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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fine Richard Girard article

Please see:

A Festering Wound
By Richard Girard
"My heart burnt within me with indignation and grief; we could think of nothing else. . . . All night long we had only snatches of sleep, waking up perpetually to the sense of a great shock and grief. Every one is feeling the same. I never knew so universal a feeling."
Elizabeth Gaskell, English novelist. Letter, 28 April 1865, to Harvard professor Charles E. Norton, on the news of Lincoln's assassination reaching England.

"The scientific mind does not so much provide the right answers as ask the right questions."
Claude Lévi-Strauss, French anthropologist. The Raw and the Cooked, "Overture," section 1 (1964).
It has been almost forty-nine years since President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was murdered from ambush in the streets of Dallas.
And we are no closer to ending the pain of that awful moment today then we were then.
Like an ulcerated wound, our nation can never fully heal from the effects of this crime until we know the truth.
The findings of the Warren Commission are regrettably not the truth. It is a mass of hypothesis and conjecture dependent on investigative agencies who were more interested in covering up their own mistakes or culpability than finding the truth. This is best demonstrated by the March 3, 1964 memo from CIA Director John McCone to Secret Service Chief James Rowley revealing that Lee Harvey Oswald was a trained CIA operative. This information was never given to the Warren Commission, according to an October 17, 2009 NY Times article by Scott Shane, "C.I.A. is Still Cagey About Oswald Mystery." If Jim Garrison had this information, would Clay Shaw have been declared "not guilty?" I doubt it.
There is also the recently discovered film of Secret Service Agents Henry Rybka and Don Lawton being ordered off of the back of JFK's limousine as it was leaving Love Field that fateful November day. These orders were vital to the assassination, because it opened up JFK to being shot from the rear, and prevented the immediate shielding of the President's and First Lady's bodies by those of the Secret Service agents on the back of the limousine. The reason for, as well as the ultimate source for this stand-down order has never been properly investigated. There is photographic evidence that Secret Service agent's were on the back of the limousine for the motorcade in San Antonio the day before. The surviving members of Kennedy's Secret Service detail deny receiving an order from President Kennedy to stay off the rear of the limousine. In fact the order seems to have come from Assistant Special Agent in Charge Vincent M. [ sic LOL: FLOYD M] Boring, without authorization by any other superior. (Vincent Palamara, "The Secret Service on the Job in Dallas;" Murder in Dealey Plaza: What We Know Now That We Didn't Know Then About the Death of JFK ; James H. Fetzer PhD., editor; Catfeet Press; Peru, Illinois; copyright 2000; pp. 159-174)
Other evidence was withheld from the Warren Commission. One of these pieces of evidence was the photograph of the two empty shell casings and one unfired round of 6.5 mm ammunition that were found in the area of the so-called "sniper's nest" on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD) (photographed in the Baltimore Field Office of the FBI), as well as the original evidence sheets submitted to the Dallas Office of the FBI by Special Agent Vincent E. Drain on November 23, 1963.
This means whoever was up on the sixth floor of the TSBD may have pulled the trigger three times, but that sniper only sent two bullets hurtling downrange towards President Kennedy that murderous Texas afternoon. If the 6.5 mm Mannlicher-Carcano carbine (not rifle) found "hidden" among the boxes of books at TSBD only fired twice that afternoon, there has to be--by the Warren Commission's own logic--more than one assassin. (This also explains why the FBI tried so hard to get James Teague to say he was not grazed by concrete from a bullet that hit the curb when he reported it after the assassination.)
I say whoever because I have very strong doubts that Lee Harvey Oswald was anything other than what he claimed to reporters in the Dallas jailhouse, "a patsy." I think he served the exact purpose he was supposed to at the TSBD that afternoon--slow down any initial police response to the sixth floor (by being present in the building's central second floor lunchroom), while the gunman hid the carbine, and assumed an identity (either Secret Service or Military Intelligence credentials) that permitted his escape in the chaos.

