63

A rebuttal to a lone-nutter's attempt at excuses for Secret Service failure on 11/22/63- specifically, this link:

DVP wrote:
"the security for President Kennedy's motorcade on November 22nd, 1963, in Dallas, Texas, was absolutely no different in any substantial way from other pre-11/22/63 motorcades that Mr. Kennedy rode in during his 1,037 days as the 35th U.S. Chief Executive"

VMP responds:

DEAD WRONG- as I have demonstrated in many videos, countless blogs, and in my book SURVIVOR'S GUILT: THE SECRET SERVICE AND THE FAILURE TO PROTECT PRESIDENT KENNEDY, it was common for Kennedy motorcades to follow most (if not all) of these procedures:

-building rooftops guarded

This, in and of itself, covers in total the manpower issues the Secret Service faced circa 1961-1963 and prior to this time period, as well. I am not stupid: I have NEVER said that agents were ALWAYS on or near the rear of the limousine, as they were not (as anyone can see from a quick Google search). What I HAVE always maintained is a) the buildings were manned and guarded to more than "make up" for this periodic deficiency in security and b) JFK had NOTHING to do with the agents not being there (and it is a lie to blame him for the agents lack of presence near the limousine).  Also, the agents did NOT block the public's view of JFK; this is a myth, pure and simple (see chapter one of my book). This procedure- the guarding of buildings- also covered JFK for whenever he periodically stood in the limousine to wave to the crowd.
-many motorcycles flanked the limousine in good number
As the HSCA rightly stated, the Dallas stop was "uniquely insecure" for the change in quality and quantity of motorcycle coverage...and, once again, JFK had NOTHING to do with the limiting of motorcycles, either (and it is a lie to blame him for this, as well)
-police lined the streets and faced the crowd
-police mingling in the crowds
-military lined the streets and faced the crowd
-the SAIC (Behn) or his immediate assistant (Boring) always accompanied the president
-a military aide usually rode between the driver agent and the (A)SAIC in the front of the limo
-fast speed of procession
-agents on or near the rear of the limousine
-Dr. Burkley close to JFK
-(sometimes) a helicopter manned the route
-(sometimes) the bubbletop, partial or full, was used (I found between 20-30 different instances, roughly A THIRD of all JFK motorcades-see:)
-press/ photographers close to JFK, including a flatbed truck in front of the limo
-overpasses cleared of spectators, guarded
-detective security vehicle used (in conjunction with Secret Service follow-up car)
-proper threat assessments via the FBI, local police, CIA, and the Secret Service itself via its PRS division

Please see:

DVP includes photos of various motorcades in an attempt to show that Dallas was no different than these trips.

First photo, Hawaii- agents DID indeed ride on and walk/ jog/ run beside JFK (see the above blog and my You Tube channel), but not during the entire motorcade. The building coverage, as well as police lining the streets and mingling in the crowds themselves, more than made up for the periodic times the agents were not directly by the limo.
Second photo, D.C. motorcade- see chapter three of my book: D.C. motorcades, along with visits to military bases, were perhaps the most heavily guarded of any type of motorcade JFK (or any other president, for that matter) was involved with, as this was the COMMON INAUGURAL, WELL KNOWN ROUTE that most everyone knew of in advance. As such, not only were buildings covered, TWO follow-up cars filled with agents were used, as well as a good number of military and police officers lining the streets and facing the crowds AND the use of agents and police IN the crowds themselves. In addition, manhole covers were sealed shut.
Third photo, another D.C. motorcade- see above commentary (and notice agents walking with limo and partial bubbletop)
Fourth photo, another D.C. motorcade- again, see above commentary (and notice both police and military lining street and partial bubbletop once again)
Fifth photo, yet another D.C. motorcade- ditto (and notice two follow-up vehicles and guarded parade route)
Sixth photo, Tampa, 11/18/63- agents famously DID indeed ride on the rear of the limousine and building rooftops were guarded, among other things. THIS specific photo was taken at McDill AIR FORCE BASE: again, see the above commentary and my Tampa blog:
Seventh photo, the same D.C. motorcade as depicted in photo five!
Eight photo: 1962 night time motorcade to New Mexico MILITARY BASE- see pertinent commentary above.
Ninth photo, the same Hawaii motorcade as depicted in photo one!

Video of 6/6/63 San Diego motorcade: depicts military (Marines) lining street and facing crowd, excellent motorcycle formation, SAIC Behn in limo, press photographers-including live newsfeed!-in front of limo, and the buildings were, once again, covered.
Video/ film of 3/23/63 Chicago motorcade: great motorcycle formation, detective car, and agents DID ride on the limo-specifically, ole DON LAWTON HIMSELF!

