Vince Palamara: author of four books + MAJOR DVD

Vince Palamara: author of four books + MAJOR DVD
Author of three books, including THE NOT SO SECRET SERVICE- AGENCY TALES FROM FDR TO THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION TO THE REAGAN ERA and appears on the DVD/ BLU RAY A COUP IN CAMELOT. Watch for Vince's fourth book "WHO'S WHO IN THE SECRET SERVICE: HISTORY'S MOST RENOWNED AGENTS" sometime in the not too distant future!



President Kennedy's Secret Service White House Detail +

President Kennedy's Secret Service White House Detail +
President Kennedy's Secret Service White House Detail + various other important/ temp/ PRS agents, as compiled from the massive collection of the leading authority on the Secret Service, especially during the JFK era: Vince Palamara

Secret Service JFK

Secret Service JFK
Various JFK era agents

Secret Service JFK

Secret Service, JFK, President Kennedy, James Rowley, Gerald Behn, Floyd Boring, Roy Kellerman, John Campion, William Greer, Forest Sorrels, Clint Hill, Winston Lawson, Emory Roberts, Sam Kinney, Paul Landis, John "Jack" Ready, William "Tim" McIntyre, Glenn Bennett, George Hickey, Rufus Youngblood, Warren "Woody" Taylor, Jerry Kivett, Lem Johns, John "Muggsy" O'Leary, Sam Sulliman, Ernest Olsson, Robert Steuart, Richard Johnsen, Stewart "Stu" Stout, Roger Warner, Henry "Hank" Rybka, Donald Lawton, Dennis Halterman, Walt Coughlin, Andy Berger, Ron Pontius, Bert de Freese, Jim Goodenough, Bill Duncan, Ned Hall II, Mike Howard, Art Godfrey, Gerald Blaine, Ken Giannoules, Paul Burns, Gerald O'Rourke, Robert Faison, David Grant, John Joe Howlett, Bill Payne, Robert Burke, Frank Yeager, Donald Bendickson, Gerald Bechtle, Howard Norton, Hamilton Brown, Toby Chandler, Chuck Zboril, Joe Paolella, Wade Rodham, Bob Foster, Lynn Meredith, Rad Jones, Thomas Wells, Charlie Kunkel, Stu Knight, Paul Rundle, Glen Weaver, Arnie Lau, Forrest Guthrie, Eve Dempsher, Bob Lilley, Ken Wiesman, Mike Mastrovito, Tony Sherman, Larry Newman, Morgan Gies, Tom Shipman, Ed Tucker, Harvey Henderson, Abe Bolden, Robert Kollar, Ed Mougin, Mac Sweazey, Horace "Harry" Gibbs, Tom Behl, Jim Cantrell, Bill Straughn, Tom Fridley, Mike Kelly, Joe Noonan, Gayle Dobish, Earl Moore, Arthur Blake, John Lardner, Milt Wilhite, Bill Skiles, Louis Mayo, Thomas Wooge, Milt Scheuerman, Talmadge Bailey, Bob Lapham, Bob Newbrand, Bernie Mullady, Jerry Dolan, Vince Mroz, William Bacherman, Howard Anderson, U.E. Baughman, Walt Blaschak, Robert Bouck, George Chaney, William Davis, Paul Doster, Dick Flohr, Jack Fox, John Giuffre, Jim Griffith, Jack Holtzhauer, Andy Hutch, Jim Jeffries, John Paul Jones, Kent Jordan, Dale Keaner, Brooks Keller, Thomas Kelley, Clarence Knetsch, Jackson Krill, Elmer Lawrence, Bill Livingood, J. Leroy Lewis, Dick Metzinger, Jerry McCann, John McCarthy, Ed Morey, Chester Miller, Roy "Gene" Nunn, Jack Parker, Paul Paterni, Burrill Peterson, Max Phillips, Walter Pine, Michael Shannon, Frank Stoner, Cecil Taylor, Charles Taylor, Bob Taylor, Elliot Thacker, Ken Thompson, Mike Torina, Jack Walsh, Jack Warner, Thomas White, Ed Wildy, Carroll Winslow, Dale Wunderlich, Walter Young, Winston Gintz, Bill Carter, C. Douglas Dillon, James Johnson, Larry Hess, Frank Farnsworth, Jim Giovanneti,Bob Gaugh,Don Brett, Jack Gleason, Bob Jamison, Gary Seale, Bill Sherlock, Bob Till, Doc Walters...

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A prominent author's take on the death of Thomas Shipman

A prominent author's take on the death of Thomas Shipman

"Very broadly speaking, there are 3 possibilities:

1. Shipman was completely innocent, and—for some reason—“stood in the way”

2. Shipman became aware, either because of A or B

2A:  Shipman was “pitched” and turn down some kind of offer; and so that’s how he became aware that something was afoot.\\

2B: Somehow Shipman learned that something was afoot. (But we don’t know how)

3. Shipman was “dirty” and was causing a problem (demanding more money, etc.)

Based  on your own interviewing (and that 3rd party researcher, “G” something), I tend to reject 3. Shipman was not dirty.

