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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

JFK's Texas Trip: Secret Service Agent Rosters & Duties

JFK's Texas Trip: Secret Service
Agent Rosters & Duties

By Vince Palamara

"In order to establish as complete a record as possible, I have compiled a detailed listing of each and every Secret Service agent connected to the Texas trip---their rosters and their duties. In addition, the infamous drinking incident of 11/21-11/22/63 is explored in full, as is the limousine confiscation/ inspection of 11/22-11/23/63. Finally, I have added comprehensive descriptions of many of President Kennedy's higher-profile pre-Texas trips from 1963, in regard to security
issues and the Secret Service. Much of this data is new, coming from the recent releases furnished by the ARRB (Assassination Records Review Board)."

I. San Antonio, TX, 11/21/63:

(San Antonio International Airport, Aerospace Medical Center, Kelly AFB)

[Sources-RIF#154-10002-10424: Survey report ; 1541000110104;
1541000110058; 1541000110184; 1541000110033; 17 H 618;"Kennedy In Texas"
video; "Four Days In November" video]

1) Dennis R. Halterman (WHD): Advance agent (arrived in San Antonio
2) J. Walter Coughlin (WHD): assisted in the advance (apparently still
in San Antonio on 11/22/63---listed as being there and, later, as part
of the 4p.m.-12 mid shift at the Kennedy residence in Middleburg, VA)
3) ASAIC of WHD (#3) Roy H. Kellerman: rode in SS-100-X [limousine]
(front passenger seat)
4) William R. Greer (WHD/ Garage Detail): driver of SS-100-X
5) Henry J. Rybka (WHD/ Garage Detail): driver of SS-697-X FROM
Aerospace Medical Center (AMC)[follow-up car]
6) ATSAIC of WHD Stewart G. "Stu" Stout: Entrance to Headquarters Bldg.,
7) Samuel E. Sulliman (WHD): Entrance to speaker's stand, AMC
8) Richard E. Johnsen (WHD): Speaker's platform, AMC
9) Ernest E. Olsson, Jr. (WHD): same as above
10) Andrew E. Berger (WHD): same as above
11) ATSAIC of WHD Emory P. Roberts: commander of follow-up car (front
passenger seat)
12) John D. "Jack" Ready (WHD): follow-up car
13) Donald J. Lawton (WHD): follow-up car
14) William "Tim" McIntyre (WHD): follow-up car
15) Glenn A. Bennett (PRS): follow-up car
16) SAIC of San Antonio office Luis Benavides: assisted in the advance
17) [fnu] McCully (San Antonio office): Supervision of Aerospace Medical
Center (AMC)
18) John J. "Muggsy" O'Leary (WHD/ Luggage-Effects [see also 25 H 788])
19) Clinton J. Hill (WHD/ First Lady Detail)
20) Samuel A. Kinney (WHD/ Garage Detail): driver of SS-697-X TO AMC
[Rybka: passenger]
21) Paul E. Landis, Jr. (WHD/ First Lady Detail)
22) George W. Hickey, Jr (WHD/ Garage Detail): follow-up car [passenger]

23) ASAIC (#2) of V.P./ LBJ Detail Rufus W. Youngblood (came from LBJ
Ranch w/ Johns and Taylor)
24) ATSAIC OF V.P./ LBJ Detail Thomas "Lem" Johns
25) Warren "Woody" Taylor (Lady Bird Johnson Detail)

FORTY members of the military police from Ft. Sam Houston, Texas:
traffic control, motorcade route security, and intersection control;
police helicopter utilized along route;
many flanking motorcycles;
PRS subjects: 0

II. Houston, TX, 11/21/63:

(Houston International Airport, Rice Hotel, Coliseum/ Congressman Albert
Thomas Dinner)

