Vince Palamara- author of "Survivor's Guilt" and "JFK: From Parkland to Bethesda"

Vince Palamara- author of "Survivor's Guilt" and "JFK: From Parkland to Bethesda"
Vince Palamara- author of "Survivor's Guilt" and "JFK: From Parkland to Bethesda"

Vince Palamara: author of two books

Vince Palamara: author of two books
Vince Palamara- author of two books


“The Kennedy Detail” repeats constantly an alleged Kennedy quote about "Ivy League charlatans" that the author tries to convince (brainwash?) the reader into taking what was simply an off-hand quote/joke by JFK and turn it into a proclamation of strict procedure protocol-an astute comment from a reader



President Kennedy's Secret Service White House Detail +

President Kennedy's Secret Service White House Detail +
President Kennedy's Secret Service White House Detail + various other important/ temp/ PRS agents, as compiled from the massive collection of the leading authority on the Secret Service, especially during the JFK era: Vince Palamara

Secret Service JFK

Secret Service JFK
Various JFK era agents

Secret Service JFK

Secret Service, JFK, President Kennedy, James Rowley, Gerald Behn, Floyd Boring, Roy Kellerman, John Campion, William Greer, Forest Sorrels, Clint Hill, Winston Lawson, Emory Roberts, Sam Kinney, Paul Landis, John "Jack" Ready, William "Tim" McIntyre, Glenn Bennett, George Hickey, Rufus Youngblood, Warren "Woody" Taylor, Jerry Kivett, Lem Johns, John "Muggsy" O'Leary, Sam Sulliman, Ernest Olsson, Robert Steuart, Richard Johnsen, Stewart "Stu" Stout, Roger Warner, Henry "Hank" Rybka, Donald Lawton, Dennis Halterman, Walt Coughlin, Andy Berger, Ron Pontius, Bert de Freese, Jim Goodenough, Bill Duncan, Ned Hall II, Mike Howard, Art Godfrey, Gerald Blaine, Ken Giannoules, Paul Burns, Gerald O'Rourke, Robert Faison, David Grant, John Joe Howlett, Bill Payne, Robert Burke, Frank Yeager, Donald Bendickson, Gerald Bechtle, Howard Norton, Hamilton Brown, Toby Chandler, Chuck Zboril, Joe Paolella, Wade Rodham, Bob Foster, Lynn Meredith, Rad Jones, Thomas Wells, Charlie Kunkel, Stu Knight, Paul Rundle, Glen Weaver, Arnie Lau, Forrest Guthrie, Eve Dempsher, Bob Lilley, Ken Wiesman, Mike Mastrovito, Tony Sherman, Larry Newman, Morgan Gies, Tom Shipman, Ed Tucker, Harvey Henderson, Abe Bolden, Robert Kollar, Ed Mougin, Mac Sweazey, Horace "Harry" Gibbs, Tom Behl, Jim Cantrell, Bill Straughn, Tom Fridley, Mike Kelly, Joe Noonan, Gayle Dobish, Earl Moore, Arthur Blake, John Lardner, Milt Wilhite, Bill Skiles, Louis Mayo, Thomas Wooge, Milt Scheuerman, Talmadge Bailey, Bob Lapham, Bob Newbrand, Bernie Mullady, Jerry Dolan, Vince Mroz, William Bacherman, Howard Anderson, U.E. Baughman, Walt Blaschak, Robert Bouck, George Chaney, William Davis, Paul Doster, Dick Flohr, Jack Fox, John Giuffre, Jim Griffith, Jack Holtzhauer, Andy Hutch, Jim Jeffries, John Paul Jones, Kent Jordan, Dale Keaner, Brooks Keller, Thomas Kelley, Clarence Knetsch, Jackson Krill, Elmer Lawrence, Bill Livingood, J. Leroy Lewis, Dick Metzinger, Jerry McCann, John McCarthy, Ed Morey, Chester Miller, Roy "Gene" Nunn, Jack Parker, Paul Paterni, Burrill Peterson, Max Phillips, Walter Pine, Michael Shannon, Frank Stoner, Cecil Taylor, Charles Taylor, Bob Taylor, Elliot Thacker, Ken Thompson, Mike Torina, Jack Walsh, Jack Warner, Thomas White, Ed Wildy, Carroll Winslow, Dale Wunderlich, Walter Young, Winston Gintz, Bill Carter, C. Douglas Dillon, James Johnson, Larry Hess, Frank Farnsworth, Jim Giovanneti,Bob Gaugh,Don Brett, Jack Gleason, Bob Jamison, Gary Seale, Bill Sherlock, Bob Till, Doc Walters...

