Vince Palamara- author of "Survivor's Guilt" and "JFK: From Parkland to Bethesda"

Vince Palamara- author of "Survivor's Guilt" and "JFK: From Parkland to Bethesda"
Vince Palamara- author of "Survivor's Guilt" and "JFK: From Parkland to Bethesda"

Vince Palamara: author of two books

Vince Palamara: author of two books
Vince Palamara- author of two books


“The Kennedy Detail” repeats constantly an alleged Kennedy quote about "Ivy League charlatans" that the author tries to convince (brainwash?) the reader into taking what was simply an off-hand quote/joke by JFK and turn it into a proclamation of strict procedure protocol-an astute comment from a reader



President Kennedy's Secret Service White House Detail +

President Kennedy's Secret Service White House Detail +
President Kennedy's Secret Service White House Detail + various other important/ temp/ PRS agents, as compiled from the massive collection of the leading authority on the Secret Service, especially during the JFK era: Vince Palamara

Secret Service JFK

Secret Service JFK
Various JFK era agents

Secret Service JFK

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Praise for Vince Palamara from former agents, authors, etc.
Praise for the original self-published edition of “Survivor’s Guilt” and Vince Palamara’s original research into the Secret Service and the JFK assassination:

Former JFK/ Chicago office Agent Abraham Bolden
: 10/30/93, 12/13/93, 12/31/93---“ I want you to know that I appreciate your determination to bring forth the truth concerning the Secret Service of the 60’s…your manuscript…contains valuable and historical information regarding the Secret Service of the 60’s…your facts are beyond question…the facts in the manuscript do not preclude an advanced plan to consciously strip the security…There is no question that the facts, as presented, sustain a conclusion that there was great confusion within the service as to their protective responsibilities, requirements or assignments regarding the President before and after the assassination…the facts as outlined would sustain a charge of gross negligence without the possibility of refutation from any source…a great book…every page of your manuscript confirms a Secret Service coverup of agency gross negligence…I hope that your book will be a success. I will be looking for it in the bookstores.”

Former JFK/LBJ agent Frank Stoner, 2/25/04: “I have just received your excellent book. I had no idea of the detail you have gone to to write this wonderful and informative book.”

Former JFK/LBJ agent Joseph Paolella (one of the four former agents who spoke to Seymour Hersh for his book “The Dark Side of Camelot”), 7/20/99---“You seem to know a lot about the Secret Service, maybe even more than I do.”

Former JFK/LBJ agent Charles T. “Chuck” Zboril, 11/15/95: “You’ve done a lot of research to come up with all those names and all…you might be helpful to the official Secret Service historian who works out of Washington!”

Former JFK/LBJ agent Darwin Horn (1951-1981), 3/8/04: “Very interesting.”

Former JFK/LBJ agent Robert R. Snow, technical adviser to several Hollywood movies including “In The Line of Fire,” 3/12/04: “Your research is much better than my memory.”

Former JFK/LBJ agent Lynn S. Meredith, 5/22/05: “I continue to be impressed with your interest in political affairs and the Kennedy assassination in particular.”

Former JFK/LBJ agent Gerald W. O’Rourke, 6/17/05: “Read the research you have done and have to commend you! Keep up the good work.”

Former LBJ agent Howell “Hal”Purvis, 2/2/06: “Wow. You have spent many hours researching the JFK/ LBJ area…I enjoyed your detailed info. on many agents. I knew many of them. Thanks.”

Former Carter/ Reagan agent Mike Maddaloni, 4/24/06: “You have certainly done your homework.”

ARRB FINAL REPORT (Given to President Clinton, Newt Gingrich, and Trent Lott; Secret Service intimately involved in): "Vincent Palamara: Interviews with Secret Service Personnel

Vincent Palamara conducted extensive interviews with former Secret Service personnel. Palamara donated three audio cassettes of these interviews to the JFK Collection."---

“THE MEN WHO KILLED KENNEDY: THE SMOKING GUNS” by Nigel Turner (2003) HISTORY CHANNEL (ALSO VHS/ DVD)---“Vince Palamara, Secret Service expert.”

Vince Bugliosi letter to Vince Palamara dated 7/14/07:

"I want you to know that I am very impressed with your research abilities and the enormous amount of work you put into your investigation of the Secret Service regarding the assassination. You are, unquestionably, the main authority on the Secret Service with regard to the assassination. I agree with you that they did not do a good job protecting the president (e.g. see p. 1443 of my book)..."

"Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy" (2007) by Vincent Bugliosi: 15 pages, including the disc, Biblio., index, and Secret Service chapter. pages 1242-1243: mentions my work--- "Only one book I am aware of, Vince Palamara's "Third Alternative- Survivor's Guilt: The Secret Service & The JFK Murder", is devoted solely to the Secret Service's role in the case. From his EXHAUSTIVE INVESTIGATION, Palamara ENDS UP FINDING THE SECRET SERVICE GUILTY OF INCOMPETENCE, not complicity in the murder. Although Palamara SEEMS HONEST AND INTELLIGENT [my emphasis]---and his 1993 book IS REASONABLY WELL RESEARCHED [my emphasis---thanks, again; high praise, indeed]..." "Palamara, moving almost exclusively in the world of conspiracy theorists...PROCEEDED REASONALY WELL IN HIS ASSASSINATION RESEARCH[my emphasis; again, thanks, Vince; I am a saint compared to what he thinks of Groden, Horne, Lifton et al LOL]..." then mentions SAIC of the Miami office John Marshall [former WHD agent, friend of Floyd Boring since PA State Trooper days!] STATEMENT TO THE HSCA THAT, FOR ALL HE KNEW, SOMEONE IN THE SECRET SERVICE COULD HAVE BEEN INVOLVED [AS I DULY NOTE IN MY WORK]!!!! Vince B.'s conclusion????--- "Could have, schmood have."---?!?!?! So, needless to say, I am delighted with my treatment.

“Bloody Treason” by Noel Twyman (1997), p. 768---“… a remarkable investigation of the Secret Service’s role in the JFK assassination”; prominent part of his Secret Service chapter.

“Treachery In Dallas” by Walt Brown (1995), p. 55---“…Mr. Palamara, a youthful researcher who has indefatigably followed all Secret Service trails, and better than anyone else…” p. 56---“Mr. Palamara’s arguments for negligence are well taken…Vincent Palamara makes his negligence case, to no one’s surprise, and has some interesting revelations along the way.” prominent part of his Secret Service chapter; also-mentioned on p. 58 of “The JFK Assassination Quiz Book” (1995) in the Secret Service Expert category, as well as on the flap jacket and page v of “The Warren Omission” (1996). "Probable Cause" Australia (Walt Brown), Issue 10, June 1995: “Newcomer Vince Palamara has self-published The Third Alternative- Survivor's Guilt: The Secret Service and the JFK Murder, and in so doing has provided us with a wealth of material gained from extensive interviews with Secret Service "survivors." On that basis alone, I would highly recommend this seminal work…his depth of research is so great…I have no doubt that Vince Palamara will have many worthwhile contributions in the future if this first work is any indication, and it is "must reading" regarding both the Secret Service and how to do excellent research.” “The Global Index to the Assassination of JFK” (1998; CD-ROM)---”the author was a Secret Service S/A in a previous life.... this reads like he’s been there, and he’s done that, and the boys in Dallas could have done a whole lot better. Great resource.” [Part of 100 cited works; only self-published book included!]; mentioned in his book “The Guns Of Texas Are Upon You” (2005)

“Killing The Truth” by Harrison Edward Livingstone (1993), p. 97---“I agree with that [Secret Service involvement], and Vince Palamara’s focus on the Secret Service’s complicity in his unpublished manuscript tells this story.” “Killing Kennedy” by Harrison Edward Livingstone (1995), p. 441---“Recommended reading.”; also---mentioned on page 11 of “High Treason 2” (1992) and on page 551 of the 1998 edition of “High Treason.” Stunning New Evidence” (2000)---prominent part of his Secret Service chapter. "The Radical Right…” (2004), page 580

“November Patriots” by Constance Kritzberg & Larry Hancock (1998), p. vi---“…the dogged, persistent and ground-breaking research done by Vince Palamara on the Secret Service and the true nature of John Kennedy’s protection in Dallas.”; p. vii---“Vince Palamara, dean of security researchers”; prominent part of their Secret Service related chapters. “Someone Would Have Talked” by Larry Hancock (2003): featured on several pages. Featured on even more pages of the 2006 edition of "Someone Would Have Talked”

