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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Robert DeProspero: Wikipedia written BY Vince Palamara (and praised by John Barletta)!

Robert DeProspero (full name Robert Lee DeProspero, a.k.a. Bob, Bobby, and Bobby D), arguably one of the most respected protection agents the United States Secret Service has ever been honored to employee [1], graduated from West Virginia University (WVU) with a Bachelor's Degree (BS) in physical education in 1959 and a master's degree (MA) in education in 1960 [2] and later joined the United States Secret Service (USSS), serving from 1965-1986 [3]. He was the Special Agent In Charge (SAIC) of the Presidential Protective Division (PPD) during a large part of the President Reagan era (January 1982 to April 1985), succeeding Jerry S. Parr [4]. In fact, the SAIC of President Reagan's detail on the fateful day of 3/30/81, the aforementioned Parr, had half a mind to have his deputy, DeProspero, go in his place to the Washington Hilton, but elected to go anyway. [Parr became a hero, protecting Reagan by shoving him into the open limousine along with Ray Shaddick (ATSAIC/ Shift Leader and later appointed by DeProspero to replace himself as SAIC of PPD in early 1985)]. [5]. Parr chose a good replacement: DeProspero was the perfect agent to head Reagan's detail in the wake of the assassination attempt [6].Fellow former agents Walt Coughlin, Jerry Kivett, Howell Purvis, Robert Snow, Darwin Horn, Mike Maddaloni, and a host of others waxed on about DeProspero's virtues to Secret Service expert Vince Palamara in unique interviews that Palamara conducted between 1991-2007 [7].

DeProspero devised several very important and innovative security measures during his time in the Secret Service (while SAIC of PPD) that are used to this very day: the "hospital agent" (stationing an agent at the nearest primary trauma hospital on a presidential movement) [8], to which he received from the agency, among his many other awards, the prestigious Special Recognition for the Establishment of the Presidential Trauma Protocol [9], as well as the creation of magnetometer (metal detector) checkpoints to screen every individual who could get a view of the president [10], earning yet another agency award, Special Recognition for Improved Security Measures [11]

As a result of his outstanding achievements as SAIC of PPD, DeProspero was appointed assistant to the director in the Office of Training [12], directing both a 20 million dollar expansion of the physical training facility and the administration of literally hundreds of courses [13].

The tremendous influence of DeProspero's time and talents in the Secret Service can still be felt today: not only have many of the assistant directors, deputy directors, and even some directors of the Secret Service (Lewis C. Merletti, Brian L. Stafford, Barbara S. Riggs, Stephen M. Sergek, George Opfer, and David G. Carpenter, to name a few) come out of DeProspero's PPD [14], Robin L. Deprospero (Philpot) is currently the chief of the Personnel Security Branch, Special Investigations and Security Division, of the Secret Service, extending the proud legacy of the Deprospero family from the 1960's through and including the millennium [15].

DeProspero can be seen holding onto the rear handrails of Reagan's limousine (along with George Opfer, head of Nancy Reagan's detail), during the January 1981 inaugural [16]. A light-hearted moment: during Reagan's attendance at the 1984 Olympics, Reagan turned to the unmoving, stern-faced DeProspero and said "Gee, Bobby, mine is ticking" [17]

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smokymtnman10 said...

Agent Jerry Parr was a good friend of my brother, Special Agent George E. Payne who was in 1981, SAIC of the Washington Field Office, Diplomatic Service, Department of State and had served as a rookie with Agent Parr years before with the Washington Metropolitan Police Department. My brother passed away in 2000 and I would like anyone that knew my brother or could point out anyone in this 1956 Graduating Class Picture of the WMPD located.
I also have a card signed by President Reagan just days before the attempt on his life where Agent Parr became a hero, pushing Reagan into the limo located at this link: http://www.joepayne.org/50th/
Thanks for your informative information and I am in the process of downloading your online book.