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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My comment/post to Mary Moorman herself about her photo today

"Mary Ann, with rare exception, I hate photo interpretation- it all seems subjective, wishful thinking, unprovable and like a Rohrschach test...but NOT this image. That is a man's fedora hat (Ruby's??) at the fence line in YOUR photo!! This is "old" news to some, but still powerful"

"Officially, no one was there and there were reports of men carrying Secret Service badges and identifying themselves as such (again, officially, no agents were posted there)"

Dave Weigman Film Frames show gunsmoke in the trees

Dave Wiegman Jr. was a cameraman in one of the follow up cars in the presidential limousine. After the assassination we can see him, in his video, jumping from his car and running towards the knoll, presumably in search of a shooter.

We can then see him run back and film the Newman family situated on the knoll - both of them on the ground fearing more shots.

I started rethinking the 36 second Wiegman film, after I had a Facebook conversation with Vince Palamara. I had always believed that what people thought was smoke in the trees, was just one of the trees down near the overpass that was turning color to bright orange due to the time of year. As Zapruder films down toward the overpass you can see this tree.

But, I was very surprised when I started reviewing this film that it's very plain to see that it's is NOT the tree. It is definitely gun smoke and it lines up with what Robert Grodan said some years ago when he released 1 frame showing the smoke. When I start looking at each of Dave Weigmans frames it was pretty plain to see that the gun smoke did linger in the treeline like many witnesses said.

Dave Weigmans film might just be one of the most underrated films of the assassination, because in those first seconds after the shooting he actually captures the lingering gun-smoke thus proving without any shadow of a doubt that there were men behind the fence as witnesses testified to.

I have attached first an image of Dave Weigman in the plaza filming. Then I have attached various frames from his film. I color filled these frames and adjusted the contrast and light levels so that you can plainly see the gun smoke wafting across the treeline and floating in front of the overpass.

Last, I attached some witness statements who said that they saw this gun smoke. When you line up all of this evidence with the frames I have been posting from the Nix film along with frame 367 of the Zapruder film, its very convincing.

Dave Weigman Film

Mark Lane interviews James L. Simmons
At 1:09 in this interview James said he saw a puff of smoke that came underneugh the trees

Mark Lane interviews Sam Holland
At 1:13 in this interview Sam Holland said he saw a puff of smoke still lingering underneath the trees.

Mark Lane interviews Richard Dodd
At about 32 seconds he says the smoke came from behind the Hedge.

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