“Murder in Dealey Plaza” by Prof. James Fetzer (2000)---Favorable general remarks by Michael Parenti, Dr. Cyril Wecht, Michael Kurtz, Kerry Walters, and Stewart Galanor to the essays in the book (of which two are by Vince); p. 467---“…now widely recognized as the leading expert on [Secret Service & death of JFK]. His first book, The Third Alternative-Survivor’s Guilt: The Secret Service and the JFK Murder, has been very well received.”; two Secret Service-related chapters by the author. “The Great Zapruder Film Hoax” by Prof. James Fetzer (2003), p. 27---“Vince Palamara…is the leading assassination expert on the Secret Service”; p.444 (George Costello)---“…the significant contributions of Vince Palamara’s analysis of the Secret Service performance in Dallas and its aftermath.”[Originally from “THE FEDERAL BAR NEWS AND JOURNAL”]; also mentioned on pages 274 and 293 of "Assassination Science" (1998)

“Publisher’s Weekly”, 8/28/00 re: my two chapters in “Murder In Dealey Plaza”---“… Vincent Palamara names several Secret Service agents who he believes may have been compromised…”

“The Secret Service: The Hidden History of an Enigmatic Agency” by Philip H. Melanson, Ph.D., with Peter F. Stevens (2002/2003), p. 357---“Among the hundreds of written sources culled by the authors, the following proved especially useful…[among the 41 books listed, 14 by agency people and 12 by noted historians included:]…(p. 358) The Third Alternative”; p. 74---“Assassination researcher Vincent Palamara combed the literature, documents, and interviews…”; p. 77---“Author Vincent Palamara described the shooting sequence based upon his own interviews and the Warren Commission documents…”; p. 87---“Researcher Vincent Palamara interviewed numerous Kennedy agents…”; prominent part of their JFK assassination chapter. On additional pages of Melanson's 2005 expanded edition.

“Pittsburgh Post-Gazette”, 1/26/98: article by KDKA/CBS radio’s Mary Anne Lewis---
“…a nationally known expert on the agents' reactions that day. He's often asked to speak at conferences on the assassination, sharing billing with another local Kennedy expert, Allegheny County Coroner Dr. Cyril H. Wecht, a dogged critic of the Warren Commission's single-bullet assassination theory. Palamara has interviewed nearly three dozen agents from the Kennedy administration [many more since then], including nine who were in Dallas that day. He has written and published his own book on the assassination [another one since then]. He is quoted in several Kennedy books [many since then]. And he has given numerous presentations about the Secret Service actions during the assassination. Tapes of some of his interviews with agents are in the National Archives, after they were requested by the Assassination Records Review Board.”

Praised by PBS author Gary Null on WBAI radio, NY 11/21/95: “You’ve made a very valuable contribution to our knowledge.”

Kennedy cousin John Davis, author of “The Kennedys: Dynasty & Disaster” and “Mafia Kingfish”: “Frankly, up to now I never gave the Secret Service a second thought…I believe you are on to something…You’ve done a very valuable service…your work is most interesting and even chilling.”

Kennedy cousin Kerry McCarthy: “Thanks for your dedication and keeping JFK’s spirit alive. Bless you!”

“Encyclopedia of The JFK Assassination” by Michael Benson (2002), pages 235, 301, 327, 343 & 346---significant part of US Secret Service heading.

Probe” research journal, May-June 1999, by Jim DiEugenio, author of “Destiny Betrayed” and the host of one of the parts of the bonus DVD from the Oliver Stone film “JFK”---“Vince Palamara is the foremost researcher on this aspect of the assassination…”; The Assassinations: Probe Magazine on JFK, MLK, RFK, and Malcolm X, page 249

Dealey Plaza Echo” (British research journal), July 1999, by Ian Griggs---“…undisputed leader in [his] specialist field of research.” Mentioned in Griggs 2005 book “No Case To Answer.”

“Lobster” (British research journal), June 1994, by Anthony Frewin---“It’s strange that we have had to wait thirty years for the first detailed analysis of the US Secret Service’s role in the assassination. Palamara has amassed a staggering amount of information and has interviewed some twenty members of the Service [many more since then]. Many of the questions about the agents’ behaviour that day are answered here and a picture of ineptitude, if not collusion, is deftly presented. Also chapters on Oswald and the Service, the ‘Chicago Connection’, and some fascinating material about Abraham Bolden, the black agent who appears to have been set-up by the Service shortly after the assassination.”; also---mentioned on pages 14, 72-73, & 154 of Frewin’s 1993 book “An Annotated Film, TV, and Videography, 1963-1992.”

“Ultimate Sacrifice” by Lamar Waldron with Thom Hartmann (2005; both authors also appeared on the History Channel and the Discovery Channel, the latter with former agent Abraham bolden, as well), numerous, but especially page 900---“Vince Palamara has made a specialty of researching JFK’s Secret Service agents, and we are grateful to him for putting us in touch with Abraham Bolden.” On several more pages of their updated 2006 paperback edition.

