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Friday, February 8, 2013

Frank Badalson: just doesn't get it with regard to Blaine and The Kennedy Detail

Frank Badalson: just doesn't get it with regard to Blaine and The Kennedy Detail

This is Frank Badalson's 'review' of Blaine's propaganda that he has foolishly bought hook, line, and sinker. McCubbin and company seem proud of this puff piece- it is posted on both the Kennedy Detail blog and the movie blog, as well (not to mention Facebook). First of all, one HAS to see my detailed, critical, lengthy review:

Badalson's review (with my comments in CAPS and inside []) below:

"I began my research (1980) into the Assassination after the HSCA released its’ findings around 1979 I think it was. My Assassination library is extensive. By 1980 I had been in Law Enforcement 4 years [THERE IT IS: THE FELLOW LAW ENFORCEMENT BIAS]. I had an understanding of how investigations come together, how the physical evidence relates to the case, what is needed to complete an investigation and most of all the ability to separate true needed facts from what is interesting, but not really relevant (the last 7 words of the previous sentence resound through many books and theories perpetrated by dozens as “investigation” into the Assassination). Little did I know then that my research (which included a visit in 1994 to Dealey Plaza, The Book Depository, Oak Cliff, North Beckley St, 10th & Patton and The Texas Theater) would continue, albeit at different levels, for the next 33 years.

Reading and research. Patience and time. I quickly found most written works focused on “what is interesting, but not really relevant”. The……what…… maybe a dozen or so different theories of what happened, who was involved, i.e. bums from a train car, sniper in the sewer, grassy knoll fence, overpass, Dal-Tex Bldg., Mafia, Agent Greer, Agent Hickey…etc. It seemed absolutely ridiculous that anyone could lend credibility to all these many “theories” [I AGREE---I DEAL WITH FACTS, NOT THEORIES: I PERSONALLY INTERVIEWED OVER 80 FORMER AGENTS, MANY FAMILY MEMBERS, AS WELL AS QUITE A FEW PARKLAND DOCTORS AND NURSES, BETHESDA AUTOPSY PERSONNEL, AND SUNDRY OTHER PRINCIPAL PARTIES.]

Think about it……doesn't it seem profoundly ridiculous that every one of these dozen or so final analyses conducted by intelligent people (Note: most had no skill in legal investigations [QUITE A FEW DO]) have a different final word on what happened [YES, BUT ALOT OF "STRAW MEN" THERE---ALOT OF PEOPLE ON THE CONSPIRACY SIDE THINK THOSE THEORIES SUCK, TOO].

There is but only one conclusion that is fact based if you do your own thorough, unbiased research. Researching this case will not be easy, it cannot be done in a few days. There is much material to sift through, much of it is interesting, but not really relevant. You must have the ability to determine what is needed in an investigation of this nature. Lacking that ability can easily take one off into an interesting, but not really relevant vein. There are many “veins” in this case. There is but one fact based conclusion to this homicide investigation. The Dallas Police apprehended the right person [SPOKEN LIKE A FELLOW LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON. YOU ARE DEAD WRONG. YOU NEED TO READ DOUG HORNE'S 5-VOLUME WORK "INSIDE THE ARRB": HE WAS THE MAJOR INVESTIGATOR FOR THE GOVERNMENT'S LOOK INTO THE CASE IN THE 1990'S, AS WELL AS JIM DOUGLASS' "JFK AND THE UNSPEAKABLE", NOT TO MENTION NJIM DIEUGENIO'S SUPERB "DESTRINY BETRAYED" (SECOND EDITION). FINALLY, MARK LANE'S "LAST WORD" IS VALUABLE, AS WELL. ALL ARE NEW BOOKS]

During the course of my investigation/research the one thing that soon occurred to me was the lack of any in depth public book/story involving the Secret Service Agents from that day [MY BOOK IS COMING OUT IN THE FALL TO COUNTER BLAINE'S PROPAGANDA]. From a Law Enforcement perspective, I always thought I would like to have seen an in depth account of what they saw and experienced during that time. Sure there are some statements and investigative/research blurbs in The Warren report, Manchester's book, Bishops book, Roberts book and a few others. One tv interview with Clint Hill in 1975. All in all I wanted more, I knew there had to be more. I had my own ideas as to why there wasn’t more [IT TOOK MY 22-PAGE LETTER TO CLINT HILL IN JUNE OF 2005 TO UPSET HIM AND BLAINE ENOUGH TO START WRITING THEIR FIRST BOOK...AND THE REST IS HISTORY (REWRITTEN)].