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Vince Palamara: notable Duquesne University alumni!

See also: Duquesne University
This is a list of notable persons affiliated with Duquesne University, including alumni, current and former faculty members, and students.

Contents [hide]
1 Notable alumni
1.1 Media
1.2 Business
1.3 Religion
1.4 Sports
1.5 Politics and law
1.6 Music
1.7 Literature
1.8 Other
2 Notable professors
3 Heads of Duquesne University
3.1 Rectors of Pittsburgh Catholic College of the Holy Ghost
3.2 Presidents of Pittsburgh Catholic College of the Holy Ghost
3.3 Presidents of Duquesne University of the Holy Ghost
3.4 Timeline
4 Notes and references
4.1 Notable alumni
4.2 Heads of Duquesne University

[edit] Notable alumni

[edit] Media

German filmmaker Werner Herzog attended Duquesne University for a brief period of timeTom Atkins[1] - Actor, notably in Lethal Weapon, The Rockford Files, Harry O, and Oz
John Clayton (1976)[2] - NFL writer and reporter for ESPN
Werner Herzog[3] - Filmmaker (did not officially graduate)
Bill Hillgrove (1962)[4] - Sports journalist, radio personality, and sports broadcaster
Jesse Joyce - stand-up comedian and writer
Terry McGovern[5] - Film actor, television broadcaster, radio personality, voice-over specialist, and acting instructor
Mark Madden[6] - Former World Championship Wrestling commentator and writer; current ESPN Radio personality
Nick Perry[7] - Television and radio personality who became infamous after being indicted in a scandal involving the rigging of the Pennsylvania Lottery
Tim J. Sullivan (1994)[8] - Deputy sports editor for the New York Post
Joe Starkey - Current writer for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and ESPN Radio personality

[edit] Business
Eugene P. Beard[9] - CFO of Interpublic Group, from 1980-1999
Jon A. Boscia (1979)[10] - CEO of Lincoln National Corporation
Robert Dickinson (1995)[2] - President and CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines
Ed Grier[11] - President of the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA
Thomas J. Meredith (1975)[12] - CFO of Dell, 1992-2000

[edit] Religion
Most Rev. Daniel DiNardo (1969)[13] - Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston (2006-present)
Most Rev. Vincent Leonard - Bishop of Pittsburgh (1969–1983)
Zola Levitt - Messianic Jewish teacher, author, and television host
Adam Joseph Cardinal Maida (1964)[2] - Cardinal, Archbishop of Detroit (1990-present)
Thomas L. Thompson (1962) - Biblical theologian, closely associated with the Biblical minimalism movement
Most. Rev. David Allen Zubik (1971)[14] - Bishop of Green Bay (2003-2007), Bishop of Pittsburgh, (2007-Present)

[edit] Sports
Mike Basrak[15] - Played center and linebacker for the NFL's Pittsburgh franchise
Boyd Brumbaugh - former NFL player and first-round draft pick
Joe Beimel[16] - Relief pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers
Leigh Bodden[17] - NFL defensive back, Cleveland Browns
Donn Clendenon (1978)[18] - MLB alumnus; 1969 World Series MVP
Chuck Cooper[19] - One of three players with legitimate claims to be the first African American basketball player in the NBA
Aldo Donelli[20] - Both played and head coached in the NFL; member of the United States National Soccer Hall of Fame
Candace Futrell[21] - WNBA player

A statue of Art Rooney, founder of the Pittsburgh SteelersChip Ganassi[22] - Former professional racecar driver and current professional race team owner
Sihugo Green[23] - Had a nine-year (1957; 1959-1966) NBA career
Korie Hlede[24] - WNBA player
Mike James[25] - Plays for the Houston Rockets in the NBA; has won one NBA Championship
Norm Nixon[26] - Former professional basketballer for the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers
Cumberland Posey[27] - Former Negro Leagues baseball player, manager, and team owner, and Baseball Hall of Famer
Dave Ricketts - former MLB player
Dick Ricketts[28] - The NBA's first overall pick in its annual player draft (1955); also played Major League Baseball
Art Rooney[2] - Pittsburgh Steelers founder and former owner
Dan Rooney[2] - Pittsburgh Steelers president and chairman
Jimmy Smith[29] - Former MLB player; won one World Series
Dwayne Woodruff[30] - Played defensive back for the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers (1979-1990), winning one Super Bowl; founding partner of Woodruff, Flaherty & Fardo law firm; currently Judge of Court of Common Pleas in Pittsburgh