“Breach of Faith” by Dr. William Truels (1996), p. 20---“Vince Palamara is considered a leading civilian authority of the Secret Service in the period from FDR to Reagan.”

"Fair Play" online journal (John Kelin): “This unique book examines the role of the Secret Service in the JFK assassination. Virtually alone among assassination researchers, Palamara has studied this agency carefully and reaches some startling conclusions. Much of the book is based on the author's personal interviews with surviving agents and their families.”

“The Fourth Decade” research journal, Sept. 1994, by Ulrich Shannon (Canada)---“The book’s value to the research community lies in the wealth of primary source material generated by hours of interviews with former agents and their relatives…The Third Alternative will need to be considered as a major source of quality information in any evaluation of the Secret Service’s performance in Dallas.”

“The Third Alternative- Survivor's Guilt; The Secret Service and the JFK Murder, is a must-read on this crucial aspect of the JFK assassination too often overlooked. Vince has done hands-on work, establishing in no uncertain terms some real truths about the president's protection (and lack of) in Dallas -- from primary source documentation and, in many cases, directly from agents who were THERE -- or in a position to know conclusively. In great detail and with intricately crafted research methodology (that even the Assassination Records Review Board took notice of and mentioned in its Final Report), the author has made a frontal "assault" on some old and now defunct myths (like all the lies about limo's bubbletop), as well as creating a lasting work that has already yielded some new answers to old questions. This book and Vince' subsequent work will likely continue to help answer more of the mysteries of the Kennedy case in the future.”--- Jan Stevens (JFK researcher/writer)

George Michael Evica, author of “And We Are All Mortal”: “Great stuff…first class work on the Secret Service.”

Gary Shaw, author of “Cover Up” and “JFK: Conspiracy of Silence”: “Liked your book…good job.”

“I must tell you how much I enjoyed "Survivors Guilt". It is an extremely important document and one that all should pay heed to. Your website is also great!” –Gary Murr (assisted Newcomb and Adams with their book “Murder From Within”; researcher for CFTR Canadian radio JFK documentary in 1976).

Dr. Cyril H. Wecht, M.D., J.D., Allegheny County Coroner and author of several books, including “Cause of Death”: “I find your observations very interesting and revealing. You have done a tremendous amount of work on this important aspect of the assassination.”

Prof. Jerry Rose, editor of “The Fourth Decade” research journal and contributor to such books as “Crossfire” and “High Treason”, to name just a few: “Truly inspirational…a talented and dedicated researcher...You’ll have a long and productive career in this field!”

Bob Cutler, author of six books on the JFK assassination: “I think you have done an excellent job, and you’ve done us a great favor. I never paid attention to the Secret Service before…certainly leads toward suspicion.”

G.J. Rowell, editor of “The Investigator” journal: “Exceptional, especially for someone so young. If you continue your interest, I have a feeling that you will rank right up there with the very best!”

Richard Trask, author of “Pictures of the Pain” and “That Day in Dallas” (one one page of the latter): liked my book a lot, as did

Peter Dale Scott, author of “Deep Politics and the Death of JFK,” who also said: “Your work stands out as being definitive in its area.”

William Law, author of “In The Eye Of History”: “Palamara…is [the] author of a well received book on the role of the Secret Service before and after the events of Dallas.” Prominent part of his chapter on Jerrol Custer.

R. Andrew Kiel, author of “J. Edgar Hoover: The Father Of The Cold War” (2000)---featured throughout.

William E. Scott, author of “November 22, 1963: A Reference Guide To The JFK Assassination”: pages 197 and 275

"Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years" by David Talbot (2007), the founder of Salon.Com and guest on MSNBC, among others: on 6 pages of his book, inc. the bibliography;

"The JFK Assassination Debates: Lone Gunman Versus Conspiracy" (2006) by Michael Kurtz: on 3 pages;

"Definitive Proof: The Secret Service Murder of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy" (2007) by Dan Robertson: many pages.

"Definitive Proof: The Secret Service Murder of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy" (2004) by Michael Ruppert: one page

"Presidential Motorcade Schematic Listing, November 22, 1963, Dallas, Texas" (1993) by Todd Wayne Vaughan: one page

"Who's Who In The Secret Service" (1996) by K.F. (SELF-PUBLISHED; OUT OF STOCK): many pages

David Wayne's forthcoming book

"22 Days Hath November" (2007) by Bob Dorff: several pages


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