When I first heard about The Kennedy Detail I was personally excited and gratified that this was finally done [AGAIN, YOU CAN "THANK" ME HAHA]. However honestly, I did not know much about Jerry Blaine [CORRECT- YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE. HE WASN'T THERE IN DALLAS ON 11/22/63 AND HE HAS SHOT DOWN HIS OWN CREDIBILITY BY NOW DENYING HE WAS EVEN INTERVIEWED BY WILLIAM MANCHESTER!!!!!]. I quickly found that Clint Hill was involved and of course, I knew who he was [HOW COULD YOU MISS HIM?? HE HAS BEEN ON TV, VIDEO, AND DVD LIKE CRAZY SINCE THE MID 1990'S WITH MORE TO COME]. I went out, bought the book and began reading what I hoped would be the piece of research that I always desired to know. A piece of research that I felt was crucially needed. I finished the Book in four days. When I finished the Book, I knew exactly who Jerry Blaine was [SO DID I---I KNOW WHO BLAINE IS, TOO, AND I BETTER SAVE THAT THOUGHT FOR MYSELF...AHEM...].

There are but a few historically significant books on the subject of the Assassination and this one is at the top of the list. This Book is a deeply personal experience from the men who lived it. They were there. I believe to really “get it”…..that is to say completely understand the meaning of this book number one you have to believe in the integrity of the writer and those involved [I DO NOT: SEE MY REVIEW]. The integrity of these men, all the Agents, is above reproach [IT MOST CERTAINLY IS NOT--HELLO: THEY FAILED MISERABLY ON 11/22/63 AND SEVERAL LIED AND COVERED UP THE TRUTH, INCLUDING FALSELY BLAMING JFK AFTER THE FACT; DESPICABLE]! These clearly were dedicated, honorable men that swore to an oath and upheld it [MOST WERE...]. We must understand that this oath meant something; it meant honor, integrity, honesty, sacrifice and respect for the position. This Book is a true and factual account. When this is blended with the true facts of this case the reader comes away with the feeling that the circle is complete. History is now complete and an accurate historical aspect is clearly and honestly laid out [BOY, ARE YOU GULLIBLE].

I have read other reviews on this forum, I disagree with a few. I will not resort to name calling and cursing. This is a public forum. To resort to this level of expression is quite disrespectful and frankly uncalled for and extremely unprofessional…especially for self proclaimed experts [THAT WAS PROBABLY MEANT FOR ME. I AM IMPORTANT ENOUGH THAT BLAINE WROTE HIS BOOK BECAUSE OF ME, TALKS ABOUT ME FALSELY ON PAGES 359-360, DISCUSSED MY WORK ON C-SPAN WITH HILL (INCLUDING A VIDEO OF MYSELF), AND CLINT HILL EVEN TALKED ABOUT ME DURING A SECOND APPEARANCE. THIS IS SEPERATE FROM BLAINE HAVING HIS LAWYER SEND ME A COMICAL LETTER...]and writers. It serves to diminish and trivialize whatever it is you are trying to say. This form of expression along with its’ twisted interpretations of history become baseless, having succumbed to the interesting but not really relevant issue. The fact that President Kennedy used the Lincoln bubble top on many prior occasions DOES NOT prove anything with regard to Tampa and Dallas [YES, IT DOES---THE PARTIAL TOP WAS OFTEN USED AND BLAINE FIBS AND SAYS THE TOP WAS RARELY USED AND ONLY FOR INCLEMENT WEATHER!]. The fact that President Kennedy on many prior occasions allowed Agents to ride on or run beside the Presidential Limousine DOES NOT prove anything with regard to Tampa and Dallas [AGAIN, YES IT DOES. AND THIS DOES NOT ADDRESS THE FACT THAT MANY AGENTS AND WHITE HOUSE AIDES--WHO WERE THERE---SAID JFK DID NOT TELL THEM TO NOT RIDE ON THE REAR OF THE LIMO]. The Presidents’ mindset along with his assistants was different for Tampa and Dallas. He especially wanted to be seen and wanted Mrs. Kennedy (in Dallas) to be seen. His chief assistant O’Donnell made the call on the morning of the 22nd to leave the bubble top off because he knew that is what the President wanted. This information is not coming from me, those who wish to research this topic will find it in several factual sources. The Agents were requested to stay off the rear of the Presidential Limousine, this IS what the President wanted and he wanted it especially for this motorcade on the 22nd [TO QUOTE THE CHURCH LADY FROM SNL, "HOW CONVENIENT". SEE MY REVIEW FOR THE REAL STORY].


