Dear Vince,
I just came upon your blog about the contents of your upcoming book, "Survivor's Guilt" and from what I've read so far I find it utterly captivating. I'm thankful that someone is finally peeling back the layers of lies and misinformation to get to the truth. I thought I'd share this YouTube musical/visual presentation reflecting on the lasting effects of JFK's assassination almost 50 years ago. I co-wrote the song "Childhood's End" and assisted in the video production. By the way, there is no sensationalism in this production and it has nothing to do with conspiracy theories. It's simply a look back at that dark day in our history almost a half a century ago and its far-reaching effects on our nation and the world.
I've been a lyricist/songwriter all my life, having the good fortune of working with a number of talented and gifted artists over the past 30+ years. The songwriting credit I'm most proud of is providing the words for "Shadowland", a song co-written with Graham Nash and Joe Vitale that appeared on Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young's first reunion album, "American Dream", certified platinum in 1989.

I was hoping you might connect with this song and visual production in some way. Unfortunately, these days many young people today aren't fully aware of the lasting effect President Kennedy's assassination has had on our country and the world over the past fifty years. As the saying goes, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". I think it's critical for our future that this moment from our nation's history is never swept under the carpet of the changing times. We owe that much to our children, our children's children and the future generations that are here long after we are gone..
Kind regards,
Rick Ryan