[Sources: RIF#1541000110104; 1541000110064; 1541000110042; 1541000110044
(Daily Shift report, V.P. Detail, 11/21/63); 1541000110031;
180-10083-10419; 180-10078-10493; 16 H 950-951; 17 H 618; author's
10/9/92 interview with DNC advance man Marty Underwood; DNC Advance man
Jerry Bruno's notes, JFK Library]

26) Ronald M. Pontius (WHD): Advance agent (arrived in Houston
11/12/63); rode in lead car in motorcade
27) Lubert F. "Bert" de Freese (WHD): assisted in the advance (arrived
in Houston 11/18/63 from JFK's Florida trip); departed at 7:00 p.m. on
11/21/63 to go back to Washington, D.C.
28) DNC Advance Man Martin E. "Marty" Underwood (also the DNC advance
man for Austin: see below)
29) Jim Goodenough (WHD/ V.P. LBJ Detail): Advance agent, LBJ Detail;
rode in V.P. follow-up car in motorcade; went to the LBJ Ranch afterward

30) SAIC of Houston office Lane Bertram: rode in lead car in motorcade
Ready: rode in pilot car in motorcade
Berger: rode in pilot car in motorcade
Kellerman: limo
Greer: driver of limo
Rybka: driver of follow-up car
Stout: follow-up car
Sulliman: follow-up car
Johnsen: follow-up car
Olsson: follow-up car
Hill: follow-up car
O'Leary: rode in station wagon in motorcade (near the rear)
Youngblood: rode in LBJ's car
Johns: rode in V.P. follow-up car
[note: Kinney was not in Houston, as he proceeded to Dallas on 11/21/63
after JFK's departure from San Antonio, presumably with Hickey, who also
does not appear to have been in Houston, either. In addition, Roberts,
Lawton, McIntyre, and Bennett are unaccounted for, although they may
have had duties ahead at the Coliseum]

III. Fort Worth, TX, evening of 11/21/63, morning of 11/22/63:

(Carswell Air Force Base, Hotel Texas)

[Sources-RIF#1541000110104; 1541000110104; 1541000110043; 2 H 133; 18 H
674-675, 678, 679, 686, 697, 730, 761; captioned photo of Duncan in
"Fort Worth Press", 11/22/63; 16 H 950-951; 17 H 618; 18 H 678-679,
681-682; 25 H 787-788]

31) William L. Duncan (WHD): Advance agent (arrived in Fort Worth
11/12/63); still in Fort Worth as of 11/22/63 and after the
assassination [25 H 787]
32) Ned Hall II (WHD): assisted in the advance (also arrived in Fort
Worth 11/12/63)
33) James F. "Mike" Howard (Dallas office): assisted in the advance; in
Fort Worth until 4:00 a.m. 11/22/63 [18 H 675]
34) Jerry D. Kivett (WHD/ V.P. LBJ Detail): Advance agent, LBJ Detail
(probably arrived in Fort Worth on 11/12/63 [17 H 618]
35) William H. Patterson (Dallas office): in Fort Worth on the morning
of 11/22/63: assigned to drive LBJ's car [25 H 788]; went to Love Field
36) ATSAIC of WHD Arthur L. Godfrey: arrived in Fort Worth from
Washington, D.C. at 2:15 p.m. on 11/21/63 w/ Blaine, Giannoules, Burns,
O'Rourke, and Faison for duty at the Hotel Texas 4p.m.-12 min (JFK
arrived 11:50 p.m.)
37) Gerald S. Blaine (WHD)
38) Kenneth S. Giannoules (WHD)
39) Paul A. Burns (WHD)
40) Gerald W. O'Rourke (WHD)
41) Robert R. Faison (WHD) [African-American]
42) Michael J. Shannon (V.P./ LBJ Detail): on duty at LBJ Ranch on
11/21/63; went to Hotel Texas on the night of 11/21/63 [12 Mid-8 a.m.
11/22/63]; went back to Johnson City, TX afterwards
Johnsen: follow-up car 11/21/63
[note: Kinney and Hickey were not in Fort Worth on 11/21/63: they were
in Dallas with the two cars]
Kellerman: limo
Greer: driver of limo (NOT SS-100-X but a rented car)
Rybka: follow-up car to Carswell AFB 11/22/63 (NOT the driver)
Berger [see also 18 H 672, 675, 698]
Youngblood [note: he would go on to leave in the early morning hours of
11/22/63 to visit a childhod acquaintance (18 H 681-682)]
Drinking Incident Involving The Secret Service:
the drinking incident of 11/21-11/22/63 involving the Secret Service at
the Fort Worth Press Club AND the "Cellar":

