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Monday, April 27, 2009

Notes on 6th Floor Museum's 8 Secret Service oral history (dvds)

1) Warren Woody Taylor (10/14/05)[31 minutes]
[note: I could never find him due to common name!]
born 3/9/36, Dayton, KY;
joined agency in August 1961;
retired in 1982;
heard three shots, all from 6th floor of TSBD;
Dallas: first tume he was in a motorade with JFK

2) Jerry D. Kivett (10/14/05)[39 minutes]
[note: I spoke to, corresponded, and e-mailed Mr. Kivett. He has seen my work online including my book...:O)]
born 3/4/35, Greensboro, NC;
joined agency September 1961;
retired in 1982;
heard 3 shots from his right rear

3) A. Dale Wunderlich (10/15/05) [49 minutes]
[Note: I spoke to and e-mailed Mr. Wunderlich. Like many of his colleagues, he is much aware of my (online) work/ book]
born 1/2/37, Prosser, WA;
LAPD Bomb Squad;
recruited by agency Feb. 1963: joined PRS division;
Dallas: claims this was the FIRST time someone from PRS came to do an intelligence advance (?!?)

4) Victor Gonzalez (10/15/05) [10 minutes]
[Note: I contacted Mr. Gonzalez via e-mail--and through a friend---but he never responded back]
born 6/21/36, Puerto Rico;
joined agency in April 1962;
retired in July 1982;
11/22/63: part of Special Agent clas graduating that day-went to Ford's Theater, Capital Bldg, Blair House, then Press Corps for a luncheon and ceremony. Chief Rowley was called out and told of JFK's assassination!;
assigned to WFO;
protected the limousine at the White House Garage;
always felt it was Oswald, acting alone

5) Radford W. Jones (10/15/05) [18 minutes]
[Note: I corresponded with Mr. Jones and he refers to me without saying my name in his oral history interview-I had also sent him copies of his Secret Service shift reports for 11/63]
born 9/30/39;
joined agency Feb. 1963;
retired as SAIC of Detroit Field Office in 1983;
joined Ford Motor Company;
after retirement, joined the staff of MSU;
assigned to Buffalo, NY field office;
temporary assignment:Summer 1963, Hyannisport, Squaw Island;
Nov. 1963: assigned to Kellerman's shift-end of 30 day assignment (supplemented JFK Jr's detail). Glen Bennett and he flipped a coin as to who was to go to Dallas (?!?);
strongly believes Oswald acted alone;
assigned to Jackie for 4 months in 1964, along with Clint Hill and Tommy Mays;
liason to RFK campaign in '68

6) William L. Duncan (10/15/05) [14 minutes]
[Note: I contacted Mr. Duncan but he never responded back]
born 1935;
joined agency 1959-WHD, Ike ("very routine duty");
With JFK from Inaugural until 11/22/63 [through LBJ and Nixon eras, as well-in fact, he was in charge of Pat Nixon's Detail];
Re: JFK: "real fine gentleman"; "magnetic personality"; "very friendly"; "very concerned about the people around him"; "real pleasure to work with"; "easy to work very hard for"; "LET YOU DO YOUR JOB" [my emphasis];
11/22/63: advance agent for Fort Worth (partner: Ned Hall II);
Was to return to D.C. but, due to assassination, proceeded to Dallas/ Parkland Hospital: Secret Service "very well organized" there;
Ultimately returned to D.C. with Hall "with the cars" [C-130]

7) Winston G. Lawson (9/5/03) [1hr 52 minutes]
[Note: I spoke to and corresponded---and even e-mailed---Mr. Lawson several times]
born 10/15/28, Western NY, between Erie & Buffalo (Chattaqua County);
Korea war: joined the Army reserves/ CIC;
joined agency Fall 1959-Syracuse, NY Field Office;
Transfered to WHD Spring 1961;
Re: JFK: "He was pleasant"

8) Mike Howard (11/18/05) [2 and a half hours]
[Note: As with Mr. Taylor (above), I could never find Mr. Howard due to his having such a common name!]
born 3/20/31;
Korean War: Private, Military Police;
Saginaw (TX) Police Dept;
joined agency 1959 via a call from SAIC of Dallas Forrest Sorrels

Vince Palamara


Tim Fleming said...


Wunderlich is a liar. He gave a presentation a few months ago to some evangelical group in California. There was a news article in the local paper about it, and I responded to some of Wunderlich's claims. Here, verbatim, is what I wrote:

Wunderlich is either the most gullible dupe breathing on the planet, or he is an out-and-out liar.