DVP writes:
we can know by reading the official Secret Service assassination report that the U.S. Secret Service did not have a habit of checking every building and every window along motorcade routes in 1963. See pages 12 and 13 of the 12/18//63 Secret Service Report (Warren Commission Document No. 3

VMP responds:
This AFTER-THE-FACT whitewash report is in error and is dealt with in my book; no mystery there.
Again, see:
(as well as this entire blog)

DVP writes:
With respect to the so-called "Secret Service Standdown" at Love Field, new information surfaced in 2010 that should be weighed when attempting to reach a conclusion regarding the identity of a particular "shrugging" Secret Service agent who appears briefly in a videotaped clip of JFK's car just as the motorcade was leaving Love Field Airport.

In the 2010 book "The Kennedy Detail", co-written by former Secret Service agents Gerald Blaine and Clint Hill, it is revealed that the Secret Service agent who appears to be bewildered and who is holding his arms out to his side in the TV footage is not the person that most people for years believed him to be--Henry Rybka. Instead of Rybka, however, the bewildered agent is most likely an agent by the name of Donald Lawton, whose assignment on 11/22/63 was to remain at Love Field. He was never scheduled to be a part of the actual motorcade through the city of Dallas that day. [ETC. ETC. ETC.]

VMP responds:
DEAD WRONG on most of the major points- please see:

See all the videos, pics, and individual posts, but see especially this NEW information:

See also my book, including the photo section...but the new information is devastating to Blaine, Hill, McCubbin, and DVP.

DVP's "addendum #1 and #2" wherein he says:

"yes, I am aware of Mr. Palamara's many personal telephone conversations and interviews with several Secret Service agents who told Palamara that President Kennedy never expressed any such desire regarding the agents not riding on the bumper of the car, but these words appear in the 12/18/63 Secret Service Report nevertheless."

VMP responds:

"Several"?!? And just "Secret Service agents"?!See chapter one of my book. All that official CYA after-the-fact "response" to the WC is bunk. See also:
(also, the report excerpt he posts mentions the Tampa trip, which was THE LONGEST DOMESTIC MOTORCADE JFK EVER TOOK, second only to the one in Berlin for the longest one ever- in both instances, agents rode on the rear of the limo for the vast majority of the time, buildings were guarded, etc. Please see both links, especially the specific second post:)

DVP "addendum #3- #8":

old news- excerpts from the April 1964 official CYA after-the-fact reports

VMP responds:

SEE ESPECIALLY CHAPTER ONE OF MY BOOK. Blaine tried this crap in his book and tried to make these some grand revelation, too...hello! Who DOESN'T know about these?!?!? The issue is the CREDIBILITY of what is being alleged...otherwise, we can believe O.J. Simpson's book wherein he states his innocence and President Clinton's INITIAL statement that he "never had sex with that woman." These have been debunked, including by three of the five authors of these reports!

See also the numerous videos at my You Tube page:

Vince Palamara

JFK-FROM PARKLAND TO BETHESDA: The Ultimate Kennedy Assassination Compendium: COMING FALL 2015

JFK-FROM PARKLAND TO BETHESDA: The Ultimate Kennedy Assassination Compendium




Wednesday, December 31, 2014


10/16/63- CORD MEYER OF THE CIA and others have lunch with JFK (Secret Service log via JFK Library) [Secret Service agent Thomas Shipman is buried on this date- he died two days before of a "heart attack" at Camp David]

Meeting about Vietnam BEFORE--BEFORE--JFK was to depart for the Chicago trip (marked "cancelled" here). As Pierre Salinger said, JFK would not cancel his trip over the Diem assassination. The ostensible reason was a "cold" (the same excuse used, ironically the year before IN CHICAGO, regarding the Cuban Missile Crisis)

11/21-11/23/63 TEXAS TRIP:


Monday, December 29, 2014

6/10/63 agents on limo, lots of motorcycles

6/10/63 agents on limo, lots of motorcycles

"With a phalanx of motorcycle escorts and police cars, and with Secret Service agents standing on its hydraulic steps, the Lincoln carried the president around Washington and the world like a pharaoh on a golden litter borne by an army of attendants. Five months and 12 days later, it would carry him through the streets of Dallas."

Excerpted from Two Days in June: John F. Kennedy and the 48 Hours that Made History by Andrew Cohen.