I doubt #1, because then there would be no need to murder Shipman.

So that leaves #2 (2A or 2B).

I believe that it was from Tyler Newcomb that I learned that the Washington Post published a small article on Shipman’s death in the Washington Post of 10/14 or 10/16. (Similar to item  in Frederick Maryland newspaper).  In fact, I was actually sent that article.

But Vince, here’s what you did not say, and that is focusing on a circumstance that is utterly incongruous (to me, anyway;  

(a) This was a motorcade assassination;  and so. . :

(b) How was it possible for the Washington Post to publish an article on the death of a Secret Service driver, and not have that brought to the attention of the Warren Commission by the FBI?

I find that absurdly improbable.  So. . IMHO, the “fix” was in, with regard to suppressing that piece of news, the publication of which was surely considered a serious blooper by those involved.

Regarding “those involved”:  it his highly unlikely thither could be a “motorcade assassination” without the following 3 top level officials being complicit:

(a) The Secret Service Chief
(b) The head of the White House Detail
(c ) One or more of the two ASAICs—which, in this case, would mean Kellerman and/or Boring.
Almost certainly, a key person involved was Kellerman.

I have more to say on all this, but, another time.

IMHO: The death of Shipman —and the suppression of that published news item from any mention in the FBI’s Summary Report --are indicators that this was a radioactive situation.

The fact that the death occurred at Camp David, and the fact fact that Sam Kinney discovered the body is another indication.

So is the evidence that was adduced that a quick burial was urged.

The fact that Shipman indicated he would “pull out of line” if anything happened is another indication of his exposure to some kind of “foreknowledge”.

Shipman’s body should have had the whole array of standard toxicology tests.  But none of that took place.

Thanks again for providing the link. This is definitely a radio-active loose end, and I have thought so for years.

Many thanks.

DSL [David Lifton, author of Best Evidence and the upcoming Final Charade]

P.S. Re CD 3  (and most importantly, CD3/Appendix A): this was one of the very earliest documents that I ever ordered from the National Archives —circa 1967.

A wonderful source of very important information —especially, Appendix A, which details the decision making which led to the Trade Mart as the luncheon site.

Also keep in mind: if the SS wagon the up-and-up, the death of Shipman would definitely have been reported in CD 3.

Again: many thanks."

Monday, June 19, 2017

Errata/ loose ends for my third book

7  more agents from (at least) the Truman era:

Mr. Carl Dickson, Assistant Chief of Secret Service
Mr. Adolph M. Downing   
Mr. Milton S. Mileski
Mr. Donald E. Murphy
Mr. Donald L. Nelson
Mr. Carroll S. Pierce
Mr. John R. Ladas    
I was contacted by the family of the late agent Ed Dansereau after publication
Caption, top of page 103: remove "Al Capone"
footnote 13, page 13: should be GEORGE, not Johann, Rush (the index and everywhere else is correct) :)

Saturday, June 17, 2017

a MAJOR death BEFORE the Kennedy assassination!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of JFK's main Secret Service drivers, Thomas B. Shipman, who died of an alleged heart attack at--of all places---Camp David, 10/14/63...before the 11/22/63 JFK assassination. His death brought a very inept William R. Greer to drive JFK to his death in Dallas. Read much more about this historic find of mine in:


Friday, June 16, 2017

I Am a Secret Service Agent: My Life Spent Protecting the President by former agent Dan Emmett

ESSENTIAL PURCHASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Am a Secret Service Agent: My Life Spent Protecting the President                               

by former agent Dan Emmett

Dan Emmett was just eight years old when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. From that moment forward, he knew he wanted to become a Secret Service agent, one of an elite group of highly trained men and women dedicated to preserving the life of the President of the United States at any cost, including sacrificing their own lives if necessary. Armed with single-minded determination and a never-quit attitude, he did just that. Selected over thousands of other highly qualified applicants to become an agent, he was eventually chosen to be one of the best of the best and provided protection worldwide for Presidents George Herbert Walker Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, and George W. Bush.
I Am a Secret Service Agent skillfully describes the duties and challenges of conducting presidential advances, dealing with the media, driving the President in a bullet-proof limousine, running alongside him through the streets of Washington, and flying with him on Air Force One. With fascinating anecdotes, Emmett weaves keen insight into the unique culture and history of the Secret Service with the inner workings of the White House. I Am A Secret Service Agent is a must read for young adults interested in a career in federal law enforcement.

Editorial Reviews


About the Author

5 stars out of 5: THE definitive memoir on the Secret Service BY a tremendous former agent!, June 16, 2017

Former agent Dan Emmett has truly honored the Secret Service with the writing of this book. In my learned opinion, after studying the Secret Service for many years and reading dozens upon dozens of books related to the agency, this very fine book is the best one ever written and perhaps will never be matched. Many books on the agency are dry, clinical studies of the agency, sanitized chronicles of a perhaps too-safe perspective, or tabloid-type historical junk, high on controversy but low on true substance.