Chief James J. Rowley-headed investigation;
SAIC of Dallas office Forrest V. Sorrels-reported to Rowley
along with
Inspector Gerard B. McCann;
Inspector Thomas J. Kelley-also involved in investigation


The Supervisors :

a)ATSAIC Arthur L. Godfrey-shift leader; mentions agents Blaine, Giannoules, Burns,
O'Rourke, and Faison in his report: none of Godfrey's men -- including
Godfrey-participated in consuming any alcoholic beverages;
b)ASAIC Roy H. Kellerman- mentions agents Greer, Kinney, Duncan, Hall,
and Grant: only Grant consumed alcohol;
c)ATSAIC Emory P. Roberts-shift leader;mentions agents Ready, Lawton,
McIntyre, Bennett, Hill, Landis, Kinney[2nd mention], and Hickey[Kinney
and Hickey were in Dallas with the automobiles, so they obviously did
not participate in any drinking]: only Roberts and McIntyre did NOT
drink-this was the most irresponsible shift of all;
d)ATSAIC Stewart G. Stout, Jr.-shift leader;mentions agents Sulliman,
Johnsen, Olsson, and Berger: all but Stout and Sulliman consumed
alcoholic beverages, making Stout's shift second to Roberts as the worst offender in the drinking incident;
e)ASAIC of V.P. Detail Rufus W. Youngblood-mentions agents
Kivett, Taylor, and Shannon:NONE of the V.P. Detail participated in the
drinking incident!;
The agents who submitted individual reports:
f)Glenn A. Bennett(PRS agent)-admitted to drinking "two beers" at the
Fort Worth Press Club; went to the "Cellar" afterwards;
g)Andrew E. Berger-same as above;
h)Gerald S. Blaine-although he went to both establishments, Blaine
states that he did NOT consume alcohol;
i)Paul A. Burns-although he went to the "Cellar", Burns states(like
Blaine) that he did NOT consume alcohol;
j)David B. Grant-admitted to drinking a "scotch and soda" at the Fort
Worth Press Club; went to the "Cellar" afterwards;
k)Clinton J. Hill-same as above;
l)Richard E. Johnsen-admitted to drinking "two beers" at the Fort Worth
Press Club;
m)Paul E. Landis,Jr.-admitted to drinking a "scotch and soda" at the
Fort Worth Press Club;went to the "Cellar" afterwards;
n)Donald J. Lawton-admitted to drinking "three beers" at the Fort Worth
Press Club;went to the "Cellar" afterwards;
o)Ernest E. Olsson,Jr.-admitted to drinking "one and a half
mixed drinks" at the Fort Worth Press Club;
p)Gerald W. O'Rourke-although he went to the "Cellar", O'Rourke
states(like Blaine and Burns above) that he did NOT consume alcohol;
q)John "Jack" D. Ready-admitted to drinking "two beers" at the Fort
Worth Press Club;
went to the "Cellar" afterwards...