[edit] Politics and law

Michael V. Hayden, director of the CIADonald A. Bailey - Politician and lawyer
Derrick Bell[31] - Legal theorist
Father James Cox[32] - Roman Catholic priest, labor activist, and presidential candidate
Bob Cranmer - Politician who was previously a County Commissioner of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania from 1995 to 1999, as well as a former Chairman of the Republican Party of Allegheny County
Henry Ellenbogen - Pennsylvania Congressman (1933 to 1938)
Joseph M. Gaydos (1947)[33] - Pennsylvania delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives; first Slovak-American to be elected to US Congress
General Michael V. Hayden (1967) (1969)[2] - General in the United States Air Force and Director of the CIA
Catherine Baker Knoll - Lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania
Thomas Patrick Melady (1970)[2] - Diplomat and professor at the Institute of World Politics
Charles Owen Rice - Roman Catholic priest and American labor activist
Karen Garver Santorum - wife of U.S. Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania
Thomas E. Scanlon - Pennsylvania Congressman (1941 to 1945)
Bud Shuster - Pennsylvania Congressman (1972 to 2001)
Samuel A. Weiss - Judge and Pennsylvania Congressman (1941 to 1946)

[edit] Music

Sammy Nestico, prolific big band composerJoseph Carl Breil - The first person to compose a score specifically for a motion picture
Gene Forrell - Composer and conductor
Sammy Nestico - Prolific and well-known composer and arranger of big band music
William Schultz (1950)[2] - President and CEO of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation
Jeremy Sment - Composer and contrabassist
Bobby Vinton (graduated 1960s; honorary Doctorate in Music in 1978)[2] - "The Polish Prince"; called the all-time most successful love singer of the Rock era

[edit] Literature
Ray DiPalma (1966) - Poet and visual artist
Keith Donohue - Novelist and current Director of Communications for the National Historical Publications and Records Commission
Frank Legato - Author on gambling
Linda O. Johnston - Author of mystery and romance novels
Mark Tabbert - Author of American Freemasons: Three Centuries of Building Communities
Vince Palamara - "Leading civilian authority" on the United States Secret Service and the assassination of John F. Kennedy
[edit] Other
Delfin Carbonell Basset - Lexicographer and creator of the Unialphabet system
Tanya Lehman - Miss Pennsylvania USA (2006)

[edit] Notable professors
Dr. Francesco Cesareo - Renaissance historian, President of Assumption College (former Dean of the McAnulty College of Liberal Arts)
Samuel John Hazo - Author of poetry, fiction, essays and plays (Emeritus McAnulty Distinguished Professor of English)
James Houlik - Tenor saxophonist (Professor of Saxophone and Chair of Woodwinds)
Dr. Patrick Juola - Expert in the field of computer linguistics and security, credited with co-creating the original biometric word list (Professor of Computer Science)
Maureen Lally-Green - Judge on the Superior Court of Pennsylvania (Adjunct Professor at the School of Law)
Aaron L. Mackler - Conservative rabbi (Professor of Theology)
Cardinal Adam Maida - Current Archbishop of Detroit (former adjunct Professor of Theology at the School of Law)
Magali Cornier Michael - Feminist literary theorist (Associate Professor of English and co-director of the Women's and Gender Studies program)
Dr. John E. Murray - Author of Murray on Contracts and former dean of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and the Villanova University School of Law (University Chancellor and Professor of Law)
David F. Stock - Professor of Music and Guggenheim Fellow, 1974
John Walker - Concert organist, choirmaster, and recording artist (Adjunct Professor of Organ and Sacred Music (1997–2006))
Dr. Cyril Wecht - Controversial forensic pathologist (Adjunct Professor at the School of Law)
Dr. Michael Welner - Pioneering figure in the field of forensic psychiatry

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