I have changed my thoughts on the scenario for what happened in the Dealey Plaza kill-zone that November afternoon since I published my OpEdNews article " The Great Enemy of the Truth " in March of 2010. I believe the weapons fire in the Dealey Plaza kill-zone followed this time-line :
  • The sniper on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository (from this point forward Sniper 1), using Oswald's Mannlicher-Carcano carbine, fires a shot at JFK and misses. The shot ricochets off a concrete curb, and slightly wounds James Teague in the cheek. Whether or not Sniper 1 is actually Oswald is a question for someone else to answer, but if this bullet had hit and killed President Kennedy, it would have created an air tight frame on Lee Harvey Oswald.
  • Sniper 1 takes his second shot at JFK, hitting him in the back, center mass. However, the propellant in that cartridge had degraded over the previous twenty years, so that rather than a kill shot, the bullet only penetrated 3-4 inches into the President's back, bruising the upper part of the President's right lung.
  • Secret Service Agent William Greer abruptly applies the brakes of the Presidential limousine, slowing it to under five miles per hour, perhaps even ultimately bringing it to a stop.
  • The sniper in front of JFK (Sniper 2, who I believe was the only military trained sniper, as opposed to a marksman, and whose orders are not to fire unless the first two rounds fail to kill JFK, fires a round using a long gun (possibly an M-1 carbine) with a sound suppressor and frangible ammunition. Because of Greer's abrupt braking, this round hits JFK in the lower middle throat, missing all of the major blood vessels, which the assassin knows from experience may or may not kill the President.
  • A third sniper (Sniper 3), who was probably on the roof of the Dallas County Records Building (where a .30-06 shell casing was found by workmen repairing the roof in 1977), fires his first round at almost the same instant, using a rifle with a sound suppressor. However, when the Presidential limousine abruptly brakes, it ruins Sniper 3's aim. The bullet narrowly misses JFK, passing over his left shoulder, and hits Governor Connally in the upper back instead, passing through his chest, wrist, and finally entering his thigh. Sniper 3 is not using frangible bullets. He was probably using sabot rounds: a 6.5 mm (.256 caliber) bullet in a 7.62mm (.30 caliber) plastic jacket, which it loses as the bullet leaves the barrel. This permits you to take a bullet that has already been fired from another rifle, say Oswald's, and use it again without adding any striations to the bullet. The sabots were used in this weapon in order to ensure Oswald's Mannlicher-Carcano would be found to be the assassin's weapon in post-assassination ballistic tests.
  • The Kill Shot. I think that all of the snipers had an order to aim for the head, and make sure that President Kennedy was dead at the spot that would become known as frame 313 of the Zapruder film. I think Sniper 1, with the Mannlicher-Carcano, had another misfire, either a primer failure of the chambered bullet, or some mechanical problem. This is the reason there are two shell casings and one live round in the photo I cited above. Snipers 2 and 3's bullets hit the President almost simultaneously, killing him, and placing this nation on its current course of an increasingly less benevolent oligarchic dictatorship.
  • The only question in my mind is this: did Secret Service Agent William Greer panic when he slammed on the brakes, or was he part of the conspiracy? We can't ask him: he died in 1985, denying until the end of his life that he had stopped or slowed the Presidential limousine there in Dealey Plaza. Fifty-nine witnesses, including Jackie Kennedy, John Connally, U.S. Senator Ralph Yarborough, ten police officers and seven Secret Service Agents say otherwise. ("59 Witnesses: Delay on Elm Street," Vincent Palamara; Murder in Dealey Plaza: What We Know Now That We Didn't Know Then About the Death of JFK ; James H. Fetzer PhD., editor; Catfeet Press; Peru, Illinois; copyright 2000; pp.119-128)
    We have so much contradictory information about the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the key to finding the truth may be to ignore most of it until you find the pieces of information that were somehow overlooked by the conspirators 50 years ago. We must always remember that no matter how powerful these "Masters of the Universe" -- as Tom Wolfe called them in Bonfire of the Vanities --are, they are still human, and they will still make mistakes, especially when you consider the mountains of evidence involved in this murder. Above, I have presented the three most damning pieces of evidence that I have learned about in the last three years. These three pieces, taken together, effectively undermine the "official" explanation of the oligarchs and their lap dogs, like Gerald Posner, and cannot be explained away by sophistry.
    When Jack Kennedy was murdered in Dallas, we lost more than a President. Our Constitutional Republic has been on life support ever since. Grey men in gray suits, without hard-won title or proper right, legitimate power or electoral authority, have run our country from the shadows. Loyal servants to Mammon's wealth, Belial's power, Beelzebub's lies, and Lucifer's pride, but not our country or its Constitution; they have done everything that is within their power to destroy those things which make this country truly great, and replace them within the hearts and minds of our people with the most damnable corruption. They are perfectly represented by men such as Mitt Romney, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Caspar Weinberger, Oliver North, and the two Presidents Bush.
    This "power elite" as C. Wright Mills called them, the "One Percenters" of whom the Occupy Wall Street Movement have said so much, have always hated anything that smacked of "real democracy" in this country. After FDR's New Deal, the One Percenters saw a very real possibility that they might lose their power and influence forever, and that President Kennedy might be the vehicle of that loss.
    Danger for the oligarchs was everywhere in 1963. The oil companies were looking at losing almost half of their oil depletion allowance if JFK were reelected. The banks and financiers were looking at the potential loss of billions of dollars annually as President Kennedy began the switch of the issuing of currency from the Federal Reserve to the United States Treasury directly, costing the Federal Reserve's member banks of their cut of Treasury Bonds and the costs of issuing currency to non-member banks on Federal Reserve Notes. The steel companies had found out the hard way that JFK would take away government contracts if they raised their prices beyond those agreed to during government arbitration with their unions. The separation and suspicion between the White majority and the Black and Latino minorities that had so successfully been exploited to weaken both sides of the working class for one hundred years was dissolving, leaving a middle class--and more importantly their children--that questioned the need for the segregation of human beings by race or any other consideration.
    But the primary reason behind of Jack Kennedy's death was much simpler. James W. Douglass wrote of it in his book JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters . I first wrote about it and published it in my article " Pacem in Terra ," in OpEdNews on February 4, 2010. After the Cuban Missile Crisis, an unusual but nearly unstoppable troika had formed: Pope John XXIII, Soviet Party General Secretary and Chairman of the Politburo Nikita Khrushchev, and President John F. Kennedy. They had a single goal in mind: peace and prosperity for the people of the World, rather than the nuclear suicide of humanity that had almost occurred in October of 1962.
    The oligarchs knew that if JFK helped bring peace to the World, and fulfilled FDR's dream of what the United Nations should be (which his wife Eleanor had worked so hard to attain in the seventeen years after FDR's death), a true World peacekeeping body, their ability to use American military and intelligence assets to get what they wanted around the world, let alone maintain power at home, was over. There were many in the Pentagon, including arch-Hawk Curtis LeMay, Chief of Staff of the Air Force, who had no desire to see real "peace in our time."
    Part of these American oligarch's problems were solved when Pope John XXIII died in June of 1963. With the Pope gone, the major source of President Kennedy's protection was gone. The oligarchic conspirators could begin to plan the young President's death in earnest.
    Why was the death of the elderly Pontiff necessary before JFK could be murdered? Stalin had once cynically asked "How many divisions the Pope had?" The oligarchs knew that while the Pope might not have a single division of troops, he had millions of voters around the World, voters who would have listened intently if the Pope had questioned the death of the young man he lovingly called "Giovanni." John XXIII would not have accepted so slapdash an investigation as was done by the Warren Commission in the matter of JFK's assassination, and if he did not accept it, neither would millions of American Catholics. The Vatican has the oldest intelligence service in the world, supplemented by thousands of Jesuits, who know well the importance of keeping their eyes and ears open and their mouths shut. (Read Robert Ludlum's book The Gemini Contenders for a glimpse into the world of the Vatican Secret Service.) If John XXIII had been around to say "Find out the truth," I believe it would have been discovered. The eighty-two year old Pontiff had to pass away before JFK could be murdered.

    President Kennedy's commencement address at American University was his signal to Chairman Khrushchev that Pope John XXIII's death made no difference: he was still committed to the cause of peace. It was also the last straw for the hawks in the Pentagon, the CIA, and the industrialists of America's military-industrial complex who had not been directly affected by Kennedy's assault on Big Steel, Big Oil, and Wall Street. There was no money to be made in peace.
    There were others who wanted President Kennedy dead: Organized Crime, who the oligarchs had used for years to keep the blacks and Latinos in their place, and the powerful unions under some semblance of control, were now being actively prosecuted by JFK's brother Robert, who was the Attorney General; anti-Castro Cuban refugees who thought Kennedy had abandoned them at the Bay of Pigs (which technically he did); White Supremacists who were frightened to death that the Negroes were going to take over everything if Kennedy wasn't stopped. All of these foes were facing a young President whose popularity was rising in almost every poll, who would almost certainly have rid himself of Lyndon Johnson as Vice President over the growing Bobby Baker scandal, thus leaving the oligarchs without an "inside man" in JFK's second term. There was also J. Edgar Hoover, who had helped the oligarchs maintain their control since before the end of FDR's administration, using secret files that went back four decades. The FBI's director was facing mandatory retirement from Federal service in 1965, and the animosity between Hoover and the Kennedy's made it a certainty that Hoover would receive no special dispensation from them.
    Only three Presidents have ever faced comparable opposition in their first term: Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Barrack Obama. John F. Kennedy knew he faced a daunting level of opposition in November 1964; he probably never realized that his enemies were unwilling to wait that long.
    The Roman historian Tacitus wrote of the assassination of the Emperor Galba ( The Histories, Book 1, section 28,) "A shocking crime was committed on the unscrupulous initiative of few individuals, with the blessing of more, and amid the passive acquiescence of all." The "all" of which Tacitus wrote was Rome's One Percent. The People of Rome had by this time been so cowed into submission by tyrants such as Tiberius, Caligula, and Nero, they would rarely play a role in Rome's politics until the Western Empire fell in 476 C.E..
    The Murder of President John F. Kennedy is the beginning of the decline that we see continuing with such vicious speed and certainty today. JFK is for the American Republic what Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus was for the Roman: the first casualty in the war between the optimates and the populares , Rome's names for the One Percenters and its struggling working and middle classes. This struggle reached its crescendo with the assassination of Julius Caesar on the Ides of March, 44 B.C.E., and ended almost anticlimactically at Actium thirteen years later.
    There is still time to save our Republic, if only just barely. But first, we must accept the truths of President Kennedy's death, and the consequences that we are living with today.

    The first truth is that JFK was going to get the United States completely out of Vietnam. CIA attempts at intervention in Laos and South Vietnam in 1961-2 had proven that the U.S. backed governments had no support among the majority of people in those two countries, due to extreme corruption. Douglas MacArthur had warned JFK against becoming involved in a war in Vietnam. The General may have been an egomaniac, but he was no fool. As Oliver Stone pointed out in his movie JFK , one of the first things that Lyndon Johnson did when he became President was rescinding President Kennedy's order to pull 1000 military advisers out of Vietnam.
    The second truth is that President Kennedy was murdered as the result of a far-ranging conspiracy of America's power elites. This included Texas oilmen, Wall Street bankers, high-ranking current and former military officers, select members of the American intelligence and law enforcement community (both at the Federal and local level), White Supremacists, members of the political establishment, anti-Communist Cuban exiles, right-wing political extremists, and members of Organized Crime from around the world. If LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover were not complicit in the actual assassination, they were in the cover-up.
    The third truth is that it was the opening round of a series of events which was meant to regain control of the country for the power elite. Malcolm X, Dr. King, and the President's brother Bobby were the next sacrifices made on the oligarch's altar to wealth as power, together with nearly 60,000 Americans in Southeast Asia.
    The fourth truth is that Nixon tried to push through a program of oligarchic control under the guise of "law and order." The oligarchs learned their lesson, and have spent the last four decades doing slowly what Nixon rushed. By undermining the New Deal, our civil liberties, and every related program that made a large, robust middle class possible one piece at a time, Reagan, Bush 41 and 43, and today's pro-oligarch Supreme Court are close to establishing a new order in our nation: an order of the idle rich and working poor. Edmund Burke would be so pleased.
    The final truth is we must admit that if men such as John and Robert Kennedy, Malcolm X, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., can be publicly killed, and if a criminal such as Richard Nixon can commit heinous crimes against the people of the United States and the World, and no one is held to account for these crimes; if after such lackadaisical investigations (like those that occurred in the murders of JFK, RFK, and MLK), we can somehow still have a summary "Rush to Judgment" (as Mark Lane's book called JFK's assassination) with events such as Oklahoma City and September 11, 2001; how can any American hope for justice or feel unthreatened in their home tonight?
    The answer is we cannot. These oligarchs--both the blood and spiritual descendants of the dark conspirators in Jack Kennedy's death--can have us arrested, or murdered in our beds, with complete impunity if it suits their unholy purpose. We must solve the murder of President Kennedy, even if no one ever pays for the crime, as a simple act of self-defense. We must explicitly say to these oligarchs once and for all, "No, your wealth and power does not place you above this nation's laws." We must close the festering wound of JFK's assassination.
    We must do this for our children, and our children's children.

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