Conclusion-Rowley did not punish these men in any way whatsoever, even
though (according to the Secret Service manual) drinking while in travel
status is grounds for REMOVAL from the agency( four of the above-mentioned
agents-Bennett, Hill, Landis, and Ready-had critical duties in the Secret Service follow-up
car, directly behind
JFK's limousine)![see Volume 18 of Warren Commission]


IV. Dallas, TX, 11/22/63:

(Love Field, Trade Mart)

[Sources-RIF#1541000110100; 1541000110065; 1541000110044; 16 H 950-951
(same as 1541000110032); 1541000110190; "Inside The Secret Service"
video 1995 (Lawson); author's interview with Lawson 9/27/92; 17 H 601,
618; 18 H 789; author's interviews with Godfrey 5/30/96, 6/7/96, and
letter dated 11/24/97 ]

43) Winston G. Lawson (WHD): Advance agent (arrived in Dallas 11/12/63);
rode in lead car in motorcade; remains in Dallas after AF1 departs to
assist in the investigation [18 H 788]
44) David B. Grant (WHD): assisted in the advance (arrived in Dallas
11/18/63 from JFK's Florida trip): Trade Mart, then Parkland Hospital;
remains in Dallas after AF1 departs until the early morning hours of
11/24/63 [18 H 788]; although seemingly removed from the immediate area,
Grant was involved in the drinking incident [18 H 684]
45) SAIC of Dallas office Forrest V. Sorrels: assisted in the advance;
rode in lead car
46) DNC Advance Man Jacob L. "Jack" Puterbaugh (arrived in Dallas
11/12/63); rode in pilot car in motorcade
Kivett: Advance Agent, LBJ Detail (11/18-11/22 [17 H 601]); rode in V.P.
follow-up car in motorcade
47)Robert A. Steuart (Dallas Office): Trade Mart, then Parkland Hospital
48) John Joe Howlett (Dallas office): Trade Mart, then Parkland
Hospital; rode in limousine as it was taken back to the C-130 (Hickey,
driver; Kinney drove the follow-up car back)
49) Roger C. Warner (Dallas office): Love Field
Kellerman: limo
Greer: driver of limo
Roberts: commander of follow-up car
Kinney: driver of follow-up car
Hill: follow-up car
McIntyre: follow-up car
Ready: follow-up car
Landis: folow-up car
Bennett: follow-up car
Hickey: follow-up car
Youngblood: LBJ's car
Johns: V.P. follow-up car
Taylor: V.P. follow-up car
Stout: Trade Mart, then Parkland Hospital (+rode in hearse)
Berger: Trade Mart, then Parkland Hospital (+drove hearse)
Johnsen: Trade Mart, then Parkland Hospital (+CE399)
Olsson: Trade Mart, then Parkland Hospital
Sulliman: Trade Mart, then Parkland Hospital
Lawton: Love Field
O'Leary: Love Field
Rybka: Love Field


V. Austin, TX, 11/22/63:

(inc. Bergstrom AFB, 40 Acre Club, Governor Connally's mansion/
fundraiser/ dinner, Commodore-Perry Hotel, Johnson City, LBJ Ranch)

[Sources-RIF#1541000110104; 1541000110064; 1541000110057; 1541000110050;
1541000110044; 1541000110033; 18 H 779; Air Force One radio tapes/
transcripts; Bill Moyers' interview on A&E 1992; "Death of a President",
p. 317 (1988 edition)]

50) William B. Payne (WHD): Advance agent for Austin(arrived in Austin
51) Robert R. Burke (WHD): assisted in the advance; specifically, for
the LBJ Ranch in Austin City, TX (arrived in Austin for the LBJ Ranch
52) John F. Yeager (WHD): assisted in the advance for Austin, Texas
(arrived in TX 11/18/63)
Underwood [still in Houston on 11/22/63]
Shannon: see above
53) Donald Bendickson (V.P./ LBJ Detail): LBJ Ranch 11/21-11/22/63
54) Gerald Bechtle (V.P./ LBJ Detail): LBJ Ranch 11/21-11/22/63
Goodenough: see above
55) Robert Lockwood (V.P./ LBJ Detail) [see 18 H 779]
Godfrey: Austin (Commodore-Perry Hotel; depart for Washington at 3:15
Blaine: same
Giannoules: same
Burns: same
O'Rourke: same
Faison: same
56) Howard K. Norton (PRS) [see CD80 and 1541000110033, cited above]: same
(this is the first and only time Norton's name appears anywhere in the
Shift reports. He would go on to photograph the bloody limousine at the
White House garage with fellow PRS photographer James K. "Jack" Fox)


