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Monday, March 5, 2012

"Walking With Presidents: Stories From Inside The Perimeter" (2008) by Mike Endicott- RAW NOTES

page 7: first wife Virginia Nagle-father Fred Nagle (Anhcorage, AK office)- urged Mike to join Secret Service [see Darwin Horn's book "Dar's Story": Nagel later was forced out of the agency in disgrace];

entered Secret Service 7/5/65; (page 8) 20 years: 1965-1985; over 100 countries and all 50 states visited; assigned to Sec of State Kissinger in 1974 for 2 years;

page 8: Nixon- first President to give up Secret Service protection; Nixon hired him to provide private security

page 9: joined PPD in 1969; SAIC of Former Pres. Nixon Detail 1979;

page 10: 1968, 1972 campaigns; VP Rockefeller and Mondale

page 22: December 1963- married Virginia Nagle, Fairbanks, AK

pages 22-23 Fred Nagle; Nagle urged him to join due to large hiring re: Warren Report- took exam Summer 1964; born 1944; Michael, Jr born January 1965

page 23: Sacramento, CA 7/5/65

page 24: sworn in with fellow agent Larry Sheafe

SAIC Steve Byrne; first few weeks: read Secret Service Manual, WC Report;

SA's Gary Miller & Hugh Pettit

page 24: training- Fall 1965, Spring 1966

pages 26-27: SF FO Larry Newman- ID (Intelligence) agent; both protected Lady Bird Johnson on a visit

page 27: protected LBJ on a visit

page 33: January 1968: 4 month temp assignment, former Pres Ike Detail

page 43: Doug Duncan, SF FO- joined Governor Reagan Detail 1968 campaign; detail leader: John Simpson; SA Ed Hickey; (page 49) SA's John O'Toole, Bob Horan, Bob Barker

page 48: Mike told Mrs Reagan that she and her family "must respond at once to what any agent told them";

page 55: Director James Rowley: met with Reagan

pages 55-56: SA Paul Rundle-in charge of security for RNC 1968

page 58: Simpson-headed the Agnew Detail

page 60: 1968 DNC Chicago

page 63: SA Joe Worthington

page 66: worked Nixon inaugural January 1969

page 67: Bob Taylor, SAIC WHD [LBJ-]Nixon [after Clint Hill, before Dick Keiser]

pages 67-68: Bob Taylor [Nixon inaugural] "was in serious negotiations with the senior White House Staff concerning the placement of agents alongside the limousine during the inaugural parade...He understood the desire of the White House Staff not to have agents riding the rear bumper of the limo, but Taylor knew he needed to have his agents close enough to respond in the event the situation required it. Taylor agreed to have the agents walk parallel to the limousine near the crowd during the initial phase of the parade. He told Chief of Staff H.R. Haldeman he would keep open the option of using agents in their traditional positions on the rear bumper, near the rear doors, and next to the front fenders of the limousine if the situation dictated...Taylor directed agents to move to their normal positions...I gained alot fo respect that day for Taylor when he would not relent to the demands of Haldeman." [agents rode on the limo and agents walked surrouding the limo!]

page 70: Feb 1969- reassignment to Protective Support Division (PSD) in Washington, D.C.

page 71: SA John Novak-Pittsburgh FO; protected Treas Sec David Kennedy

page 73: protected NY Governor Nelson Rockefeller with (page 74) SA Jim Goodenough (goodwill tour of South America)---(page 78) SAIC Ernie Olsson---(page 81) Haiti leg of tour: SA Brooks Keller, advance agent

page 84: 30 day temp assignment PPD late July 1969 Nixon

page 86: during tmep assignment- Shift Leader was Ron Pontius, "an excellent agent and supervisor"; SA Charlie McCaffrey, PPD- came from NY FO

page 88: at the end of temp assignment, received permanent transfer to PPD---assigned to Wilson Livingood's shift-diligent, provided extensive and comprehensive on-the-job training; people person; respected by SAIC Taylor; his first mentor at the White House

page 90: reassigned to First Lady Pat Nixon's Detail- SAIC was Vern Copeland

Page 91: Tricia Nixon detail leader- Chuck Rochner; Julie Nixon detail leader- Hal Thomas

Page 92: SAIC Bob Taylor- especially close to and respected by Nixon re: 1958 Caracas incident

Page 94: Paul Rundle

Page 95: ASAIC Bill Duncan- responsible for the family details

Page 101: Shift Leader Richard Keiser

Page 102: Agent Clarence “Buck” Lyda

Page 105: in March 1971, after 18 months on Pat Nixon’s detail, transferred to PPD

Page 110: P. Hamilton Brown- Shift Leader

Page 112: Agent Cliff Dietrich- died in helicopter crash

Page 114: Agent Dennis Shaw

Page 115-116: Nixon- 1970- WHP renamed Executive Protective Service

Page 117: Nixon via Executive order- directed the Secret Service to provide protection to foreign dignitaries as well as American dignitaries who traveled abroad

Page 120: transferred in July 1971 to the Seattle FO- SAIC Elmer Moore

Page 126: Agent Jurg Mattman- Paris FO

Page 128: provided security for Edmund Muskie 1972- detail leader: Jimmy Johnson; Barney Boyette-Johnson’s assistant

Page 129: Watergate; Sargent Shriver Detail (VP Agnew); Agent Kevin McCarthy- asst leader

Page 147: SAIC PSD Robert Lapham; Kissinger Detail: SAIC Jack Ready, SA Ned Hall, and SA Bill Bacherman

Page 151: PSD Agent Matt Daley

Page 152: SAIC John Simpson of Protective Operations

Page 177: PSD Agent Ed Dansereau- came to the Secret Service from CIA after the Kennedy assassination

Page 179: arrived at PSD Dec 1973; Kissinger Detail initially was small- Jack Ready: SAIC w/ 6 others inc Agent Walter Bothe from NYFO

Page 180: Agent Mike Cohen and Jack Renwick- Foreign Intelligence Branch

Page 187 [and 190]: Agent Bill Bush, PSD

Page 191: Livingood now SAIC- Office of Protective Operations

Page 192: Doc Watson and Chuck McCreedy- PSD

Pages 197-198: Director Stu Knight

Page 199: driver/ Special Officer Hank Schwobel

Page 201: new Kissinger (PSD) leader James Cantrell

Page 202: Secret Service Intelligence Branch headed up by Mike Mastrovito

Page 203: Kissinger advance team headed up by Jimmie L.C. Miller of LA FO

Page 207: Agent Grady Askew of Atlanta FO on Syria/ Kissinger trip

Page 209: Special Officer William “Shelly” Shellhammer- one of the Kissinger detail driver

Page 214: SAIC Don Edwards- Secret Service Uniform Division

Page 235: Kissinger Detail (D.C.)- Agent Don Stebbins and John O’Toole+ (page 241) Robert Lapham, Barney Boyette, Jack Ready, Jim Cantrell, and Ed Dansereau

Page 245: advance agent Jim Andersen

Page 256: PDS agent Jim Legette

Page 259: Agent Ralph Basham, WFO- added to Kissinger detail, as was (page 261) William Montgomery, also from the WFO

Page 261: further Kissinger detail agents: Walter Bothe, Bill Pots, Chuck Owens
Page 262: Mike transferred to VP Rockefeller’s Detail

Page 264: “Wilson Livingood was the guardian angel of PSD”

Page 284: Mike promoted to operations supervisor with VPPD (Rockefeller) April 1975- united with Boyette; Jimmy Taylor [interrupted attempt on Wallace in 1972]: SAIC (Boyette- his deputy); David Grant [a shift leadet when Mike was on PPD 1969-1971]: ASAIC

Page 285: Agent Dennis Dwyer- in charge of Rockefeller family detail in NY; Agent Ben Locket

Page 289: more praise for Livingood

Page 298: Taylor & Boyette- Mondale transition detail

Pages 302-303: Mondale told Endicott that “Nixon was evil, evil”- Mike takes umbrage with this remark

Page 309: Supervisor David Grant retired VPPD (early Carter admin)

Page 312: Agent Ned Hall (formerly PSD) was the liaison representative to the military re: meeting at Pentagon

Page 313: Grant replaced VPPD by Richard (Dick) Lefler, who had been head of the Sec of Treas Detail (SAIC LA FO Robert Powis)

Page 317: Agent Harry Ludwig- Mondale Detail

Page 319: Agent Charlie English- Mondale Detail

Page 324: Spring 1978- Robert Powis transferred from LA FO to Asst Dir Protective Operations---one of the top field office administrators now in charge of all protection; Frank Woof- SAIC Portland FO

Page 325: AD Powis and his deputy John Simpson

Page 332: Agent Roy Wilson

Page 335: SAIC Jerry Parr, Mondale- replaced Jimmy Taylor (late 1978); Dick Lefler: replaced Livingood in Protective Operations [off-year elections]

Page 336: Gus Holmes- Protective Operations logistics person

Page 347: Agent Chuck Zboril- a shift leader on PPD in 1969; with Mondale 1979

Page 350: Pontius- SAIC Ex-Nixon Detail---applied for disability retirement (Jack Ready- his assistant); Endicott replaced Pontius end of August 1979

Page 356: Agent Larry McCann- acting supervisor on the Ex-Nixon Detail; the son of a retired agent [Gerard?]

Page 358: Nixon trip to China- Agent Jimmy L.C. Miller from LA FO doing the advance

Page 378: Nixon’s to NY Dec 1979- Agent Joe Gallo NY FO- shift leader, responsible for setting up the permanent detail; McCann- Mike’s assistant

Page 380: Nixon’s scheduled arrival in NYC 1/20/80

Page 382: Mike married a girl who was working on the staff of VP Mondale

Page 387: Agent Frank Murphy

Page 392: Agent Marty Venker

Page 393: Miami ID Agent John Golden

Page 407: ID, Foreign Intelligence Branch- Agent Jack Renwick

Page 417: Agent Hal Thomas-Paris

Page 425: Agent Eddie Ryan- NYFO

Page 427: Agent Jurge Mattman-Paris FO

Page 441: Agent Bert Vint; Agent Bill Burch

Page 452: Agent Bill Hoskyn- SAIC Ex-Carter detail

Page 460: Agents Fran Primavera, Gary Ross, Pat Sullivan, John Barry, Tom Sloan, Gerry Connolly, Stan Dobrynio, Doug Ferry

Page 461: Agent John Rodrigues

Page 468: February 1983- McCann was replaced by Bill Wasley to assist as a working supervisor with Nixon

Page 470: Agent Ed Pollard, Asst Dir, Protective Operations

Page 473: Agent Karen Toll

Page 492: Agent Hollendersky- SAIC Newark FO: SAIC Ex-Nixon detail before Pontius

Page 517: Agent Steve Garmon- on PPD 1969-1971: office of Protective Operations 1986

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