Dan Emmett has written a book for the ages. From 1865 to the present time, the Secret Service has stood guard over the nation's currency and/or its presidents. In this same period of time, only one agency-related book rises above all others: I Am A Secret Service Agent.

Well done, Agent Emmett. Thank you for your service to our country.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

President Truman Secret Service: 7 more

 President Truman Secret Service: 7 more

Mr. Urbanus E. Baughman, Chief of the Secret Service
Mr. Carl Dickson, Assistant Chief of Secret Service
Mr. James J. Rowley, Special Agent in Charge, White House Detail
Mr. Henry J. Nicholson, Assistant Special Agent in Charge
Mr. Gerald A. Behn, Assistant to Special Agent in Charge

Mr. John A. Campion    
Mr. Robert A. Mampel
Mr. Paul B. Doster    
Mr. John A. Marshall
Mr. Adolph M. Downing   
Mr. Milton S. Mileski
Mr. Frank L. Farnsworth   
Mr. Vincent P. Mroz
Mr. Deeter B. Flohr    
Mr. Donald E. Murphy
Mr. Bartley A. Fugler    
Mr. Donald L. Nelson
Mr. Morgan L. Gies    
Mr. Robert J. Newbrand
Mr. William R. Greer    
Mr. Carroll S. Pierce
Mr. Ray M. Hare, Jr.    
Mr. Emory P. Roberts
Mr. Carroll L. Honess    
Mr. Rex W. Scouten
Mr. Robert Jamison    
Mr. Stewart G. Stout Jr.
Mr. H. Stuart Knight    
Mr. Charles E. Taylor, Jr.
Mr. John R. Ladas    
Mr. Robert H. Taylor
Mr. Gerard B. McCann   
Mr. Paul T. Usher

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Clint Hill asks for a STARTING price of 10,000 dollars ?!?!?!!

OH MY GOD---from a friend who requested anonymity:

"I asked the rep for Clint [Hill] what he charges for speeches he wants first class airfare n hotel paid for n speeches start at $10k."

STARTING AT 10,000 DOLLARS?!?!?! I know he has made a mint with his three books but wow! By the way- Hill and his co-author Lisa have officially been together since 2013 and now live together in San Francisco. LIKE I ALWAYS SAY: it is the people promoting the OFFICIAL story who make the money...the rest of us lose money or break even and, in any event, work for a living. Hill hasn't worked since 1975!

Saturday, June 3, 2017



50 DOWN, 50 TO GO!!!!!!!!!!! I still have copies of my new (third) book THE NOT-SO-SECRET SERVICE: AGENCY TALES FROM FDR TO THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION TO THE REAGAN ERA available to be signed and sent personally to you (the book is doing well on Amazon etc. but many people prefer the personal touch of an autographed copy). If interested, please send me a personal message here or send me an e-mail at ~~~ here is the Amazon site, too:

Wednesday, May 31, 2017



"The big 7": although I am in over 120 other author's books, as well as receiving credits on several television programs/ DVDs (literally, the credits), THESE are "the big 7"- my three books (a fourth one IS done and should be coming out next year), the DVD/ BLU RAY of A COUP IN CAMELOT, the DVD of THE MEN WHO KILLED KENNEDY, my appearance (via a You Tube video) on C-SPAN with former JFK Secret Service agents Clint Hill and Gerald Blaine [on DVD and You Tube + C-SPAN official site; aired 11/10/10 and 4/20/11] and my 'appearance' on C-SPAN with former JFK Secret Service agent Clint Hill a second time [on DVD and You Tube + C-SPAN official site; aired 5/27/12, 5/28/12, and 4/16/13].

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Deathbed confession? FBI Doyle Williams planted CE399-?

Deathbed confession? FBI Doyle Williams planted CE399-?

[J. Doyle Williams [see Reasonable Doubt, pp. 71-72 (based on Feb. 1983 interview); see also 18 H 795-796 (Berger), 798-799 (Johnsen); 21 H 261 (Price); RIF#18010082-10454: 1/31/78 HSCA interview of SS agent Tim McIntyre; Also: Bloody Treason, pp. 90, 91, 93, 96, and 110; 5 H 132, 144; 18 H 96 and Pictures Of The Pain, p. 105: photo of Williams; 22 H 841, 910; 23 H 681; 24 H 523; No More Silence, pp. 130 and 164. Doyle Williams was also the man who portrayed Connally in the Arlen Specter/follow-up car (limousine) re-enactments, wearing Connally's actual jacket]
From another forum today:
"James Suggs--- The oddest thing I'm from Ft. Worth, Recently I was talking about JFK with an old friend I trust. He said his friend had told him that his uncle, Doyle Williams, who had been an FBI agent back then, had made sort of a deathbed confession that he had been the one that had placed the bullet found on the gurney at Parkland Hospital. Can Mr. Williams being an agent then, here(?), his whereabouts on 11/22/63 and whatever else be confirmed perchance."