Let's address his disinformation point-by-point. There were no Secret Service agents at Parkland Hospital blubbering about JFK getting killed. They, instead, were busy breaking Texas law by forcibly removing the body from the custody of Dr. Rose, Dallas coroner, at gunpoint. By Texas law, the autopsy was supposed to be performed there at Parkland that day; no way the Secret Service was going to let that happen. Besides, according to Abraham Bolden, a SS Agent who quit the presidential detail despite being handpicked by JFK, the Secret Service hated Kennedy. The other agents often joked that if Kennedy were ever shot at, they would get out of the way. In fact, they did exactly that. Newsreel footage taken at Love Field clearly shows Emory Roberts, agent in charge of the Dallas detail, ordering Henry Rybka off the side of the president's limousine as it leaves Love Field, thus stripping JFK of protection from the front right of the vehicle. In Dealey Plaza, Roberts ordered his agents to stand down as the first shots were fired. Agent Bill Greer, the driver slowed the limo to a stop so that the head shot could hit its mark easily. Only then, after looking back twice at JFK to make sure he was mortally hit, did he speed up. Greer lied about this to the Warren Commission even though the Zapruder film and other photos clearly show what Greer had done.

Jack Ruby not affiliated with the Mafia? [In his speech, Wunderlich made this claim.] Pardon me, as I try to stop laughing. Just two facts for you here--when Santos Trafficante, head of the Florida Mafia, was jailed in Havana after Castro took over, Jack Ruby visited him in jail several times. If Ruby is not Mafia, explain this. Moreover, Ruby knew Oswald. That was the testimony of many witnesses, including Marita Lorenz. Lorenz made this assertion under oath in the Florida civil trial of E. Howard Hunt (CIA) for libel. The jury in that case found that Hunt and the CIA were involved in the assassination.

According to several witnesses, the night before the assassination Secret Service agents were provided free liquor by Pat Kirkwood, owner of The Cellar in Dallas. [Wunderlich claimed that no agents were drinking the night before the assassination.] Many agents partied until 4 am, and so were useless as protection in the motorcade the next day. It was well known in Dallas that Kirkwood was associated with the head of the Dallas Mafia, Joe Civella. Civella visited Ruby in jail after he killed Oswald.

It is now well-known that many in Washington expressed, publicly and privately, doubt about the Warren Commission findings. [Wunderlich claimed that no one in Washington has ever disputed the Warren REport findings.] These included Robert Kennedy, Russell Long, Hale Boggs, LBJ, Allard Lowenstein (who was gunned down himself) and the entire House Select Committee on Assassinations which stated that JFK was probably murdered as the result of a conspiracy. And the whole purpose of the CIA is to keep secrets forever. The whole point of a covert operation is to, ostensibly, cover up the truth of it for the rest of time.

Many of the witnesses in Dealey Plaza heard more than three shots...and a rifle shot is clearly distinguishable from a motorcycle backfire on any audio graph that is honestly and competently performed. And it is ludicrous to believe that one magic bullet could have inflicted all the damage caused to JFK and Connally, and then emerge pristine on a hospital stretcher. Wunderlich misses the irony of his claim that Oswald might have been aiming at Connally. That would make Oswald a really bad marksman, then, because he hit the wrong guy. Oh, but wait, Oswald, according to the Warren Commission, had to be an expert marksman to get off all those shots and hit somebody in six seconds.

One more thing, how did Wunderlich get from Love Field to Parkland Hospital so quickly? [Wunderlich claimed he was at Love Field when he heard of the shooting.] The president was shot at 12:30 pm, arrived at Parkland at 12:40 pm, and was pronounced dead at 1 pm. No doctor worked on him after that. I've been to Dallas many times, and the drive from Love Field to Parkland, even with no traffic, cannot be made in under 25minutes. Presumably Wunderlich did not hear of the assassination before it occurred, so I'm guessing he did not know of it before 12:45. Did he fly to Parkland Hospital by flapping his arms? And no one turned over the body so that it was lying face down[Wunderlich claimed he saw JFK face down in the ER.]. [Note here: I've read nearly every word ever written on the JFK assassination, and I recall no one--doctors, nurses, SS agents, anyone--ever saying that JFK was turned face down. Not even the funeral home attendant, Aubrey Rike, did that.]

I'm sure the evangelicals, blissfully unaware, lapped up Wunderlich's whoppers without so much as a softball question. Allen Dulles, David Atlee Phillips, Charles Cabell, and Dick Bissell always counted on the compliant and the uncritical to keep their secrets safe forever.

Tim Fleming

Vince Palamara said...

I agree with you! He called me after that newspaper article with his picture in it and said he was never going to discuss the assassination again...gee, I wonder why LOL! :O)