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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

1/20/92 Sam Kinney letter (provided by David Lifton)

DSL Note, 3/8/10—Redaction only to hide identity of Kinneys friend.
What this is: 3 page handwritten letter from SS Agent Sam Kinney to his friend, Karl
XXX, dated January 20, 1992. Letter is in envelope with postmark of 10 Feb 1992, Palm
Beach, FLA, and with return address that reads: “S. A. Kinney, 341 Bayside Rd., Palm
Springs, FL. 33461. Was presented as a gift to DSL by XXX by letter dated 6/10/09;
along with autographed color photo of Kinney standing next to SS-679 X in St. Louis, in
Sec 1: Control file (this section) –any comments, points to be made, etc.
Sec 2: Text of the letter
* * * BEGIN SEC 1 HERE * * *
[TypedCopyOfLr,KinneyToFriendKarl,1/20/92 (edited).doc] Sec 2 2
Sec: Text of the letter
Dear Karl,
First I would like to say, I’m sorry to be so long in the reply to your letter. My wife and I
travel 5 to 6 months a year. We returned home mid Oct and that takes up my time getting
things back to order. I hope you buy (?) that. I’m not much at writing (?) anymore.
Anyway, Karl, I don’t think I can be of much help in the locations of the SS cars you are
seeking to find. There was two of the. I loved both of them. They were called 679-X and
678 X. 679-X was the one I was driving in Dallas. They were replaced after I returned.
I’ve heard stories that one was destroyed by what means I don’t know. I don’t know if
this true or not. One was sold in Texas and one went overseas some place and understand
it is on display some place in Swiss or Finn?
I have very few pictures of them. We as agents really didn’t take many shots of our cars.
We did receive a few form (sic) White House staff.
I, as you, would like to get the facts of the ass. [means “assassination”—dsl] for the sack
(sic) of history. Hope the movie J.F.K. will force the release of files. I thought the movie
was interesting, but I can’t go along with it. I hope that Stone’s wrong. I can only say
what I saw and heard that day. I heard 3 shots coming from the direction of Book store
and saw 3 shots hit their target. First Pres. Second Gov. Third Pres. Then we were off to
the Hospital and fast. From that point on its been Monday morning Q [means
quarterbacking—dsl]. I have some trouble with all the information and still at this time
have trouble talking or thinking about what happened that day in Dallas, as all of us
agents that were there.
We all felt that we did not do the job that the people of the U.S. paid us to do. That’s a
sad thing for all of use. (sic).
I hope you the best Karl and keep working on this [.] Hopefully the now (?) hid (?) will
know the truth even if it will not bring things back. We lost a great man. He was a
jewell of a man to us and it hurts to read the bad, most untrue things about him.
I am sorry I could [not] give you more info on the case. But I’ll tell you if I get an info on
them I’ll get back with you.
Take care an God Bless
Samuel A. Kinney
U.S.S.S. Ret.
[TypedCopyOfLr,KinneyToFriendKarl,1/20/92 (edited).doc] Sec 2 3


chat said...

上來逛逛,踩個腳印給你~~~ ........................................

雅嵐 said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical...................................................

The Skipper said...

It's interesting that he said all 3 shots came from the direction of the book depository. I thought he had later said (the death bed confession thing) that the 3rd shot clearly came from the grassy knoll and that he even saw smoke????

Vince Palamara said...

Yes...which is why I would take the "death bed confession" thing with a huge grain of salt