See also:


Saturday, May 20, 2017

Monday, May 8, 2017


YOU PEOPLE ARE THE BEST! I cannot thank you all enough for the tremendously positive response I keep receiving on my new (third) book! The sales and rankings on Amazon have been very good, indeed. If anyone wants a signed copy directly from me, send me a private message. Seriously- THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! As I keep saying: I am nothing without you, dear readers. Thanks for the inspiration to keep going (fourth book is done, but I digress) :) :)


Sunday, May 7, 2017

Complete Secret Service agent John Marshall HSCA interview

Complete Secret Service agent John Marshall HSCA interview (click on images to enlarge):

Friday, May 5, 2017

The Secret Service failed to make a move - great new article

The Secret Service failed to make a move      
    Since the assassination of JFK was caught on several cameras depicting the gruesome murder from many angles, the occurrence has been reviewed and studied by many. As we all know, the Secret Service is most known for their fast reflexes and intimidating demeanor, but during JFK's time in the White House, that had changed. According to Vanity Fair [quoting that article that mentions my book:, the President's lax attitude had rubbed off on his staff and, as each year passed with him in office, the Secret Service grew lazier and lazier. Several former members of the Secret Service came forward about that day years later, claiming they were slow to respond to the shots fired since they'd been out partying the night before, and were sleep-deprived and even hungover.
One particular agent, Abraham Bolden, described the details of that day in his book The Echo from Dealey Plaza. He describes how he specifically remembers that after JFK was shot, an agent shouted, "I knew it would happen. I told those playboys that someone was going to get the president killed if they kept acting like they did. Now it's happened." Bolden also discussed what it was like being one of the only African-Americans on the Secret Service team, and the racism he had to deal with. Soon after the book was released in 2008, Bolden was accused and convicted of attempting to sell a secret government file for $50,000 to the defendant in another case. Bolden claimed that he'd been framed for going public about the partying ways of the Secret Service, and how he feels it led to the death of JFK. Framed or not, it's clear in the videos that the everyone nearby, aside from his wife, failed to react until the third and final gunshot was fired.

The Secret Service stole Kennedy's body      
    After JFK was shot, he was rushed to Parkland Memorial Hospital in Texas where he was pronounced dead. Texas state law rightfully stated that the President's body wasn't allowed to leave the hospital until an autopsy had been performed, but the Secret Service felt differently. According to Jacob G. Hornberger, president and founder of the Future of Freedom Foundation, a dispute broke out in the hospital when Dallas medical examiner Dr. Earl Rose attempted to prevent the Secret Service from taking JFK's body. According to Hornberger's article "The First Step In The JFK Cover-Up," there was a lot of shouting and cursing, before the situation forced agents to draw their guns and push their way out of the hospital with JFK's body.
The casket holding JFK's body was then taken on Air Force One to Anders Air Force Base, where the military supposedly conducted the autopsy. Many have speculated that this move was the first of many performed by the government to cover up the assassination of the president. When reports surfaced about exactly what happened at the hospital, the public was led to believe that this was all normal, and that breaking Texas law by practically stealing the president's body was totally consistent with Secret Service training. However, many see this as a precaution taken to ensure that the details of JFK's autopsy weren't leaked to the public, especially if those details prove his assassination was a conspiracy involving our own government.
Read More:

My reaction to a critical review of my latest book

First of all, no b.s.: the response to my latest book has been truly outstanding- authors, researchers and "regular folk" agree with me that this one is my best to date, etc. In case you think I am too biased, I can honestly state that the reaction to my second book (admittedly a REFERENCE book on the JFK assassination medical evidence) has been positive-to-mixed: those who don't like it that much did not like the format of the book AS a reference book.

I normally do not do this...however, since this gentleman today is a fan of my first book (Mark Costa), I felt the need to address his critical review (my comments in bold). Here is his review:

"I preordered the book and was looking forward to it especially after reading the early reviews [renowned authors Flip De Mey, Phil Nelson, David Wayne and several others who have not posted formal reviews are big fans]. As someone who has the author's previous books [thank you], I was deeply disappointed. There is just not that much "meat" to it. Yes, there are countless quotes from former agents about FDR JFK Truman etc but they are usually things like "I liked FDR" "I liked Truman he knew my name" or "LBJ was nasty" [with all due respect, this is far off the mark...Mark. Many of the agents quoted go into specific detail about security-related items of interest, have new things to say and, even when they are "just" talking about human-interest items, they often conveyed more than "I liked FDR"--GIVE ME A BREAK lol!]. There are really few real details or should I say TALES as the title suggests [I am speechless on this one. I respectfully disagree]. The chapter on the death of Agent Shipman is interesting but the author really stretches it to suggest something sinister when there is just no real evidence other than the agent was buried quickly and the White House made no mention of the fact [well, there is MORE than just that...and acknowledging just those two items is tantamount to the old tacky joke "Other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?" Those two items are of major importance and, again, there is more to the story than that]. There is a chapter about Hillary Clinton's Uncle that no one knows --- there is a reason no one knows -- first, the agent was not her uncle but cousin [which I acknowledge BUT prominent people, including an agent that guarded Bill and Hillary and Hillary's BROTHER also called him her uncle. It is common for people to think of that lineage as an uncle or "kinda uncle", to use the vernacular...and him being her first cousin IS still a big deal- it's not like that lessens his importance, not to mention his being a prominent agent of some note], and there was no mention of him by the Clinton's because there is nothing to talk about --- nothing to see here move along [again, I disagree, as do a large number of readers...and a prominent agent, Hillary's brother, and a couple other people]!!! If you have the author's previous books then you have the info you need, especially his first book which he mentions on numerous occasions in this book [I appreciate the shout out to my first book but I disagree big time: the new book GREATLY expands and documents items that were mentioned in passing and/or lost in the shuffle, as well as including chapters containing information not to be found in that first book]. And course if you have his books and visit his website you know that he has an ongoing "feud" with former agent Jerry Blaine author of the "Kennedy Detail" [no real argument there, but remember: feuds are two-way streets]. Blaine seems to be the agent that spread the erroneous story about JFK ordering agents off the back of the car in Dallas. This has led many to believe that JFK was responsible for his own assassination [correct]. The author goes into detail once again of why Blaine is wrong -- but he goes on and on and on and on and on about it -- to the point that it is becoming annoying. We get it !!! Blaine lied !! Move on [I had MORE to offer in the way of debunking Blaine's work, so this chapter was very important, even IF it treads similar waters. Also, keep in mind a CRUCIAL factor: my books are in the minor leagues of publishing, while Blaine and Hill are in the major leagues; it is not as if a whole slew of average citizens are much aware of my previous work, etc. "Re-litigating the case" is sometimes a necessary evil...and, to be fair, Hill's books are very repetitious re: 11/22/63]. The author includes many photos of newspaper articles about the service. Unfortunately, these are mostly dark and blurry and one needs a microscope to read them [keeping in mind the point about being on a small publishing house, I can read the articles just fine, although I do concede a few images could be a little larger/ clearer...but the point(s) being offered are clear enough to understand]. And then there is the short story about Al Capone's car. This is a myth, the car was never used and there is plenty of evidence of this on the internet [well, I was merely straight reporting what The Washington Post reported back in 1976 AND what SAIC of the FDR White House Detail, Mike Reilly, reported in his 1947 book. Also, the OFFICIAL SECRET SERVICE WEBSITE states that FDR used the Al Capone perhaps take the "internet" with a grain of salt]  The author provides a photo of agents standing on the "car". But this photo actually shows the 1939 Lincoln limousine known as the Sunshine Special which was built in 1939 -- Al was in Alcatraz going on 5 years by then. The Sunshine Special can be seen at the henry Ford Museum in Dearborn Michigan -- I know, I used to live near there and viewed the car on numerous occasions. This error is amazing, the author did not recognize one of the most famous limos in Presidential history ?? Makes one stop and think [nothing sinister LOL- just a caption error :) I am much aware of the Sunshine Special]. I recommend the author's first book "Survivor's Guilt" instead.

Sunday, April 30, 2017


GREAT NEWS! The paperback edition is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon and worldwide (a day early)! The kindle, nook, and Google Play versions have been out since 4/21/17. The reaction has been overwhelmingly great (including from authors Phil Nelson, Flip De Mey, and David Wayne). I appreciate all your support. If you would like a signed copy directly from myself, send me a private message.

Saturday, April 29, 2017


The reaction has been outstanding so far! Several major authors and researchers have made generous remarks about my third book. The consensus seems to be it is the best of the three...and I humbly agree! :) KINDLE (and Nook and Google Play) OUT NOW; PAPERBACK OFFICIALLY COMES OUT THIS MONDAY, 5/1/17. If you want a signed copy directly from me, send me a private message (20.00 dollars- check, money order or cash).

(4/29/17) Canterbury (UK) JFK conference

It was an honor to be a part of today’s (4/29/17) Canterbury (UK) JFK conference via phone and power point.

Author Flip De Mey wrote to me on 5/1/17:

"Thanks, I enjoyed your third baby [book] also. You convinced me last Saturday more than ever that indeed the security in Dallas was exceptionally bad. You made a strong case and all based on indisputable facts. Thanks to you the 'JFK -at least partially- did it to himself'-myth can be put to rest. I would have liked to ask a question, that would also have been an opportunity to strongly advise the attendees of the conference to buy your book. But I think everyone was already convinced by the presentation...  It was very interesting Vince"

Author Barry Keane wrote to me on 4/29/17:

"You were great Vince, thanks for doing it!"

Peter Mellor wrote on 5/2/17:


Many thanks for your presentation to the seminar at Canterbury!  Your research on this matter and your publication
'Survivors Guilt' has long been a great source of information to me and one of my favourite books on the assassination"

Peter Antill wrote to me on 5/1/17 that he enjoyed my presentation.

David Percox wrote to me on 5/10/17:

Hi Vince,

Please forgive my tardiness in sending this. Since the seminar I have been rather busy.

I just want to thank you for your interesting and thought-provoking presentation.

