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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Lisa McCubbin's response to the VANITY FAIR article

Lisa McCubbin's response to the VANITY FAIR article

A friend graciously shared Lisa McCubbin's response to the VANITY FAIR article:

[My response in CAPS and/or in bold and in brackets]

"Thank you for the link. I am aware of the article. There are many errors and egregious claims in the article -- it was obviously a sensational ploy to sell Ms. Cheever's upcoming book [THE SAME COULD BE SAID FOR THE MANY ARTICLES PUBLICIZING YOUR BOOKS]. Her comments that no agent acted are preposterous [ONE AGENT, CLINT HILL, DID REACT...TOO LATE].  There is photographic evidence that Clint Hill reacted within a second or two of the first shot [“‘The Kennedy Detail’ repeats the legend that Clint Hill was within a split second of saving JFK and taking the fatal bullet. But he’s not even in the Moorman photo (taken at the moment of the fatal head shot) and in the Muchmore film he’s only climbing down from the follow up car AFTER the head shot. Also, in the Altgens photo (which was taken AFTER the second shot), Hill is still on the running board and staring at JFK- but not running towards him.”] People seem not to realize that when something unexpected happens -- like the sound of an explosive noise --you must first process this. No human being could react immediately [the agents reacted immediately to save presidents on 11/1/50 and 3/30/81, not to mention during the two attempts on President Ford, among others].  Clint Hill reacted as quickly as was humanly possible--clearly anything that occurred the night before did not affect his reaction [Clint Hill, Paul Landis, Jack Ready, and Glen Bennett, all from the follow-up car, as well as 5 other agents, drank and stayed out late the morning before the JFK assassination. As Landis even admits in a new interview for the article: "Landis, when asked what, if anything, might have impeded their actions that day, says... I think you could say, ‘lack of sleep.’" The article calls out Hill, as well: "Secret Service Agent Clint Hill tells Vanity Fair that he left the Cellar before two A.M., went back to the hotel, and put in his breakfast order for six A.M. (He told the Warren Commission that he had stayed until 2:45.)" Note the time discrepancy. The drinking incident is totally avoided in Hill's last book- I wonder why...].  The fact is, no man is faster than a speeding bullet [But they are trained to cover and evacuate. Proper security before and during, let alone after, the fact makes this point moot].  To place blame on these agents 50 years later to sell her own book is, in my mind, reprehensible [the United States government criticizes the Secret Service  in the Warren Report and the HSCA Report, not to mention countless other books and articles...even Clint Hill said "It is my fault."].

I was also disappointed in the reporter for quoting from Abraham Bolden -- and her mistakes in identifying him as a member of the White House Detail -- which he was not.

[see the numerous articles identifying Abraham Bolden as a member of the White House Detail here: http://abrahambolden.blogspot.com/]
[here is a sample (click on article to view larger):]

 The only African American on the White House detail at the time of the Kennedy assassination was Robert Faison [NO ONE ARGUES THAT POINT]. Mr. Bolden was in the Chicago office and had never been on any trips with President Kennedy [WRONG- BOLDEN PROTECTED JFK WHENEVER HE VISITED CHICAGO, SUCH AS OCTOBER 1962 AND MARCH 1963, FOR EXAMPLE- SEE (click on article to make larger):]

, having only served a 30-day temporary assignment on the WH Detail in 1961.  Thus, his comments that agents bought liquor and then drank while on duty are preposterous and unfounded [NOT ONLY DID BOLDEN OBSERVE THIS FIRST-HAND DURING HIS 30-DAY ASSIGNMENT, HE WAS A MEMBER OF THE SECRET SERVICE FROM 1960-1964 AND HAD OPPORTUNITY TO SEE THIS ON OTHER OCCASIONS, AS WELL. THE DRINKING INCIDENT OF 11/22/63 IS WELL DOCUMENTED, AS ARE OTHER OCCASIONS- SEE MY BOOK. IT IS NOT "JUST BOLDEN" WHO MAKES THESE CLAIMS. SEE WHAT WARREN COMMISSION ATTORNEY ARLEN SPECTER, WHO INTERVIEWED HILL, HAD TO SAY HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFZcZQ_6szw]. [ALSO- SEE WHAT HILL HAD TO SAY ABOUT THE NEW 9 AGENT DRINKERS HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbttGvM27dc ]

Unfortunately, many people who do not know otherwise, will believe the claims in the article.  I am glad that Mr. Hill and Gerald Blaine have contributed their personal perspectives and recollections in the three books I co-authored [OH, I AM SURE YOU DO- $$$$$$$$$].  Those books contain the truth [AND A WHOLE LOT OF FIBS, TOO] from the men who were actually on the White House Detail [GEE, I GUESS ABE'S 30 DAYS DON'T COUNT, HUH? HOW ABOUT WHAT MANY OF THE AGENTS WHO SERVED LONGER HAD TO SAY TO MYSELF AND OTHERS NOT NAMED BLAINE AND HILL, AS WELL?] and know exactly what happened. If you haven't read them, I highly suggest you read THE KENNEDY DETAIL, MRS. KENNEDY AND ME, and FIVE DAYS IN NOVEMBER. [As for Clint Hill and Gerald Blaine signing assassination photos, REGULARLY on sale for big money on eBAY, another reader had this comment:
“What an embarrassment! That would be like Bill Buckner signing a picture of the ball going through his legs give me a break!”
“These guys are always whining about “oh we’re traumatized we have nightmares” blah blah blah I know let’s sign pictures of that day what a joke.”]
Lisa McCubbin"

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