"VI." Chicago, IL, slated for sometime shortly AFTER 11/22/63:


57) Joseph Paolella (WHD): Advance agent (arrived in Chicago 11/18/63)
[had been on JFK's 3/23/63 Chicago trip; interviewed for Seymour Hersh's
"The Dark Side of Camelot" 1997]

Shift Summary-
a)12 Midnight to 8 a.m. shift:
ATSAIC Godfrey-shift leader,
SA Blaine,
SA Giannoules,
SA O'Rourke,
SA Burns,
SA Faison

HOTEL TEXAS ( went to Austin after JFK's breakfast in Fort Worth);

b)8 a.m. to 4 p.m. shift:
ATSAIC Roberts-shift leader,
SA Lawton,
SA Ready,
SA McIntyre,
SA Bennett(PRS),
SA Hill(First Lady Detail),
SA Landis(First Lady Detail),
SA Kinney(Garage/Chauffeur-in Dallas),
SA Hickey(Garage/Chauffeur-in Dallas)

FOLLOW-UP CAR (except Lawton-Love Field;Lawton rode in follow-up car AND
back of JFK's limo on 11/18/63);

c)4 p.m. to 12 Midnight shift:
ATSAIC Stout-shift leader,
SA Sulliman,
SA Johnsen,
SA Olsson,
SA Berger

TRADE MART (later, Parkland Hospital;all in Houston motorcade's follow-up
car except Berger:in pilot car);

d)V.P. Detail:
ASAIC Youngblood,
SA Kivett,
SA Taylor(assigned to Lady Bird),
SA Shannon

HOTEL TEXAS (Youngblood-LBJ's car;Johns, Kivett, Taylor-V.P.
follow-up car;
Shannon-back to LBJ Ranch where he came)

e)? shift:
ASAIC Kellerman,
SA Greer(Garage/Chauffeur),
SA Hall,
SA Duncan,
SA Grant

Kellerman and Greer-HOTEL TEXAS;JFK LIMOUSINE (all stops;later,Grey Navy
ambulance and Bethesda;worked the WHOLE day without being relieved!)...
Duncan-HOTEL TEXAS(advance agent for Fort Worth stop)...
Grant-HOTEL TEXAS (advance agent for Florida[11/18/63] AND Texas

trips;later, Trade Mart and Parkland Hospital);

ALSO:Dallas agents James F. "Mike" Howard and William H. Patterson also
in Fort Worth(Howard assisted in advance arrangements at Fort Worth-on
duty at the Hotel Texas from JFK's arrival until 4 a.m. on 11/22/63...later,questioned Marina Oswald;Patterson helped in security
at JFK's breakfast in Fort Worth-drove LBJ's car in Fort Worth on
11/22/63...later, Love Field);

Conclusion :

Chief Rowley told the Warren Commission that 28 members of the WHITE HOUSE DETAIL accompanied JFK to Fort Worth-he's correct(Kinney and Hickey would make 30 if counted, but they were in Dallas, as previously mentioned).Advance agent Winston G. Lawson, SAIC of Dallas office Forrest V. Sorrels, and the remainder of Sorrels' men were in Dallas-leaving John J. Muggsy" O'Leary(Garage/Chauffeur) andHenry J. Rybka(Garage/Chauffeur) [both were in the Houston motorcade of 11/21/63- O'Leary rode in the Station Wagon, while Rybka drove the
follow-up car;both men were stationed at Love Field on 11/22/63] to round out the
WHD agents.

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