I look forward to delving into your published works as and when the opportunity arises.

Is it likely that you will publish the presentation at any time?

I found your evidence for an SS withdrawal of security in Dallas, thus proof, if it were needed, of complicity on the part of some in the killing to be compelling, disturbing, and fascinating in equal measure.

Again, thank you.

Kind regards,


Hi Guys
Very many thanks for your inputs to the Canterbury Seminar – your talks were all remarkably interesting and varied. Many folk said to me that they think the event was the best of our seminars yet out of the 15 that we have held to date.
All due to your efforts – great stuff.
all the best
Stuart Galloway

Looking very much forward to this, I shall be there on the Saturday and will be posting a review from that day and I hope to post videos of the speakers soon after.
SEMINAR ADMISSIONSeminar, including tea and coffee, for the both days – £35 There will be an optional Buffet Lunch on Sunday for an extra £7 Attendance on Saturday only will be £20 Own arrangement for lunch on Saturday Sunday only will be £24 (including Buffet Lunch) Contact DPUK Secretary Stuart Galloway for booking info: stuart.galloway at Tel: 07976 614633
09.45m – 10.00am
Introduction to the Seminar
10.00am – 10.15am
100 Years – Tribute to John F. Kennedy
10.15am – 10.30am
Introduction talk on Video to his film
10.30am – 11.05am
11.05am – 11.20am
Break: Coffee/Tea
11.20am – 12.10pm
12.10pm – 1.40pm
LUNCH (Own Arrangements)
1.40pm – 2.20pm
Update on Medical Evidence – Nurse Diana Bowron
2.30pm – 3.30pm
A talk on Sources and Criteria for Vetting Sources – (By Telephone)
3.30pm – 3.45pm
3.45pm – 4.45pm
The Secret Service failure on 22/11/63 – Why JFK should have survived Dallas
(By Telephone) [and Power Point]
4.45pm – 5.45pm
The Bus Transfers – LHO’s movements after the Assassination (By Telephone)

09.30am – 10.30am
The DPUK Auction
10.30am – 11.30am
Tabernacling in the Bowels of the Warren Commission
11.30am – 12.40pm
Predictive Programming in the Assassination of President Kennedy: Is This an Example?”
12.40pm – 1.40pm
1.40pm – 3.20pm
Latest evidence by top researchers into the Assassination (Film)
3:20pm – 3.30pm
STUART GALLOWAY —————- Closure of the Seminar
Hi Vince,

I am from Manchester, England. I am subscribed to your email updates. I have received your latest one concerning your third book, 'The Not So Secret Service'.

I have previously attended the JFK Lancer conference in Dallas. My interest in the JFK case was sparked by the release of the Zapruder film in 1975 and my curiosity in who actually killed JFK has remained ever since.

I've probably read about 25 books on the assassination so I only know a little about the assassination and I realise there are many more books still to read! I have also downloaded and watched 'Coup in Camelot' in which you feature.

What I still find fascinating is that the main media news organisations in the US are still promoting the myth of Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone gunman. Right from the start, even J Edgar Hoover said that they could not place Oswald on the sixth floor and that was 54 years ago. As Josiah Thompson has said, a President of the United States is murdered at noon in a public square, with three to four hundred people present, many taking pictures, and we still do not know what actually happened half a century later.

I'm about half way through your book at the moment. Clearly, it is an area that has been much under researched. I was impressed by Joseph McBride's book 'Into the Nightmare' for the same reason about JD Tippit.

I am alarmed that Mr Blaine has struggled to tell the truth in the Kennedy Detail. I'm very concerned that certain documents relating to JFK's security in  the run up to Texas were destroyed illegally. You have demonstrated that President Kennedy took his security seriously but was relatively unprotected in Dallas in comparison to the first half of the Texas visit. And of course LBJ and Governor Connally were much more able to control events in their own state.

Thank you for the continued excellent contributions you are making to this very important area of research.

Yours sincerely

Garry Lloyd

Sunday, April 23, 2017

renowned LBJ author PHIL NELSON loves my new book !!

Another great review for the kindle edition, this time from renowned LBJ author PHIL NELSON! "Excellent Research - A Grand Slam Home Run!Mr. Palamara's third book on the "Not so-Secret Service" is yet another home run -- this one should qualify as a "Grand Slam" because it not only expands on what he wrote in his previous books but adds much more on a number of issues and events not previously published: Chapter 1 for example adds fifteen pages on the mysterious death of a Secret Service agent, Tom Shipman, just a month before JFK's assassination. It reveals a number of anomalies regarding the dearth of information about the circumstances of his death -- and his quick burial -- other than that he was evidently undergoing training for his planned role as JFK's driver in the Dallas motorcade. He died just a few weeks after his annual physical examination, which indicated he was in excellent health. Shipman would be replaced by SS agent Bill Greer, known for his contempt of Kennedy, unlike Shipman, who admired him. Another example of new material relates to the Secret Service files that were purposely destroyed in 1995, within weeks of their receiving specific instructions to protect those files and to make them available to the ARRB investigators. These were only two of many other examples of how Vince Palamara has established his unique bona-fides as the leading researcher / investigator of the Secret Service."