Pure fate took its course that day [YOU ALREADY SAID THAT...AND YOU ARE DEAD WRONG]. Just the way many American tragedies had before and after the 22nd. Every historical American tragedy can be armchair quarterbacked. Realistically, in life things just happen [WHY EVEN HAVE THE AGENTS? SOMETHING COULD JUST "HAPPEN". YEP, THAT ABSOLVES THEM...]. The most brilliant minds in America could not prevent pure fate from taking its course in history: the 3 astronauts in 67…….the Space Shuttle disasters in 86 and ’03. But for pure luck we did not lose President Reagan at the hands of Hinckley [PURE LUCK??? WHAT AN INSULT TO THE GOOD MEN WHO DID THEIR JOBS ON 3/30/81 !]. Imagine the books and finger pointing, and the conspiracy theories that would have arisen had He died that day. But for pure luck, we did not lose President Ford at the hands of a gun wielding Fromme [ANOTHER INDIRECT INSULT DIRECTED TOWARD THE GOOD MEN WHO PROTECTED FORD THOSE TWO DAYS IN 1975]. The unpredictable nature of the human being will surely be the source for American tragedies yet to come. They too will not be prevented [APPLES AND ORANGES...WE ARE DISCUSSING 11/22/63---WE KNOW NOT EVERYTHING CAN BE PREVENTED AND NOT EVERYTHING IS A CONSPIRACY. IN FACT, YOU CAN HAVE, FOR SAKE OF ARGUMENT, OSWALD ALL ALONE AND THE FACT REMAINS: THE AGENTS FAILED TO DO THEIR JOBS...AND, IN SOME RESPECTS, IT WAS WILLFUL MISCONDUCT].

More importantly the American public must accept the fact that individuals, acting alone, the likes of Adam Lanza, James Holmes, Jared Lee Loughner (political assailant), John Hinckley (Reagan assailant), James Earl Ray and Lee Harvey Oswald will always be among us [CHRIST, WHAT AN APPLES AND ORANGES MIX OF PEOPLE!].

Every American owes a deep sense of gratitude to Jerry Blaine, Clint Hill and all the Secret Service Agents that contributed to this historically significant book, they should be respected and admired [YES, "THANKS" FOR LETTING JFK GET KILLED AND FOR PROFITING FROM HIS DEATH. THANKS, JER. BLAINE, AREN'T YOU GLAD THERE ARE FELLOW LAW ENFORCEMENT PEOPLE LIKE THIS WHO WILL BELIEVE WHAT YOU SAY LIKE THE WORD OF GOD AND LINE YOUR POCKETS??? :o)].

Pure fate reared its head that day in November [DEAD WRONG--YOU NEED AN EDUCATION]and gave all of us another American tragedy that CANNOT be blamed on anyone other than Lee Harvey Oswald.[DEAD WRONG ONCE AGAIN]

This Book gets 5 Stars+, you better believe it; Thank you Jerry, Clint and Lisa for this needed chapter of American History [YEP, THANKS JER---WHEN CAN WE PAY FOR MORE OF YOUR PROPAGANDA?]"


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