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Friday, December 9, 2011

Blaine keeps posting these planted, phoney 5-star reviews on his blog LOL

Blaine keeps posting these planted, phoney 5-star Amazon "reviews" on his blog LOL:

"The Kennedy Detail Reader's Review
If you only read 1 book about JFK... Make it this one.[what a joke!]

By Rancho relaxo [nice fake name]
Compelling and well written, this book makes the 'conspiracy theorists' look pitiful and deluded [haha---like there is ANY evidence in Blaine's book to dispute the evidence of conspiracy---? Blaine offers NOTHING but opinion; no facts. These are the same guys who got JFK killed and, by his own admission, almost got LBJ killed, as well. I am supposed to believe his "word" that Oswald acted alone??? Give me a break; no one is that stupid or naive]. The fact that the 'conspiracy theory' JFK notion is so huge, seems in many peoples mind to imbue it with credibility [nope---it is based on facts and the overwhelming, worldwide public's belief]. Sorry, but fact's have credibility, emotional pandering to widesread paranoia does not [haha]. I wanted to know more about JFK and the assasination, and not have to put up with annoying theories that rely on the weakest evidence [my research relies on the AGENT's words and writing BEFORE Blaine's book came out], I read this book and was glad I did [good for you]. Furthermore, upon having read it I feel sure that JFK himself would rather the story be told by his most trusted aides [the same ones who let him get killed, several of whom were angry at him due to his sexual proclivities???] rather than some half baked 'author' trying to make a name for himself in history in rather the same way as Oswald himself was [Hahahaha---this is a lame jab at me :O) ]. The fact Clint Hill, Mrs Kennedys trusted agent, put his name to this book speaks for itself. [nope-only speaks to the fact that he is best friends with Blaine, money talks, and my 22-page letter to Hill pissed him and Blaine off something fierce]

Vince...the "V" is for the victor :O)

I am an infinitely better Secret Service expert than Blaine will ever be...I also did not let JFK get killed or ALMOST kill LBJ, either. Live with that one and collect your blood money. Blaine's book is like a forgotten storm that passed and is gone...the internet is forever. I win! I could tell ole Jer was all cocky when he got his book deal and had a minor, extended best-seller---thanks to my research, of course [if it wasn't for me, no book would have been written in the first place]: he actually thought THAT would erase or supercede my work...NOT! I still crack up when I see Blaine and Hill debate my work on C-SPAN, especially when Jer says "my assessment of Mr. Palamara..." LOL. On a more somber note, very sorry to hear about the passing of your daughter [this is politics; nothing personal]

P.S. Even rancid tv comedies are Emmy nominated...

Initial post: Nov 17, 2011 6:50:51 AM PST
Craig says:

Propaganda is telling lies to people by telling them things they are already inclined to believe. You are a great target for propaganda.

You are in no position, based on your comments, to criticize the more informed people on the assassination, who you call names.

You need to not read 'just 1 book on JFK' as you mention in your subject. By doing so, for example by reading the book by the first black Secret Service agent to guard a President, hand-selected by President Kennedy, "The Echo from Dealey Plaza" by Abraham Bolden, you would learn his story which is vastly different than this book's about the Secret Service detail - about the culture on the team of racism, of hostility to JFK by a number of agents who said they would not jump in front of a bullet for him, about how this agent was set up to be killed and when he refused the assignment, was framed for a crime and imprisoned.

If you read other books, you would read how the head of the Secret Service admitted a number of Kennedy agents had been out drinking, visiting a bar well after midnight, the night before the assassination - while drinking was supposed to be cause for termination, and was not for any of the agents.

But you are determined to believe false stories. Others should not get bad advice on this book, apparently written to 'spin a story' for the reputations of the agents.

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