Thursday, April 20, 2017


I am very excited about my third book THE NOT-SO-SECRET SERVICE: AGENCY TALES FROM FDR TO THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION TO THE REAGAN ERA! This one is my best one yet! I know a lot of authors probably feel this way about their latest work, but, in this instance, it is the truth. My first one SURVIVOR’S GUILT is a very good textbook style volume that has a necessarily narrow focus (the JFK assassination), while my second one is openly a reference work (with the same narrow focus that, admittedly, is probably more for the serious student/researcher on the case). While I am proud of my first two books, this one is the most readable, the most diverse (FDR, Truman, Ike, JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan era Secret Service), and contains some explosive chapters related to the JFK assassination that will really get people talking! KINDLE COMING  4/21/17; PAPERBACK COMING 5/1/17  (like the other two, Kindle, paperback and E-book formats…even the Nook. I am a proud TRINE DAY author. I even have a FOURTH book completed, but I am getting ahead of myself). I cannot wait for you to read this one! Finally- a book you can take to the beach that may make you not want to go into the water; too much to ponder! There are POSITIVE chapters in the book (not all doom and gloom or critical assessments), yet I feel the JFK-related chapters will really get people fired up! I am very excited about this one- can you tell?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

THE NOT-SO-SECRET SERVICE: my third book available via myself and AMAZON (kindle/ paperback), etc.

THE NOT-SO-SECRET SERVICE: my third book available via myself and AMAZON (kindle/ paperback), etc.

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! I received copies of my upcoming third book today and this one is my VERY BEST ONE TO DATE! Yes, you heard that right and it's no hype: a book you can actually "take to the beach", so to speak- I am proud of the writing, research, and many photos included. Covering FDR to Reagan, there are several major JFK-related chapters that will be sure to fire you up! NEW information...! DID I TELL YOU I AM EXCITED??? :) Send me a message if you wish to order a copy. It will be available on Amazon and elsewhere worldwide 5/1/17 (actually, they always "sneak out" a few days earlier); kindle, nook and paperback like the other two. My first one was a very good textbook on the JFK Secret Service; my second one was a very good REFERENCE work on the JFK medical evidence...THIS one is an actual book you can read for pleasure AND for intense research purposes! Covering FDR, Truman, Ike, JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan; early 1930's-late 1980's Secret Service. DID I mention I am very excited about this one?

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FDR, Truman, Ike, JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan: ALL these eras with regard to the Secret Service are explored via many interviews and correspondence with former agents and White House aides and much primary research. This is the most readable, most illustrated (photos and news articles), most diverse, and simply the BEST of my three books to date (I have a fourth completed- more on that later)!

- Gerald Blaine's book is thoroughly and decisively DEBUNKED even further than what was accomplished in my first book;

-some amazing agents are analyzed thru the decades; much more!!

I AM VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS BOOK! My admiration for the Secret Service (especially certain agents) and my CRITICISM of their performance on 11/22/63 both come shining through. My first book was a very good textbook with a narrow focus (the Secret Service in regard to the JFK assassination); my second book was a very good reference book, again with a decidedly narrow focus (again, the JFK assassination, albeit the medical evidence aspect) third book is a great BOOK that demonstrates that I am no "one-trick pony": I am interested in history, other presidents (beside JFK) and the Secret Service, in general (my fourth book carries my Secret Service expertise even further along, but I digress).

I HOPE YOU GET MY THIRD BOOK The Not-So-Secret Service: Agency Tales from FDR to the Kennedy Assassination to the Reagan Era       5/1/2017

While there haven't been many Secret Service related books about U.S. presidents, the ones still in print (and even those long out of print) are often sanitized memoirs of a politically correct nature or "tell-all" tabloid historical junk meant merely for entertainment purposes. The Not-So-Secret Service provides the facts with the bark off, so to speak, and reveals politically incorrect information of a decidedly unsafe nature. It may be controversial and against the grain, but this book is heavily documented and timely, as the Secret Service guards our political candidates, foreign dignitaries, and, of course, the President, the first family and the ex-presidents and their families.                        


Vince Palamara is the leading civilian Secret Service authority. His first book, "SURVIVOR'S GUILT: THE SECRET SERVICE & THE FAILURE TO PROTECT PRESIDENT KENNEDY" (2013), took over 20 years to research and write and has garnered much favorable reaction. His second book, "JFK: FROM PARKLAND TO BETHESDA- THE ULTIMATE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION COMPENDIUM" (2015), took over 15 years to research and write and has also garnered much favorable reaction. His third book, "THE NOT SO SECRET SERVICE- AGENCY TALES FROM FDR TO THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION TO THE REAGAN ERA" (2017), took 10 years to research and write. Palamara has appeared in over 100 other author's books, radio, television/DVDs, newspapers, at national conferences, and many online resources. Vince also appears in the DVD/BLU RAY "A COUP IN CAMELOT" (2016).

Monday, March 6, 2017

Friendship between President Clinton and former Secret Service agent Elmer Moore

Friendship between President Clinton and former Secret Service agent Elmer Moore (click on images to enlarge)

Friday, March 3, 2017

Huge IRELAND (online/ print) newspaper article from 2/27/17 quotes me/ my first book (based on the VANITY FAIR article from October 2014)

Huge IRELAND (online/ print) newspaper article from 2/27/17 quotes me/ my first book (based on the VANITY FAIR article from October 2014) AND shows my one Bill Greer video!

As agent John Norris said in Bill Sloan’s book
"J.F.K.: Breaking the Silence" and in an interview for Vincent Michael Palamara’s book "Survivor’s Guilt": “Except for George Hickey and Clint Hill, [many of the others] just basically sat there with their thumbs up their butts while the president was gunned down in front of them.”

Agent Gerald Behn, the head of the White House detail, who was not in Dallas that day, said: “I don’t remember Kennedy ever saying that he didn’t want anybody on the back of his car.”

Sunday, February 26, 2017



SIX DEGREES OF SEPERATION: the late Bill Paxton narrates JFK: THE FINAL HOURS (they just mentioned this on NBC Nightly News) and I am credited at the end of the program; Peter Coyote narrates A COUP IN CAMELOT and says my name several times, as I have 15 minutes of screen time; pretty cool. Small world, indeed.

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Friday, February 17, 2017



Abe wrote on 2/17/2017:

"SAVING A PRESIDENT: In January, 2017, in an open letter to President Donald J. Trump, I recommended that, for his OWN safety, the President should make certain changes within the structure of the Secret Service. This letter was precipitated by the statement from a secret service agent that she would not perform her sworn duties pertaining to the protection of President Trump. My first recommendation was to:
Dismiss the current Chief of the U.S. Secret Service immediately. It has now been reported that: "Joe Clancy, the Director of the Secret Service, announced his retirement. The announcement was made on Feb. 14th. It will be effective March 4th, just two weeks after the announcement. The announcement comes just three weeks on the job under President Donald Trump. Clancy served from 1984-2011, and from Oct. 2014-Feb. 2017. That means Clancy resigned with two weeks notice after roughly 29 years of service." The next step should be a severance of the Secret Service White House Protective Detail from the Department of Homeland Security
and placed into a newly established Special Protective Services Section answering to the National Security Agency. This move would save the government millions of tax dollars by allowing sharing of the protective expenses across a wide cross-section of governmental military and civilian budgetary expenditures.....................I'm jus sayin.............."

The success of the Secret Service is achieved with great sacrifice by all of you and your families,” Clancy wrote in a letter to Secret Service staff members. “Please accept my sincere and heartfelt thanks for your dedication to our mission. You have inspired me. My hope was that I could return your gifts of inspiration with some measure of good for the Secret Service.”
House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz also addressed Clancy’s resignation in a Tuesday statement.

I appreciate Director Clancy’s dedicated service to this country,” the Utah Republican wrote. “He took on the difficult task of returning to and taking over an agency plagued with mismanagement, misconduct and security lapses.”

“Under his leadership, the Secret Service has worked with this committee to implement detailed recommendations put forth in our bipartisan staff report,” he continued. “I wish him and his family the best as they begin a new chapter.”

Read more:

Tuesday, February 14, 2017




ARROWS LEFT TO RIGHT: CURRENT SAIC OF PPD; TRUMP'S DETAIL LEADER DURING CAMPAIGN/ DEPUTY; GUARDED OBAMA WHEN HE WAS A CANDIDATE] WASHINGTON - Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh C. Johnson joins Director of U.S. Secret Service Joseph Clancy to deliver remarks at the USSS Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C., May 10, 2016. Official DHS photo by Barry Bahler

Outstanding Director Joe Clancy steps down

Outstanding Director Joe Clancy steps down

I think Joe, a damn good man, honestly cannot stomach Trump and his minions. This does NOT infer he would not do his job 100 percent as a tells me he came out of retirement for Obama (he was the former Special Agent in Charge and they were close) and he is choosing to go BACK into retirement without any fuss.

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

John Newman's COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS-like his other books, ESSENTIAL PURCHASE!

John Newman's COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS-like his other books, ESSENTIAL PURCHASE!

John Newman is what we call, in layman's terms, a frickin' genius. Get this one asap!

Tremendously researched and well written!, January 29, 2017

John Newman is to be commended for writing a book that is both easy to grasp and is impressively researched. Newman's other works are stellar and this one is no exception. As an author myself, I am very particular in what I praise and choose to review. With that said, get this one asap!

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Secret Service and President Trump 1/20/2017

Secret Service and President Trump 1/20/2017

Agents of the Presidential Protective Division (PPD)- some speculate that fake tactical arm(s) for easier access to machine gun or other firearms underneath were used. Some of the photos and the one video is compelling. UPDATE: they aren't---No, A Secret Service Agent Did Not Have ‘Tactical Fake Arms’ During The Inauguration: